David Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 1

Here we go and let the games begin!  I am pretty excited about this season of the pad.  I love Emily but that show was pretty slow for me and I think this is going to make up for that 10 fold from what I have heard.  I have a bunch of friends I will be watching and pulling for and we also have the new addition of the “super fans” that adds a crazy dynamic.

People seem to have mixed emotions about the fans being in the house but I personally think it is kind of a fun thing to add.  I don’t think they will last very long unless they win some competitions though.  It comes down to teamwork and I feel they will get teamed up on and sent home.  (That’s what I would do anyway)

Here are some thoughts before we get into the meat of it.  I know a lot of you disliked Kalon on the bachelorette but I think he is going to be hilarious on here.  Also my boy Ed from my season of the Bachelorette is on here and he is historical.  He will have to be careful though because Ed likes to drink and sometimes it gets the best of him.  Erica and Mike S. are two of my favorites from the franchise and I hope they all do well on here.

The “super fans” all seem decent but I am a little torn by the “swat” guy in a robe with candles burning, watching the show by himself.  Nothing screams “serial killer” more than that.  The little slutty spearmint twins are gonna drive me nuts and I only say that because they ARE SUPER ANNOYING in their first 2 minutes.

LOL… Kalon has the best entrance!  He pulls up in a Porsche walks by Chris and throws his key’s at him says “keep it close.”  Hahahah.  Told you.  That is hysterical.  He is just rolling with this villain character and I love it.  You have to give him credit that sometimes he say’s some funny stuff.

Ed. Ed. Ed. Ed.  J  I have never laughed so hard at any of these shows as I am right now.  I told you!  Ed needs to watch his liquor.  He is fun but can really take it way to far sometimes.  Ed is WASTED right now on the first night and takes off all his clothes but his undies and jumps in the pool.

Chris Harrison then comes in and everyone is sitting around and Ed belches super loud right in the middle of Chris talking.  Hahahahahaha.  OMG I’m dying laughing.  I can’t breath.

Harrison is finally able to finish talking and tells everyone that for tomorrows competition they have to team up.  This turns the party into serious business as everyone starts choosing partners.

Blakely ask Chris to partner up and then kind of attacks him?  I love a competitive girl but I am not sure what is going on here.  She is acting like they are married or something and they literally have been talking for at most 1 hour.

The next morning they all awake for their competition.   Out front of the house there is a contraption set up with heart shaped like boxes the team must sit in and every couple minutes they turn toward the side so you have to push on the walls to stay in it as a couple.   (kind of hard to explain)  Basically be last to fall out of the heart and you win.

The “super fan” dave and the umpa lumpa twins end up winning.  This is not good for the others in the house.  This gives the fans the power now.

Dave has a good idea but then decides to tell Erica his whole plan to vote her off!!! why??????????  WTF???????? ROOKIE MISTAKE!

Why on earth is he doing this!?  That is one of the dumbest things I have seen in a long time on any show.

Erica is not having it and starts to rally the troops.  Because of this Chris “swat” is put in very difficult position and is not happy about it.

As the night rolls on it looks like on the guy’s side he is going to be going home.

Meanwhile Ed is telling Reid that he is going to vote for Paige (Reid’s Partner) and Reid like an idiot is upset about it???

Let me say this.  THIS IS FOR $250,000.00 boys and girls.  Take your damn emotions out of it and play with your head.  You are playing like a bunch of high school girls would.

Why on earth would Reid want to keep a super fan in the house?  At some point she is going to turn because she will have no choice and join forces against you Reid.  DUH.

I feel like I am taking crazy pills watching this by how stupid some people are.

Long story short Reid (lucky without him even realizing it) is out done and Paige and “swat” get sent home.

The drama is gonna heat up real fast this season and I am looking forward to the next show!

Have a great week!