David Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 4

We start off this week at the END of last week’s Rose Ceremony.  I REMEMBER THIS GAME!  Chris hands them all questionnaires to fill out.  OH NOOOOO.  Is this gonna be another challenge that people have to answer questions about each other in the house…YEP!

This game can be super hurtful to everyone especially the girls.  I am pretty thick skinned.  I grew up in sports and kinda in the spotlight from a young age.  I am used to being called names and kids and crowds screaming mean things.  You have to take the good and the bad and let the bad just roll off and laugh.  It comes with the territory.  However most girls and a lot of guys are not used to this.

Girls however seem to take this stuff to heart and it actually really upsets them.  I remember after that competition on our show there were literally, LITERALLY girls crying in every bathroom and bedroom of the house.  Let’s see how this one goes…

Well.  I’ll hand it to ABC.  This was not NEAR as bad as ours.  We had questions like “who has the worst boob job” or “who will be a bridesmaid and never a bride” or “who is the fattest, grossest, ugliest person in the house.”  I mean ours were super mean.  This was nothing that bad at all.

Jaclyn and Ed end up winning the competition.  YAY for my boy Ed finally winning.  Lol

Side note:  Where is Tony?  Have we even seen him?  We are 4 episodes in and I totally forgot he was on the show.

NOW WE GET TO SEE MORE STUPID GAMEPLAY.  Jaclyn decides to take Ed (who just won the competition) on her date…. WHHHHHHAAAAAT!?!?  Who are these people?  This is your chance to bring someone else on your side.  You know Ed is safe and already on your side.

I honestly feel like I am taking CRAZY PILLS watching these brain dead kids play this game.  Did they put “stupid” in all the drinks on the show and everybody just drank it right up.

Well she picks Ed and they go on a pretty cool date to Dodger Stadium.  It is just the two of them and they play a little baseball and kiss a bit on the mound.  Watching both of the most un-athletic people on the show try and throw and hit a baseball was like watching two monkeys hump a football.  It was just gross.  No man should be that uncoordinated.  Ever.

Back in the house Chris is picking his date and picks SARAH!  Wow!  I don’t even have to tell you the look Blakeley is giving Chris right now.  I think she just burnt holes in his head with laser beams from her eyes.  MORE STUPID game play.  I mean super stupid this time.  You just dug a hole you might not get out of sir.

Chris and Sarah’s date was actually pretty cool though.  They do some action filming and they are very flirty with each other.  They are offered a hotel and they decided to stay and not come back to the mansion.  Man, Chris is running through these girls like a bull on parade.

At the Rose Ceremony it is lies and confusion as usual.  In the end however Jamie and Dave go home.  I am actually glad to see Jamie go (I’ll explain in beef #1 below).  I was sad to see Dave go.  He seems like a good humble guy and I can’t wait to meet him.  Best of luck, buddy.

Let’s get to the beefs!

Beef #1.  Jamie.  I feel so bad for this girl.  Watching her throw herself at Chris over and over is terrible. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must be watching this show with her friends or family.  If I were her I would seriously watch it alone with my friend Mr. Jack Daniels.

Beef #2.  Girls in the house.  Everyone is mad at Chris for doing what he is doing and boning and playing games with all the girls in the house but WHAT ABOUT THE GIRLS WATCHING AND LETTING HIM DO IT?!?  It is not like it is a big secret.  Are you trying to tell me Sarah did not know about Jamie or Blakeley yet still went and slept with him the first chance she could?  What is wrong with these girls?

Beef #3.  Chris.  I am a guy.  I have done my share stupid things but even I am losing respect for what he is doing.  Especially knowing that his family is watching.  If I know a girl is a complete bi@ch I might not have a problem playing a little game with her but Jamie is a sweetheart and I just don’t agree with what he is doing.  It is also HORRIBLE GAMEPLAY and it will catch up with him at some point.

Can’t wait for next week.  Have a good one!