David Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 7

OMG this show gave me sweaty hands almost the entire time.  The first competition was pretty extravagant.  The whole assembly set up at the house was pretty amazing.  I liked this competition.  Sarah dropped my name as one of the wrong answers.  I think she was calling me fat, saying I won the pie-eating contest on Bachelor Pad #1.  Nope!  It was that little dork “weatherman” that won.   First competition that kid has won since a flute blowing competition in Jr. High.

Sarah and Chris end up winning AGAIN much to the dismay of everyone there.  They are really dominating this show at this point.

One of the stipulations of winning is that you get to send home whatever couple you would like!  Blakeley now is pretty much screwed I would say.

It is safe to say that not many people in the house like Chris from what we can tell.  It is also safe to say that after his speech he just gave to everyone, THAT NOBODY LIKES HIM NOW not even Harrison or the candles and flowers in the house.  I mean jeez man if the cards were stacked up against you before they sure as hell are now!

He has been playing great but that was just stupid!  He has to think further down the road than just now.  He is so close and burning all those bridges will not pay off if you get to the final 2 couples, trust me!

Sarah and Chris do end up sending Blakeley and Tony home.   It was sad to see them go but at least they have each other hahahahah…(I give that no more than 5 weeks after the show ends)

The next competition is AWESOME!  They will be singing Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” in front of a live audience and the band themselves will be judging.  BAD ASS SONG!  Nobody, not even the guys that wrote it really know what it means but it is still so great.  I love karaoke but this is one hard song to sing.

OMG!!!!  I don’t even know what to say here.  I have never heard so many tone-deaf people in my life!  I mean this is horrible.  I am embarrassed and nervous and sweating for them right now.

I am going to keep this short.  The whole thing was a disaster.  Ed and Jaq were sooooo bad and Sarah looked like she smoked crack before she went on stage.  Sarah was flopping around like she got electrocuted or something so then her and Chris just made out and it was just weird.  I don’t like any of this and I feel bad for Night Ranger band for having to watch their song get destroyed.

Nick and Rachel end up being the best of the worst and winning.  This is huge for them.

They now get to pick the next couple that goes home.  Nick has a great game plan to send Jaclyn and Ed home but Rachel is really struggling with sending her friend home.

She is crying more about Stags and blah blah blah.  This is getting ridiculous.  When are you girls going to learn!  I’ll bet $5000.00 that Rachel and Mike don’t last a month after the show.  People are just insanely idiotic and don’t think with common sense anymore.  She is now worried about sending her friend home?

WHAT!?  There are 3 couples left!!!  AT SOMEPOINT ONE OF YOU IS GOING HOME SISTER.  Pull your head outta your ass and listen to Nick.  He is the best chance you have of winning.

I know what you are thinking.  “But Dave what if Kovacs sent you home in the final 3?”

WELLLLLL Kovacs and I are men and we had already discussed this early on because we think with our brains and use common sense.  We said let’s help each other get to the final 3 or 4 and then it is game on, NO HARD FEELINGS.  Apparently girls don’t have these thoughts or ideas because not one, on any of these shows has done this and worst of all they all cuss each other out when they do get sent home.

Terrible, terrible, terrible.   The thought of saying that stuff that Jaclyn said about Rachel, about my buddy Kovacs if he sent me home would never even cross my mind.  Men are from earth, women are bat shit crazy should be the new book.

Nick deciding to bring Chris and Sarah was a great idea because everyone in the house hates them, so if it comes down to a popularity vote, it is a sure victory.

Have the best week of your lives this week.