David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 1

The Bachelorette Emily’s Season
David Goods Blog Episode 1

Welcome back to The Bachelorette with my girl Emily Maynard!

I want to start out by saying that Emily is one of the better people that I have met throughout this whole process and someone that I have a lot of respect for. Blogging this season is a tad more personal for me. The fact a child is involved (more on that in a bit) also plays a role.

It is easy to judge someone as beautiful as Emily in a jealous or superficial way but I have to say that from the time I have spent with her and talked with her she is as down to earth and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I am getting a lot of questions about her daughter Ricki. I have thought about this a lot because I always look after and take the kids side first. I can also tell you that Emily does as well. Ricki is her world. With that being said that does not mean she is making the right decisions in everyone’s eyes. I really want some feedback from some MOMS out there. What is your opinion on this? Would you do it?

I personally am torn between my thoughts. On one hand Emily is not just looking for a husband but a father for her child. How does Ricki view this? It has got to be hard for a 6 year old to see mommy on TV with all kinds of different guys and think this is the way to find a daddy or husband. My biggest concern is how is this going to affect her in the future? How is she going to view relationships when she is 18 or 21? Can you say major daddy issues?

My second thought is that Emily has for sure talked with Ricki about what is going on and always tries to put her first in the whole scenario. There are plenty of kids who have been through WAY worse. In kids eyes it can’t be much different than an actor’s kid and watching your parents on TV or movies. When I think about it this way it all seems ok.

My final thought on this is that above everything else Emily is a good mother and if this is the path she wants to take I support her in it because I know she is looking out for her daughter first and foremost. Although I can’t wait to have 3 or 4 of my own (please god not all girls) I am not a parent so my thoughts don’t hold much weight. I Really want to see what ya’ll think about this as mothers or fathers out there.

Emily steps out of the limo and looks absolutely stunning! She talks to Chris (who has still not aged in 20 years and looks great) about Brad and her journey but I am so over that, so we will skip to meeting the guys!

Instead of talking about every single one of them I am going to rate my top 3 entrances and worst 3.

1. Ryan
2. Doug
3. Charlie (loved his bulldog)
4. Kalon (everyone hated it but I loved it!) Give the guy some props; he flew in, IN A HELICOPTER. Pretty awesome.

Worst: This was a 3 way of circus clowns for the #1 spot as worst:
1. Randy (He made me feel so weird and I am sitting at home)
1. Stevie (your not meeting an 18 year old girl dude)
1. Jackson (fitness model) Douche 101 (I know he had on Ed Hardy under that)
2. Joe… AKA Mr. Bouncy

I get a different kind of feeling here. Emily is not here to be amused by little eggs and skateboards. I feel like she is past that and those intro’s although entertaining are not what is going to stand out to her.

It’s best to just get all nervous and forget what you are going to say like I did. LOL. So embarrassing.

I loved Doug’s note from his son he read to her. That was super awesome and I think she really liked it.

I know he put a HUGE target on his back by flying in a helicopter to the spot but don’t dislike him for that. He did set himself up to be hated by EVERYONE in the house with that move. If you had a helicopter you probably would fly in that way too. Let’s see how he acts with the guys in the house in the future before we judge just because he has $$$.

Arie has a racing background and when he tells Em this she seems to be totally ok with it and that is good to see. I like him so far.

The First Impression Rose goes to Doug! I am glad he got it because they seemed to have chemistry and he has the same life experience that she does having a kid and all. Good pick.

I think she did an awesome job picking and sending guys home. WAIT! THIS GUY HAS 6 KIDS!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! What are you even doing on this show? Why did they let you on the show? She wants a husband not a full time baby-sitting job.

WOW! Told you Jackson was a clown. He just took his shirt off in his OUTRO. (I’ll give the guy credit he is shredded and looks good) but go apply for Jersey Shore, sir.

Overall I am very impressed with ABC and the job they did picking guys for Emily. I think she has the best group I have seen in a long time…(since Jillian’s season 5 actually) ;) but for real good guys for her to choose from.

I am excited to watch this season! I am going to have a competition for my website www.GHNFitness.com as to which guy you all think has the worst and best physique when the shirts start coming off. More on that next blog but I’ll be needing your input to pick the winner.

Have a great week!