David Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 5

The 11 girls and Ben arrive in Puerto Rico!

Nicki gets the first one-on-one date. The card says “Nicki lets find a new love in old San Juan.”

Nicki has one of my favorite personalities on the show. She is very sweet and upbeat. I like her for Ben.

They whisk off in a helicopter and when they land they are suppose to have a date that is outside and walking through the town but it is pouring rain. She is handling it so good and not worried about her make-up or hair and really rolling with the punches. That is such a turn on to a guy. She can just be herself! 2 more points for Nicki!

They sit down at dinner and talk about her 1st marriage. I think that is good to a point but I would not want to hear too much about it. I think Ben got the answers he was looking for. It’s hard for some guys to accept that a girl has been married before but she is very open about it and I think eased his mind.

The group date card comes in and says, “Diamonds are a girls best friend.” This means Elyse is going to get the one-on-one date with Ben and she is super excited. She has only been on 1 group date to this point.

For the group date Ben takes the girls to the Gigantics or Gigolos or Gigantesites or some Puerto Rican baseball team’s field where the girls team up to compete against each other for a group date. This is a great date because I love an athletic and fit girl and this is one way to see who is competitive and has some athletic background. This would be so much fun.

Ben picks Lindzi to play both teams so no matter what she gets to go on the group-group date later. Good choice. Still like her a lot.

Ben says he loves baseball but watching Ben throw reminds me of a 10-year-old right-handed girl throwing left handed. Maybe it’s not his strong point or they just showed a few bad throws. We will let this one slide. Every guy should be able to throw a baseball though. It’s hard to trust a guy who can’t throw a baseball.

Blakeley gets major points for her competitiveness and athleticism! She is my MVP of the game. She is a sore loser though but so am I, so whatever.

Courtney describes Blakeley during the game. “Who knew strippers could play baseball” and then she says, “there’s no crying in baseball.” I know she is evil but give her some credit. That was hilarious.

Team Blue lost and just looks so defeated. I feel bad for them. The tears are flowing eyeliner and face paint running and smearing everywhere.

Ben takes Kacie B. away from the rest of the winning group and gives her the rose on the group date within the group date.

As soon as Ben gets back from that Courtney grabs up Ben and asks him for a walk along the ocean.

Courtney calls the other girls square with hand Jesters then asks Ben to go skinny dipping. He says, “I’m sure it would be fun” but they don’t go in and walk back to the group. That sucks. Not very often you’re in Puerto Rico with a smoking hot girl walking on a beach and she wants to go skinny-dipping. You better believe he is running that through his head over and over again.

Elyse is going on a one-on-one date. She is a pretty cool chick and so down to earth. I like her. The card said “let’s find love somewhere private.”

Wow! They are going on a huge private yacht. I love boating and that is one awesome yacht. What a cool experience for both of them.

They seem to be pretty relaxed with each other for their first one-on-one and are having a good time jumping off the side of the boat, swimming and looks like an awesome date so far.

The end date is a dinner for the two of them on the beach. The date seems to be taking a turn for the worse. Ben is grilling her a bit and seems like he is just not into her and looking for reasons to send her home. You can tell by his eye contact and tone that he is sending her home.

Yep he is sending her home. Ouch. I feel bad for her. Ben really does not have a bad thing to say about her or a real good reason but I understand where he is coming from. It just was not there for them and you could even see it when they were talking. It was different than the girls he was into.

Back in the house they come and grab Elyse’s bags and the girls are all shocked. Courtney is just going off saying “it’s bitter sweet, sweet for me bitter for her.” Everyone knows that but it’s just a rude thing to say. She is really annoying me. Her comments are off-putting and just flat out rude. The problem is they don’t make sense. They are not funny; they are in front of the group and disrespectful.

Ben is walking into his room and Courtney surprises him and says she wants Ben to keep good on his promise to go skinny dipping NOW! Ben thinks he shouldn’t do this, but is doing it anyway.

Whew…she might be a horrible human being but she has one hell of a body on her. I’ll give her that. The real question is, did they knock boots in the water? What do you think? I’m going to go with YEP 100%! You don’t get the fire truck out unless there is a fire.

Ben says he “feels crappy” about it the next day. Has anyone lost respect for him or are you ok with what he did? I would not have done that. I would not be able to face the other girls after that and could wait to go later on in the show when it’s narrowed down to that point.

Emily has time with Ben and apologizes for talking about Courtney last time they had time alone and then continues her one-on-one time by TALKING ABOUT COURTNEY? Could not make this up. I’m sorry this is mean but that’s just the dumbest part of stupid I have seen on the show yet and if I were Ben I would have sent her home right then and there.

Needless to say, after Ben tells her she needs to be careful what she is doing and saying she ends up crying the rest of the time.

Rose Ceremony Time!

WHAT? He sends Jennifer home? Wow. I can usually pick out who is going home but did not see that one coming. AWWWWW I like her. She is so sweet. Jennifer you should have went skinny-dipping with him. JK.

Next week we go to PANAMA!

I would like to note that last week I said some things playing “the devils advocate” just to look at things from a different perspective about Courtney. I do not agree with her actions at all and am pretty sure she is actually the devil.

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