David Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 8

It’s time for the hometown dates!  We finally have something interesting to watch besides spider-devil-lady (Courtney).  I will say that as much as I despise her, without her on this season I would have nothing to write about.  I do like seeing the families and where some of the contestants come from.  It usually explains a lot.

For me meeting the girls’ families could take a #1 to last place or last place to #1.  Family plays a big role in relationships and how someone will act if you decided to start a family with them.

First up is Lindzi.  She is from Ocala, FL!  Right up the road from your boy.   Wait?  She has a full horse track at her house!   The white horse she is riding is beautiful.  I love horses and the way they smell.

They have a little picnic and talk about meeting her family.  She tells him the last guy she was with she almost married and that her parents were not to fond of him.  If the pressure was not high already for Ben it sure is now.  They share another closed mouth kiss like 4th graders and decide its time to go meet her parents.

Lindzi’s parents are pretty cool.  They challenge Lindzi and Ben to a chariot race (obviously).  I can’t remember the last time I met parents and did not tie up the old horses for a Roman style chariot race.  Lindzi and Ben lost and they had to pull her parents back to the house for dinner in their chariot.  They actually picked up the handles on the chariot and pulled them back to the house.  It was all in good fun though and something different.

I still don’t see it between them.  I just don’t.  Awkward.   More closed mouth kissing and ass out hugs end the night.

Kacie B is next and is from Clarksville, TN.  Her hometown kind of reminds me of mine.  He is greeted at the hometown football stadium with a marching band and Kacie twirling a baton.  This was cute and now it makes sense.  The field is named after her grandfather who was a lifelong member of the community.

Kacie informs Ben that her dad does not drink.   This could be an issue seeing how Ben is a WINE MAKER.  Kacie’s mother is hot and her sister is beautiful.  Good Bloodline.  Plus 2 points.

Ben and her father sit down for a talk and her father is being a little tough on Ben.  Not in a bad way but seems very skeptical of the whole thing.  This is understandable.  If it was my daughter I might just call him a longhaired hippy, slap him in the mouth and then stare at him for the rest of night without words.   Only if it were my daughter.

If it were my son I would say “go for it boy!  My little girl though, no way!  This is called a double standard and I know this.  Get over it.

I don’t think her parents helped her cause very much.  They did not seem like a family I could hangout with either unfortunately   Unless it was for medical reasons if a father could not sit down and drink a beer with me I would not like it.   It’s not a deal breaker but just not what I prefer and I don’t think Ben does either.

They say that in Japan when doing business if a man does not get drunk with you after being invited out after a business meeting then he cannot be trusted.   I kind of feel this way about a man who refuses to drink a beer with me.

Nicki is from Hurst, TX.   She takes Ben to a rodeo shop to pick out a few things.   I love that they went to pick out a pair of cowboy boots.  I have two pair of boots and she is right.  Picking out a pair of boots is like picking a good partner.  They have to fit just right and be comfortable.

Nicki is still talking a lot about her first marriage.  I know this was a big part of her life but I think I would like to stop hearing about it after a while.  She really seems like she falls hard fast.  I feel so bad for these girls sometimes.  Everyone is “falling in love with him” and “have never felt this way before” but only one can have him.

Her dad gets pretty upset because he may have messed up by giving his blessing for her to get married the first time.  I don’t think that all falls on him.  Poor guy is being hard on himself.  If I could give one piece of advice to my kids it would be to not get married until at least, AT LEAST 26 or 27 years old.  You don’t know anything at 21 years old.  Yes I know some make it but most don’t unfortunately.   This is the reason America’s divorce rate is so high.  Over 55%!  Look at the statistics for those who wait to get married over 25-30 years old.  The % of divorce drops almost 25%.

The % of woman going to college in 2000 and up has increased drastically and is one of the reasons for this number.  Women in college are less likely to get married until they are out of the 24-25 years of age.  Statistics show if you are age 25 or older with a college degree, your only 20% likely to get divorced after marriage.

Anyway.  The poor guy should not hold himself accountable for that.  In the end she is probably going to do what she wants anyway.

Her family seemed great!

Nicki pulls Ben into the bedroom and tells him that she is soooooo falling in love with him.  My initial reaction was OHHHH NOOOO but looking at it now I guess it’s the only time she has to tell him this so she needs to do that.  It’s still so weird watching someone say it but get nothing back.

They have saved the devil-spider-lady (Courtney) for last.  Apparently the devil came from Scottsdale, AZ.  Guess we can put the bibles up and stop worrying about that part of it.

She starts out saying she has had a few days to think about her time on the show and she feels bad about a few things she might have said and how she treated the other girls.  She follows that up with “because it has affected my relationship with Ben” which say’s she could actually careless about what she did or said to the girls.  It is only because it affected “her” situation.

Did anyone notice Ben has his cowboy boots on he got with Nicki?

Her family seems relatively normal for having a devil baby.  I was expecting a fire-breathing dragon mixed with a housewife from NJ.

Ben and Courtney sit down to write some pretend marriage vowels.  Actually pretty cute and then they read them to each other.  Ben writes like a 7-year-old chimpanzee on crack.  I could not read one word.  Literally.  Courtney tells Ben she loves him.  His response is “wow.”  LOL   I know he can’t say it back, but it just makes it awkward.

It’s Rose Ceremony time.

These rose ceremonies get really difficult from here on out.  After meeting the families the pressure is high and the feelings are deep.

WHOAAAAAAA!  Kacie B is going home!!!  I did not see that one coming at all!  Told you her dad should have drank a beer.  ;)   She goes out cussing up a storm yelling “What the F#$k happened, what the f$#k happened.”  I feel so bad for her.  She is such a great person but that’s how the chips fall sometimes.

Next week the 2 remaining girls and she-devil head to Switzerland!  Beautiful spot!

Have a great week!