David Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 6

To start out the show this week Harrison tells the group that from this point on they will be performing as couples.  The couples are all pretty much decided and Rachel and Nick are the only ones left without teammates so much to Rachel’s disliking she has to team up with Nick.

I live in Tampa, have yet to meet Nick and we have yet to really see him on the show so far.  At some point we are going to have to see him speak you would think…

The competition this week is awesome.  It’s a spelling bee.  This should be fun to watch!

Everyone in the house seems to hate Chris and Sarah with a passion.  They have to win this thing or they will for sure go home (unless ABC decides to cheat again and let Chris take someone in the voting booth or what the hell why not just let Sarah and Chris vote 6 times and not tell anyone.)  I can hear Harrison now.  “This week there is a twist!  Sarah and Chris will be the only people we let vote.”    I mean WTF.  I still can’t believe how that all went down.

-MATTER OF FACT SERIOUSLY WTF?  That was complete horsesh@t!  How can you just let someone show someone else his or her vote???  Why not have OPEN VOTING THEN????  That whole thing to me was shady as hell and if I were on the show would have thrown a fit.  First you change everything up (because you know they were going home) THEN Chris is still going home because of Stag’s genius plan and YOU CHANGE IT UP AGAIN by letting Chris take Erica into the voting booth?   None of that is right or fair in my book.

Anyway.  Sorry for the rant.  That has been eating at me big time.

Where were we?  Oh yea the spelling bee.  So Chris and Sarah have to win the spelling bee.  Of course they do much to the displeasure of EVERYONE there.  Not one person even congratulated them.  Ed and Jaclyn got runner-up.

Chris and Sarah get to go on a nice overnight date.  At dinner Chris opens up about Emily and how hard it was for him and how he is still getting over her.  Cry me a river!

Let me explain why I say that to all you hopeless romantics out there.  The guy was only on the show for 5 weeks maybe.  In that time period he got a few one-on-one dates and a few kisses.  You really don’t spend much time with the person.  Not to mention while he was with her there were 5 cameras around them or 10 other guys watching you sit and talk on a couch.  You never even got to second base let alone anything I would consider remotely serious that your feelings can be super hurt.  I’ll bet my car she does not even know your middle name.  Guess what buddy…..THAT IS NOT LOVE.  That is a little boy crush that hurt your ego when she did not pick you.

Jaclyn and Ed get a chance to talk about their feelings on their date and Ed opens up about not feeling the same way that she does about him.  He tells her that he has been pursuing someone back home and that he came here not wanting a relationship.  You can tell by the look on her face that she is crushed.  I feel so bad for her.

Side note:  I had the pleasure of meeting her this past weekend and she is amazing.  She is so much fun and down to earth!

Eddie and Jaclyn get to hand out two roses and they go with Blakeley and Tony.  This was some smart game play.  This gets those two on their side and in their pocket now.

Tony and Blakeley have a lot of pull now and Kalon, Lindzi and Nick and Rachel are all pleading their cases with them.  We finally get to hear Nick talk.  I’m not gonna lie he probably should have just kept his mouth shut.  He ends up going off on Blakeley and Tony and Rachel is sitting beside him like “OMG is this really happening!”

He must have not made them that upset though because at the Rose Ceremony Kalon and Lindzi get the boot.  I have to say I really enjoyed watching those two on this show!  They seem super happy together and actually the most natural couple to come out of this in my eyes.

See you all next week!!!!  Hope your week is the best week of your life!