David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 2

I have got a lot of slack about saying that I feel this season of guys is a good bunch.  I guess a lot of people disagree.  (Oh how spoiled we all get.) J There are guys on this show that rank in the 99% of wealth, smarts, charming, looks and with good personalities yet everyone thinks they suck. Maybe we all just want some mystical creature that is perfect for Emily?  If this is the case I will let it slide but give some of these guys some credit where credit is due.

Give me your top 3 in the comments below.  I want to see whom ya’ll think is good for her and who you like so far.  Maybe I am being to easy on them?  Let’s get the show started!

I love the fact they are filming the show in Charlotte.  I believe this is a first.  This shows how much ABC and Emily care about the well being of little Ricki.  Props to both.

Ryan gets the first one-on-one.  He is my favorite so far.  He has confidence and is pretty laid back.  Seems polite and has some good Man Code qualities. J I think he will for sure get a rose.

WOW!  They are going to Em’s house to put away groceries and make cookies for Ricki’s soccer team.  I would love this date.  First off I am a bad a@# cook and would definitely put her to shame in the kitchen.  I’ll bet you money Emily.  ;)   Get me a stove, grill and sit and drink some wine.  Rose would be mine!

Emily does not want Ryan to meet Ricki yet and I agree with this 100% and he respects it.  I think he was a little upset about not getting a huge extravagant date but I think in the long run it will be better for him.

They do have a night part of the date still to go so it will probably get even better.   Yep! OMG my dream car.  I love Aston Martins.  Sex on wheels!  He gets to drive to a dinner date with her.  Emily is really dealing out some hard questions at dinner.  Some great questions about whether he thinks this is a game with the other guys.  Ryan does a great job handling the Q and A and seems to be sincere in his answers with her.

Haha… I was just about to say he reminds me a little of Brad and she literally just said that.  He speaks the same and has some of the same mannerisms.   Even with that he gets the rose.

When they get up to leave they walk out the corner to a huge crowd and Gloriana playing.  They danced in front of a huge crowd.  I have to say that I love the song they played.  They killed it!

You could see he wanted to kiss her but she was putting it off so he got the cheek.  I have a feeling that is going to be a theme throughout this show.  I wonder who will get the first real kiss.  WHO DO YOU THINK?

Next is the group date. They are raising money for a charity close to Emily, The Levine Children’s Hospital. HAHAHAH…They are going to be performing with the Muppets!  Everyone knows the Muppets; if you don’t your not human.   The guys are going to be performing stand up comedy.  This would be so much fun.

Charlie is freaking out…like freaking out.  Like a 6 year old girl that just saw a spider…or me when if I see a spider.  Same thing.  He actually goes to Emily to talk to her about it and say’s he can’t actually do it.  He has insecurities about speaking in front of people still because of some issues of a past accident.  I feel bad for the poor guy.  That had to be hard to do.  She lets it slide and gives him a different part where he can just dance and reassures him it is ok.

The theatre they are performing in is pretty big and over 500 people are there!  Miss piggy calls Aaron, Charlie and Jef to the stage for a dating game.  Charlie is sweating it big time but when called upon Charlie came through and performed under pressure.  Good for him!  Emily actually killed it!  She did so well in front of the crowd.  Kermit then calls Ricki up to the stage.  She is so cute.  She nailed it!  Michael said “it was neat to see her with Ricki” but every time he speaks I wonder if he is a woman under that hair?  Might be a nice guy/girl but his hair weirds me out.  The show looked pretty good and the guys did a good job.  What a cool experience.

Question:  Is the voice of Miss Piggy a girl or a guy?

After the group date they all go back to a cocktail party.  Emily sits down with Chris and tells him “he is really good looking” and Chris is super flattered and that had to be a huge confidence booster.

Emily sits down with Jef and say’s “I am super uncomfortable around you” but I think it was a good thing because she is interested in him.

Back in the house Joe gets the one-on-one date card.  I have a feeling Joe is going home.  I don’t know why he just kind of acts weird to me.   We will see.

Stevie is spending time with Emily dancing and Kalon comes along and wants to chat.  Right after he sits down Aaron comes along and asked to talk with her and Kalon asked for 2 more minutes and Aaron says no.  Emily is feeling really awkward and Kalon is very mature about it and says, “ok I don’t want to put you in this spot, I will go.”  I thought he handled that very well.

Stevie and Kalon are not getting along in the house and it has only been 3 days.  That is not a good sign.   I see major issues, obviously in the near future.

Jef ends up getting the rose on the group date and Chris is really upset about it saying, “there is no way they had as good of a conversation as we did.”  Well buddy you can’t really say that.  She might be connecting with someone else in the house as well as you.

Next up is Joe’s one-on-one date.  He is picked up in a limo and taken to the airport and they are taking A PRIVATE JET TO WEST VIRGINIA to her hometown!  They are going to The Greenbrier a REALLY old school high-end resort/hotel.  At least he gets a cool date before she sends him packing. J

Back in the house Kalon and Doug have a little dispute because Kalon said he thinks Doug is putting on hold being a dad to come to this show.  I don’t think he meant harm by it but Doug really got upset and told him basically to apologize and “check it.”

Kalon has a weird approach with his words.  I don’t think it was that big of deal honestly but the way he says things pisses people off.

Joe and Em have a talk at dinner and Joe is really just shooting himself in the foot.  I can tell she does not like him at all.  Could tell from the jump.  He seems like he is just along for the ride here to me and not really up for the challenges that would be in store for him.  It is really hard for her to tell him and she gets upset..  L

Emily’s mom is super hot!  HELLLOOO Em hook your boy up!  J

Ryan wrote a note for Emily and Tony had to sit and watch her read the whole thing.  It was just a little long!  Like Seven pages!  Poor Tony.

He redeems himself though and they have a great time and he breaks the news that he also has a 5-year-old son.

For the first time since I have seen the show I feel like it is actually a positive to have a kid.

At the Rose Ceremony Emily sends home Aaron and Kyle.  Good choices in my book.

It is late has been a really long day and I am spent!  That is all for this one.  See you next week!  I know my grammar is not the best but extra sorry for this one!  Had to do it 35,000ft in the air and super worn out.  Ya’ll have a good week!

P.S. – Still want to know your top 3 so far!