David Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 5

I have to say starting out that this was by FAR the best episode I have seen so far.  The gameplay was great and some very unlikely couples have come out of this!

At the beginning of this episode Chris and Ed are really going at it with each other.  You can tell that the stress from being in the house is really starting to get to everyone.   I will admit that the stress is very high.  It is hard to know who is really telling the truth or if everyone is ganging up on you, it all can change so quickly.  STRESSFUL.

The first competition looks like it is going to be easy but turns out being very difficult.  They have to stack plates and cups on top of each other and carry them back and forth collecting more and more until they have six total.  Blakeley working at Hooters for 34 years has the clear advantage here.  She ends up winning but it was not easy for her.

Erica gives zero effort again.  She is my girl and I really like her but her lack of effort sometimes is very frustrating and I would never want to be her partner for anything on this show.

The guys are up next and Tony is partnered with Blakeley.  She is walking beside him the whole time coaching him on how to carry the plates and cups and I have to say it is one of the most annoying things I have ever seen.  If I were her partner I would’ve snapped and made her go sit in the corner.  HOWEVER it does seem to be working and Tony ends up winning the competition!

I was actually glad to see them win and to finally see Blakeley not pissed about something.

Blakeley gets to pick between two dates and wants a really fancy date so picks the overnight date assuming it is going to be this luxury villa, we will see…

Kalon and Lindzi get the other date and Blakeley flips when she sees the diamonds and Bentley key, their date better be even better.  Very romantic date, these two have really hit it off and he even drops the L word a few times talking about her!  Wow!  I have to say that they actually make a good couple.  Kalon has really grown on me on this show.

Hahahahahahaha. Blakeley and Tony get a Jeep, map, and TRAILER. She did not do a great job at hiding her disappointment in the beginning but she ends up being a good sport. Never in a million years would I see Tony and Blakeley together but they seem to be hitting it off on their date.  She bosses poor Tony around like a little kid and he just takes it.  They might actually be perfect for each other….. OPPOSITES ATTRACT RIGHT!

LETS GET TO THE GOOD STUFF NOW.  The rose ceremony is full of surprises!

Going into this Chris and Sarah seem to be the unanimous vote till Harrison comes in and tells everyone that there is going to be a twist.  Everyone will be voting for one of the girls and THEN whichever girl gets sent home gets to choose whom she wants to go home!!!!

This turns the whole house upside down.

Stags comes up with a GENIUS PLAN!  He gets his crew together and they decide to send Erica home but make it look like CHRIS is the one that is making everyone vote for her so when she gets sent home she will take Chris with her!  Wow.  It is an awesome idea.

Chris somehow gets wind of the plan somewhat and Erica is flipping out on him so he says “fine come with me” and takes Erica to the voting booth and shows her that he is not voting for her!  WOW WOW WOW!  What an amazing counter move.

Stags is now back in the living room sweating bullets with a look on his face like he just sh#t his pants.

Erica figures out that it was Stags that orchestrated the whole thing against her so now his genius plan is starting to look really bad for him.

Erica does end up getting sent home and sure enough takes Stags with her to the dismay of everyone there.

She then lights him up with some of the meanest stuff I have ever heard on a TV show.  Super uncalled for and I was not happy to see her embarrass herself like that.

Here is the thing.  At some point on this show you are going to have to lie to one of your friends or send one of them home.  She has to understand that and she handled it very poorly.  That is the game and that is part of it.

This was one of the best shows I have seen.  It was good to see some great strategy for once and some people really working it!  We also have seen some serious coupling up on this one.

Chris really pulled a rabbit out of a hat here and kept himself in the running.  I have no clue what next week holds in store for us.  This is gonna be wild!

See you next week!  Have a good one!