David Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 2

It looks like we are taking a trip to beautiful Sonoma, CA.  I like the fact they are going to his hometown early on to get a chance to see where Ben comes from and what a life with him will be like.

Kacie B. gets the first date with Ben.  It’s a 1-on-1.  I really like her.  She seems really down to earth and sweet.   Their date was very cool.  Ben took her around Sonoma just to show her his hometown and he seemed really comfortable with his surroundings.

She made me laugh when she said she had something “serious” to tell him and then she broke out a baton, botan, bottan, baaa, bbaaaattoon bootan, boatttan bootan…I like bootan.  I seriously had to Google “twirl a baton” to figure out how to spell that.   She said she used to be a bootonsist J and “swirl or twirl one of those things” and taught him how in the middle of the street.

They have a serious talk about his father and you can tell how much Ben cared for his father and how much of an impact his father had on him and the community around him.

Ben decides to give her the rose and I am glad.  I like her.  They then go into a theater and watch videos of them with their fathers at a young age, which was really touching.  I could not watch something like that without completely losing it.

Meanwhile, back in the hen house the ladies get their date card and it’s a big one!  11 girls will be going on a group date.  The date card says, “come play with me.”

Ben has some local kids ask the girls to perform certain funny acts as if they were in a play.  It was pretty funny to watch.

I also think it’s a good call on Ben’s part because I would want to see how my future wife would interact with kids.  That is very important to a guy when looking for a partner.  It is to me anyway.  You could take a mixture of all the Victoria’s Secret models combined and if the girl is bad with kids, she is out the door!

The kids then get to dress the girls in costumes and they have to perform a play that the kids made up in front of a large hometown crowd. It was cute and I thought it was awesome to see how much fun the kids had.  This is something they will never forget and such a good thing for that community.

All the girls are back in the house and Blakeley is talking a lot of trash about getting the rose on the group date.  She feels pretty confident that she is getting it.  Pretty bold thing to say and not a way to win friends in the house that’s for sure.  The girls are NOT taking a liking to her at this point.

Kacie B. reads the new date card.  It says, “let’s spin the bottle” and the date is to be with Courtney who then goes to Kacie, “how does that taste coming out of your mouth?” Is that a stupid ass thing to say in that situation?

Blakeley gets Ben in the pool and goes to town working her magic.  A nice long make out session with girls hiding in the bushes watching like little weirdoes. To her credit she talks the talk but walks the walk.  Ben gives Blakeley the rose on the group date!  Looks like we have another Michelle Money on our hands owning the situation like a woman among girls.

The girls hate her!  Now they really hate her!  They literally get up and walk off when she comes and sits down. Oh man, I can’t help but laugh at this.

Next is Ben’s date with Courtney.  He brings his little dog along.  Cute little fella.

They take a walk through the woods full of Redwood trees, which look awesome.  They walk to a nice little spot on a river for a romantic picnic.  That’s a super chill date that I would love to go on.  Redwood trees fascinate me.  Quick fact.  The tallest redwood currently I believe is over 360ft tall!  To compare, the statue of liberty is 311ft tall.  Unreal.

They then have dinner…blah blah blah.  She is going to get the rose for sure.  Let’s move on.

Rose Ceremony Time:

Lindzi C says she drives a F350 diesel.  I just sold my truck and it made me miss it.  I really like her.  However I am a Dodge Cummins guy and she is a Ford girl.  It probably would never work because of this.  J

Blakeley is taking control of all the situations and as the girls say: “being aggressive.”  The girls have to understand this is a competition but I can see how that can get annoying at the same time.  There should be a common courtesy among the girls but some don’t get that.

I am really curious to see how Jenna handles her time with Ben.  He really gave her a second chance, so to speak, after her first impression.  She was a mess but I am glad he gave her another shot.  Swing and a miss!  She gets some time alone with him and says, “I am like a guy, not a girl,” and crickets. It was really awkward between them. That’s not what a guy wants to hear. Let me get with this dude-girl over here…bingo!  She now resumes her VIP spot in the bathroom crying.

The girls are really hounding Blakeley and Ben can’t find her.  He goes to look for her and finds her in the luggage room (naturally) curled up in a ball crying behind a bag of luggage.  It’s a real good look for a 34-year-old lady.

At this point I feel bad for Ben.

The girls have managed to turn this into a train wreck on only the second episode.

Shawn, the girl from Cincinnati, gets sent home and Jenna as well. Is that it? Did I miss any?  We barely got to see Shawn at all.  Jenna is pretty upset.  I feel bad for her but from what we saw what did she expect after that performance?

Next week they go to San Fran!

Have a good week and remember to keep up those New Year’s Resolutions!