David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 4

To start the show Chris comes out in his purple accented huge cuffed shirt to tell the boy’s that they are headed to BERMUDA!  I have never been but it looks beautiful.  Not on the top of my list of places to visit but looks relaxing.

Emily keeps talking about more babies in the interview and “taking her new husband and babies back to Bermuda when this is all done.”   LOL…  Maybe don’t talk too much about “more babies” with the guys just yet.  I mean it’s awesome to think about and I’m sure the right guy wants the same thing but lets focus on the fact there is already one here for the guys to man up for.

Doug gets the first one-on-one and the guys are asking him questions about the date. Doug starts getting real upset when the guys are just teasing him.  I see a real temper coming out with him and it’s not appropriate for the situation.  He seems to be a little touchy.

WOW!  A real temper comes out!  I am beginning to wonder if all those new articles are true. I have had a few people get on here and tweet me as well saying it was his ex who was the crazy one, but watching him attack the guys that are clearly joking in a non-serious convo is a little over the top.  IDK?  What are your thoughts on this?  I like Doug and want to like Doug.

When Doug is with Emily he is a totally different person, but I know a 100 different dudes like this and when you settle in for the long haul the real person comes out when difficult times arise.  This can be very dangerous for a girl… or guy.

I like Doug but he has fallen from the top of my list FOR HER AND RICKI.  I really hope he is not that same guy that the papers wrote about years back.

On the group date they are going to be sail boating and I think that would be so much fun!  I have always wanted to do that and learn how it all works.

The guys actually split into teams “yellow” and “red”. They have to compete and the loser of the boat race goes home while the winners get to go spend time with Emily.  Talk about pressure!

The boat race is so much fun to watch.  Both teams are working their butts off and look like they really learned a lot about how it all works.  Both teams did well but the yellow team wins.   Arie, Jef, Ryan and Kalon get to spend the rest of the night with Emily.  Nice work, men!

Holy Santa Clause Sh#$ Charlie is actually crying like with tears and stuff on the ride home because they lost.  WHAT?!  What is going on?  I am so confused here.  There has to be something we are missing here.  You can’t cry over that.  I’m speechless.  Ladies you might think that is all nice and showing emotion but I’m here to tell you if this is real, this is REAL weird.  You don’t cry over a boat race loss on national TV.

Every time Ryan talks he falls further back down my list for Emily.  I would love to hangout with they guy don’t get me wrong.  He is definitely a fun single guy to hangout with but I think he is just playing the game right now because he is so competitive.

Next is the big 2-on-1 date.  These are truly pressure cookers.  Not fun for anyone involved at all, especially for Emily.

The date with Nate and Jon was just what we expected, awkward and weird.  Nate crying about missing his family and all that I don’t think set very well with Emily, and he did seem very young for some reason.  I can’t put my finger on why.  It was not just the crying but just ….IDK…something. He just seemed wet behind the ears.  Both very nice guys though.  It’s too bad one has to go. Sorry Nate.

I like when a guy has some confidence about himself.  Ryan however is really saying things that lean more toward the arrogant side.  I would like to say this about it though…

He clearly grew up playing sports and still is involved in this lifestyle and when you are a top caliber athlete you are taught and told to always be confident and want the last shot and the ball in crunch time and it is sometimes very difficult to draw the line of confidence and cockiness especially if you win at most of them.

Every good athlete has a swagger and smells like confidence when they walk into the room, but some let it go a little to far and I think that is what we have here.  A lifetime of this, that has yet to be checked.  Does not make it cool or right by any means, but just by watching that is what it looks like to me.  I think deep down he is good dude.

I only say this in his defense because I have had some of the same issues and have stuck my foot in my mouth a lot of times or bit off more than I could chew because of my pride and confidence.  It’s a hard line to draw sometimes when that is all you know and your whole life has been about.  If you never played high-level competitive sports you can’t understand what I’m talking about and won’t understand but that is ok.

Chris seems like such a mature guy for his age.  Him and Doug have this whole thing going on, lots of tension between the two of them. Chris asked Doug to come outside and talk with him about it, Man to Man.

This is a great way to confront and kill a problem between two guys in my opinion.  They bicker a bit but I don’t think they actually got much accomplished unfortunately.  They will in the future though on or after the show I guarantee it.  They are both good dudes.

I was really hoping to see more of Kalon’s awesomeness on this show!  We did not get to see him at all!!!  No drama with him.  Boooooo.

This show was a little slow for me?  IDK.  I think it is missing a real villain that we all love to hate on.  As much as we don’t like them they do bring some entertainment to the show.  What do you think?

At the Rose Ceremony Charlie and the longhaired guy whom I don’t even know his name “Rico Suave” we will call him are sent home.  I was sad to see Charlie go.  He was one of my favorite guys on the show and I loved his dog.

I hope next week picks up a little bit.  Until then you all have a great week and I will get back on here in a few days to answer some questions and debate with you. J

Take care