David Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 3

Alrighty we have 16 girls left and the group heads to San Francisco! San Fran is such a beautiful city.  If you have never been, you should definitely put that on your “to do” list.

Funny Fact before we get started.  I run a fitness website www.GoodHealthNFitness.com. Some of you may have seen it, if not check it out.  BUT what is funny is I subscribe to a lot of women’s fitness magazines to get ideas, workouts and tips for training from a woman’s point of view.  I only tell you this because a few days ago I was flipping through an old magazine, the October issue of Shape actually and on page 154 I came across a workout starring none other than our own Courtney!

I found it funny that I had bookmarked this particular workout back in September and went back to it 4 months later and she was the one doing the workout.   It’s actually a good workout and write up and she looks good in it.

I’m easily amused I guess. Anyway back to the show…

We get to meet Ben’s sister.  She is beautiful and seems down to earth like Ben.  They kind of look a like and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Chris brings in the first date card.  It’s a one-on-one date with Emily.  It says something about being “lifted up.”  This is not a good thing in Emily’s eyes because she is scared to death of heights but is excited to go anyway.

Just remember Emily, it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end.

They are going to climb to the top of the Bay Bridge!  That would be so much fun.  As some of you know that follow my blogs I love designing bridges.  I know its weird but something that fascinates me.  Obviously this bridge is one of my favorites.  Its design is incredible and beautiful.

Emily however is not really enjoying this and is having a panic attack. Something that is super cool is the girls back in the hotel have a telescope and can actually see them climbing the bridge.  That is rad!

Ben decides to kiss her and save the day and it actually worked.  She loosened up and they made it. I am so jealous right now.  These are things that most people don’t get to do and they will never forget.

Ben does say, “If we can accomplish something like this, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together.”  I don’t know if I agree with that.  A 45-minute climb up a bridge compared to the issues that arise in a relationship are hardly comparable.  But hey, way to be optimistic.

Emily says that she is on a couple online dating sites and that her match came up as her older brother.  Ahahhaahaha.  That’s funny.

Side Note:  Girls don’t tell a guy that you are on online dating sites on the first few dates.  Maybe never.  Just put that deep down inside and never bring it up again.

She is funny and witty and that wins out!  She gets the rose and fireworks literally explode over the bay and all the girls can see them from the room as well.  What an awesome night.

The group date is another big one.  11 of the 16 are going.  They are going skiing IN THE MIDDLE OF DOWNTOWN SAN FRANSICO!  Literally a whole street shut down and filled with snow.  All the girls get in bikinis and skies and hit the slopes.

The girls are wiping out left and right.  They are going to be so sore and bruised.  For those of you who remember skiing for the first time you know what I am talking about.  Their legs should look great in bikinis in a few days all black and blue.

The next date card is for Brittney and she is not happy at all.  She said she “should be thrilled and excited but is torn and confused.”  That’s not a good start but I like her honesty.

On the group date a few of the girls say “this is so hard, it’s harder than I thought it would be” and I will say that they are right.  This is the time when real feelings start to develop and it becomes hard to watch someone you just kissed, kiss someone else.  Even if you know what you signed up for it’s still difficult.

I lucked out that I never really developed feelings on my show.  I can’t say how I would have handled it.  Being an alpha male it probably would have been very difficult and a shock to the ego and psyche.

Brittney packs her bags and is leaving!  She said she is just is not feeling it.  That’s totally okay.  Not everyone is going to like everyone.  The girls all say it’s sad…RIGHT!  Deep down we know they are all really happy that another player is out of the game.

Rachel gets the rose on the group date.  I did not see that coming but good for her, for opening up to him and deserving it.

Lindzi gets the new one-on-one date.  I hope it goes terrible and he sends her home because she is awesome and we are probably going to get married. Wait, never mind, she drives a Ford.  I hope it goes great.

If another girl says “This night is so magical” way over dramatic like Drew Barrymore I’m going to change the channel.

Linz tells Ben that she was in love once and after a year and a half the guy broke up with her via text saying, “Welcome to Dumpsville, population you.”

This brings up a few little question marks.

The reason I say this is because either she did something really bad to deserve that OR the guy is a total (insert what you would like here).  This bothers me because she either chose someone with bad character and put up with it for over a year or has some major character flaws herself.  I would like to hear the other side of the story.

She gets the rose and says, “This night is so magical.”  Agghh.   Even SNL feels my pain. You’re welcome.

The show then goes inside a car with a mystery woman and a phone call to Chris, and she’s on her way to the cocktail party. This could get interesting!  No face shown yet though.

Ben tells Jennifer she is the best kisser in the house and it was cute.  She is growing on me.  Like her.

Shawntel Newton is the mystery girl! Apparently they met a while back and had a little thing.  I really like Shawntel.  We have spoken on a number of different occasions and she is a down to earth cool person.  The girls however are not going to like this.

Courtney is acting really weird with the girls.  The stuff she says to them and the way she interacts is just not normal.  The girls do not like it, understandably.

She seems good with Ben though.

Shawntel just strolls through the room and the girls FREAK OUT.  Ben’s reaction is “HOLY $#&*!” Well, that’s a way to make an entrance.

His reaction was so surprised and actually he was speechless.  She just threw herself into the lion’s den.  The girls are just letting her have it.  I guess she should expect it but man, girls are so ruthless!  Guys are sissies compared to girls when it comes to this stuff.

I do see all the girls’ points of view.  I’ve said this before and I still believe it.  If I have a drink and I set my drink on the bar.  That is still my drink.  You better not come up and take a sip of my drink or your going to lose badly.  Shawntel is trying to steal all their drinks by cutting in line.  Not good.

The Rose Ceremony is pretty intense and the girls are really upset about this whole deal.   If Shawntel gets a rose tonight my TV might explode along with at least 3 girls heads.

OHHHHHHHHHHH…Erika passes out!  She literally faints on the panel at the rose ceremony.  I think that’s a first in Bachelor history.  I feel bad for her.

Wow!  Ben decides to keep the final rose and sends Shawntel, Erika and Jaclyn home.  Erica passes out again like one of those goats that faint at loud noises.  Now I don’t feel so bad for her.  One faint is enough faint.  If you faint twice you’re just showing off.

Shawntel has another good point.  She says they are talking about the rest of your life and that “what is fair does not really matter right now.”  What do you think about that?

A very interesting turn of events tonight and the lucky 13 are left.

It’s the 3rd week of the new year!  Time to start making those resolutions habits a way of life.  Have a good week!