David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 5

David Goods Blog Episode #5

Off we go to London.  London is a financial powerhouse along with Tokyo and NY; I think it is ranked top 3 in the world.  London has some deep roots and awesome culture.  This will be fun to watch because of this, let alone the drama it looks like we are about to watch go down!

We waste no time and Sean is up for the first date and it is a one-on-one.  We have not got to see a ton of Sean yet but he seems like a good fit for Emily from what I have seen.  He has moved up my list.  We will see how the date goes….

Of course they are touring the city in a “double-decker bus!”   These are a staple of London.  The architecture in London is incredible.  I wish we still built things like that these days.  WE DON’T.

Sean and Emily are really hitting it off on the first part of the date and he seems very comfortable around her and vise-versa.  I really like them together.

Back in the house Kalon is talking with Jef and Arie and say’s something about Emily and Ricki that really upsets both the guys.  We will talk more about this in a bit because I don’t want to keep starting and stopping the issue, so to be continued…

The group date card comes in and Kalon is super upset that he is going on another group date.  He pouts like a little kid who wants a cookie when he is upset.

The group date is the guys performing Shakespeare and acting out skits for Emily.  This is hilarious.  The guys all seem to be having fun with it but in typical fashion Kalon is taking this way too serious.

He is so rude to Emily and actually tells her to leave when they are practicing their lines!  What is wrong with this guy?!  I have never seen someone so disrespectful to the actual person they are trying to make fall in love with them.  You would think he is trying to upset her on purpose with his actions.

TIMEOUT.  Everyone keeps saying that Ryan reminds him or her of myself in looks and such.  I appreciate that because he is clearly better looking than myself but he is wearing a silk, flowery scarf in warm weather!  I WOULD ONLY WEAR A SCARF IF I WAS FREEZING AT THE NORTH POLE AND MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.  What the hell is going on with men in our culture?  Be a damn man!  I feel like I am watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy at some points during this show.

Emily’s voice is completely lost and it is hilarious to listen to her talk with everyone.  She might have kissed a few too many guys in the last couple days.

WOW!  Kalon is venting to the guys and say’s the “Emily has a lot of baggage.”  The guys do not take well to this.  Doug pulls Kalon aside and asked him if he actually said that.  Kalon confirms it.  Doug takes the initiative to go and tell Emily and Emily confronts Kalon and loses it on him and this is well deserved in my eyes.  She asked Kalon if what the guys said is true and he admitted to it.  Emily looks at Kalon and say’s “then get the f#ck out!”  BOOM.  That is how you handle that!  Done, later, bye!

Emily is then upset with the guys, which I don’t understand. I think Emily is wrong to tell the guys that she is upset someone did not tell her. Nothing crazy had come up until Kalon said that. Guys have to wait until it is confirmed before they go rat on someone. They were not wrong. Doug did say something so no reason to freak out like she is.

Emily is so upset she does not even give a rose out on the group date.  I know she is upset but I really think she is in the wrong.  What are your thoughts on this?  Being on the show before she should know what a bad position that can turn into ratting on someone without the proper backup.  I just personally think it has to be very severe to rat and when it reached that point Doug did step in so no reason to get so upset.

Jef gets the next one-on-one date and is really excited about it.  I still am not sure what I think about Jef with Emily.  He is awesome but just seems a bit young hearted and YOUNG to me.  I can’t put my finger on why because he has really done nothing real immature but he just does.  He seems more like a kid brother to her.

At the Rose Ceremony Ryan has on ANOTHER SCARF?!  Ryan for the love of us country boys and country please stop wearing those damn scarves in public.  If you want to dress up like a girl at home and stuff fine, play dress-up and put lipstick on at home but not on here.  lol

They just showed cuts from the next show and I hope that her freaking out about Kalon and saying “not sure guys are here for her” does not turn these guys into a bunch of girls playing tattletale for the rest of the show.  Emily: it is not their jobs to tell you whom to date; it is up to you to make good decisions on the guys character throughout the show.

WHAT???  I totally forgot about Alejandro even being on the show.  This sounds bad but I don’t think he is going to be missed much.  Did not seem to bring a lot to the table for Emily or the show.  Probably means he is a really good dude.  J

See ya’ll next week!  Have a good one!