David Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 9

The remaining 3 girls Lindzi, Nicki and Ben are flying in a plane to Switzerland! Courtney is following close behind. She wanted to take her broom apparently and not ride with everyone else.

The first date is Nicki and Ben taking a helicopter ride over a glacier and to the top of a mountain for a picnic. Everyone on twitter is saying they are over the helicopter rides on the show. Oh how spoiled we all get! Sorry ALL THEY did was get to fly in a helicopter over the Switzerland glaciers and mountains landing on spots that you can’t get to unless you literally climb a mountain face by hand that probably 46 people have ever been to in the entire existence of mankind and yes I know this is a run on sentence but I don’t care I’m trying to make a point that what they are doing is awesome and I think the show has done a pretty good job on dates this year and even though there have been a lot of helicopter rides the views the contestants get to see in person are something most of us will never get to experience so don’t get greedy and start nitpicking. Jeez! I think Switzerland would be my top pick so far of all the places the bachelor has been to take a helicopter ride. The place is amazing!

I like Nicki a lot. She is such a sweet girl and do think they make a good couple but I just don’t think he is feeling it. I really see her getting her heart broken tonight. The big fantasy suite card comes and Nicki accepts it. Everyone always asks, “what happens on the overnight dates” and my response is exactly what you think happens.

It’s funny to me because everyone always says “gross, no way” but what do people think as adults in 2012 is going to happen. It’s not the 1940’s. You need to make sure you can be intimate with someone before you spend the rest of your life with him or her.

It’s just ignorant to buy a car you will drive the rest of your life without a test drive first.

The biggest reason I think the fantasy suite is important is if it’s a close race between who you like out of the 3, that intimate connection could be the deal breaker and one they do need to explore in my opinion. This is just my opinion and one I know I will get heckled over because “its not the Christian way” and I know this but it’s something as intelligent adults I believe needs to be known before you commit to someone for life. Sorry.

Anyway… Lindzi and Ben’s date looks pretty fun. They repel down the side of a 300ft cliff! She handles it so well. Later on in the hot tub they share a few kisses and for some reason when they kiss it just grosses me out. They are just awkward. I know I have said that before but something between them is just off. I don’t think Ben would win any kissing contest if put on the Bachelor Pad that’s for sure.

She accepts the fantasy suite card as well. Ben said he “is glad she is ready to open up to him.” (Insert dirty joke here) Ahhhh. I did not say it…you thought of whatever it was in your head. SHAME ON YOU! Go wash your head out with soap.

Courtney has un-mounted her broom and put in the closet so her and Ben can take a train ride up into the mountains where they sit down in a cow pasture for a picnic. Ben expresses his concern about how she acted with the other girls. She is pretty upset about it. She still does not get it. She still stay’s she is sorry about her actions NOT because of how she was with the girls but because it might have ruined her chances with Ben.

I can’t like this girl and I am trying. I really am. I like to go against the grain and try and play Devil’s advocate, you all know this, but I simply can’t do this with her. She acts like a child with him. They are always giggling and having non-intellectual convo after convo. I can see her farting in the bathtub and laughing for hours upon hours at the bubbles.

I have noticed that Courtney gives up really easy on things. She is always ready to say, “I don’t know if we can recover from this” at the drop of a hat. One little thing and she thinks it’s all over.

Of course they go to the Fantasy Suite. I do actually think that Courtney likes him though. I will say that.

Woooahhhh! Out of nowhere Kacie B. appears at Ben’s door! She wants to know more about why she was sent home. Ben gives her a straight answer and I like it. He say’s they come from different backgrounds and basically his family is way different than her family and that he does not see himself fitting into that mold. It was honest, sincere and great to see. I don’t think coming back like that has ever really been good for anyone has it?

Kacie B. then goes on to talk to Ben about Courtney and says, “if you were to choose Courtney you will get your heart broken.” These are very bold statements and probably very hard for Ben to listen to at this point. Even with me not caring much for Courtney I’m not sure how I feel about this at this point in the game.

The other girls don’t see how Courtney and Ben interact with each other. Courtney does suck with the other girls but I will say she is great with Ben. I know girls really want to protect someone they care for but after being sent home I’m not sure it’s her job to come back and protect at this point.

That was a waste of a loooong plane ride over to Switzerland if you ask me.

Obviously her talk has affected Ben a little though. He sits down with Chris and say’s he is really confused. That’s a hard pill to swallow this far into the show and with the feelings he has for Courtney. See if he has learned anything….

Rose Ceremony time!

Lindzi looks extra hot tonight and gets the first rose. Kacie B’s talk clearly did not matter much because Courtney gets the next rose.  I feel so bad for Nicki. I saw this coming from a mile away though. Ben did a great job at saying goodbye to her and telling her the reasons why. He was nice but honest.

Nicki says something to him in her goodbye that I think is gonna resonate with him a lot! She says, “she fears he is gonna be hurt,” clearly referring to Courtney. After Kacie B. coming back and telling Ben that and now Nicki saying it on her goodbye I feel like Ben has got to be second guessing himself.

We will see next week!

Have a great week everyone! Be a champion and do something out of the ordinary.