David Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 7

Ben’s Bachelor Blog Episode #6

There are 6 lucky ladies left and they are headed to Belize!  The place they are staying looks really nice and relaxing.  Who else wants Chris Harrison’s job right now?

First date card is with Lindzi and the all the girls’ jealousy is really starting to show.  Nicki is pretty upset and says, “I guess I know now that things are getting real” while crying the whole time.  You could tell that nobody was happy when Ben came to get Lindzi even though they like her.  Feelings are real and can’t be hid from this point on out.

On Lindzi and Ben’s date they are jumping out of a helicopter into The Blue Hole in the middle of the ocean and Linz is freaking out.  It’s a spot off shore surrounded by coral and in the middle is 500ft straight down, hence The Blue Hole.  She is scared of heights so this is super hard for her but she finally gets up the nerve and they jump together.  That would be so fun to do together.   Just think, “Hey hon.”  “Yes dear?” “You wanna fly over a 500ft deep water hole in a helicopter and jump out together?” “Yes dear.”  “K-love you.”

Dinner is on a dock in the moonlight.  They are talking about hometown dates.  To me it seems like she is not into it very much.  Did anyone else think that?  She says she wants to take him home to meet her family though.  I don’t know.  I honestly just don’t see it.  Not because I love her but I really just don’t.

Ben pulls out a bottle, pen and paper.  They are going to write a fairytale and draw a picture then send it off in the ocean.  That would be kind of cool to find one of these bottles at the beach and read another person’s letter.  It would be super embarrassing if one of your boys found you and your girl’s letter and picture though.   If I found one of my friend’s I would frame it and make him hang it up in his house.

Emily and Ben’s date is next.  Courtney says that she hopes Emily gets sent home.  That really is not that mean.  I am sure at this point every time a girl is on date everyone hopes they get sent home.

Emily and Ben go on a bike ride down the shoreline.  This is a very relaxing date and actually one where you could really get to know each other well.   I love those dates.  They then decide to go diving for lobster to catch their dinner.  Awesome!  This stuff is so cool and I think more people should do it.  #Different

Courtney is really upset back in the house about Emily and Ben going on the date and getting along.  She says she might be leaving because Ben has not stuck up for her about what Emily said about Courtney to him.  That is taking it a bit far I think and is just kind of weird to me.

At dinner Emily extends a formal invitation for Ben to come to her hometown and meet his family.  I think they get along really well and make a good couple.  I don’t think we get to see a lot of how funny she is on this show.

Courtney gets the next date card and is flaunting it like such a pompous asshole.  This girl is unreal.  I can’t even say anything good about her.  I can’t think of one thing I like about her personality.  Maybe her competitiveness but even that is jaded by the way she acts.  Kacie is so upset with Courtney and says “it took every fiber in my body not to spring across the room and punch her in the face!”  WOW!  Those are really strong words coming from her.

Courtney and Ben head to eat dinner on top of a Mayan temple!  I feel like that was a waste of a good date because this girl does not appreciate what she is getting to see and do!  Frustrates me.  This is a temple that is probably dated 1000 BC and you can only think about your tiny little self and mind and are not soaking in the history around you.  Waste.

At lunch Courtney says, “she has lost the spark” with Ben.  Ben pours his heart out to her and says that he really likes her and says she is “unique.”  Hilarious.  If a girl said I was “unique” I would probably laugh out loud.  That is like calling me slow and patting my head then maybe pinching my cheek.

Back in the house the group of girls are just bashing Courtney.  They said she is “a black widow” and will ultimately dig her own grave because of how fake she is.  My instincts want me to stick up for her but I simply can’t.  I don’t like what I have seen about her at all.

At dinner Ben is really pouring his heart out to her.  She has him so whipped.  I feel like that might have been Ben’s “first time” in the ocean with her or something the way he is acting.

Courtney is telling Ben how the other girls in the house suck and how they treat her bad.  This is laughable.  Ben expresses to her his concern about her not getting along with other girls in the house.  She gets pretty defensive.  I think I just heard half of America going “it’s about time you see this!”

Next is the group date with Kacie, Nicki and Rachel.  Ben wakes the 3 girls up at 4am!  OHH I bet they are real happy about that.  I have a feeling I already know who is going home on this date.  Not going to say any names but she is blonde, tall and her name is Rachel.

Ben takes the 3 girls on a boat and they are going SHARK DIVING!  Not going to lie I would be scared of that but would have to do it to say I did it.

Rachel is freaking out!  The sharks are pretty big actually.  The other girls are not worried at all.  Kacie actually says, “I am not scared of the sharks near as much as I am scared of the way Rachel is monopolizing Ben.”  Hahaha.  Girls are crazy…just crazy.

I would feel so weird having all these girls tell me they are falling in love with me and me not saying anything back to them like he is.

HAHAHAHAH… The evil one says something so mean but made me laugh.  Courtney says, “Kacie is not a threat to me. She is like a little girl in a little boys body.”  I laughed pretty hard just because if anyone said that I would laugh not because it’s true.  I love Kacie and think she has a great body.

At dinner the three girls bring up Courtney to Ben.  They tell him about how they don’t feel she is there for the right reasons.  How does everyone feel about this?  Is this ok or not for them to do that?

The mood at the Rose Ceremony is “somber” as Rachel put it.  Tension is very high.  Courtney is just saying the weirdest stuff at the ceremony.  She is just awful to watch and the stuff that comes out of her mouth is appalling.   I have to give the other girls credit for keeping it together and not snapping on her because you can see on their faces they want to.  I kind of hope he keeps her around just so we can see what web/nest raised her.

Been cuts the Rose Ceremony short and says he already knows what he wants and is ready.  Ben asks to speak to Courtney and pulls her away from the group for a min.  He wants to know if she is there for the right reasons.  She reassures him she is by mesmerizing him like a little boy who just found out what his penis is.

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  I had a feeling Rachel was going home but he is sending Emily home over Courtney!?  I wonder what the other girls in the house are thinking right now that had that talk with him!  Pure confusion on all their faces right now.

This will make next week so much better though!  See you then.  Have a good week!

Courtney is a spider woman! Did you see the way she communicated with that tarantula!  That’s not normal.  If I am walking along and see a granddaddy long-leg I freak out.  She walks up on a hairy big red tarantula and whistles at it and it crawls up her arm kisses her on the lips and goes about its day.  Devil spider woman for sure!