David Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 3

At the end of the last show we got to see how Reid was trying to rally the troops and send Ed home. We continue this drama to start off this show. I think that was a really stupid move on his part and NOW especially because it did not work. Those two are smart guys and could have teamed up to at least help get each other all the way to the end instead of going against each other already. More stupid gameplay I just don’t understand.

Next up is the challenge “Hot Sludge Funday” obstacle course. This is a crazy course. Jamie and Ed are teamed up and Jamie blazes through the course and then somehow Ed gets passed by everyone and ends up getting dead last. David ends up just edging out Stags for the win. So Dave and Rachel end up winning roses.

Ed, my boy, I think it’s time to hit the gym. That looked pretty rough. You looked like a wet noodle flopping around on that thing. . You should check out my website www.GHNfitness.com BOOM.

Dave decides to take Blakeley, Jamie and Erica on his date. I am not real sure if he doesn’t know about Jamie and Blakeley or if that was just a really dumb play. The date is set up like a high school prom. The girls love it! It’s cute how excited they all got.

Blakeley’s personality is beginning to look very ugly. I did not realize how bad it was on the Bachelor. I mean watching this from home who would you pick if you were Dave, Jamie or Blakeley? That is pretty easy to me.

Jamie tries to bury the hatchet and give Blakeley a cheers and Blakeley is super rude and does not cheers her. I just don’t get this girl at this point. Being a bitch is not the way to win these shows.

Blakeley tries to muscle Dave with a guilt trip into giving her the rose and Dave stands up for himself and gives it to Jamie, which I am proud of him for. Minus the fact that he wore that stupid little tank top that was probably in his gift bag (the same bag that Ryan Bowers must have got) this guy is a little stud.

Kalon took things a little far when he said, “I am happy I’m partners with Erica. I actually think this is the one challenge she’ll be good at. She can probably just eat her way through it Pac-Man style. Chomp Chomp Chomp.” I know he is trying to play the villain part but that was harsh. Not cool.

Let’s just get to the beefs I have from this episode because I have a big one here…

Beef #1!!!! – REID. Man what the hell? I mean I have seen some back stabbing lying a$$holes in my day but dang man, your character really looked bad on here. Ed and Reid should have done what Kovacs and I did and teamed up. They already know each other and each other’s strengths from their previous show and could have taken control of this house. Ed was right when he said, “just don’t lie to me!” Talk about breaking mancode. I know it’s cliché but this is the difference between a good country boy and city boy with no backbone. I was excited to see Reid on here but after seeing this I am glad he is going home and have lost a little respect for the guy. Show or no show that was real and I felt for Ed. Being betrayed by your boy is a bad feeling.

Beef #2 -Blakeley. I liked Blakeley and her competitive fire on the Bachelor. I heard from a few of the girls on the show that she was a bitch but just thought it was girls being girls. Watching this however I am shocked at how brutally, overwhelming, controlling and straight up rude this girl is. I wonder what she is thinking watching herself on TV. Is it possible she does not see it like the rest of us?

Beef #3 JAMIE STILL PURSUING CHRIS! Ladies come on!!!!!!! This is so ridiculous and pathetic to watch. Unfortunately I see this all the time and not just on TV. Talking about marriage, families and babies??? What??? Can a guy be any more of a jerk than this? If he banged her aunt in front of her do you think she would still go after him like a lost puppy? Girl needs a wakeup call. I hope watching herself on TV is it.

I was sad to see Donna go. She did not seem to be the smartest girl in the world but she was sexy and not a huge bi#chface like some of them. She got a bit weird with the picture she had of Stags but other than that she was ok in my book.

Reid got what he deserved in my eyes as crappy as that is to say.

Have a great week!!!