David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 6

Off we go to Croatia.  Of course they are going to Croatia.  Lol.   The only thing I know about Croatia is one of my favorite MMA fighters Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic is from there.  It looks beautiful and is in a cool location snuggled in the middle of everything.

The first one-on-one date is with Travis.  I really like Travis.  He seems like a normal guy, which is kind of refreshing.  Just a super normal guy.  He kind of talks with a little too much enthusiasm in his voice when “agreeing” with Emily about everything she says but it’s probably because he is a little nervous.  I don’t see any chemistry between them AT ALL but he seems like a good dude.

Nice to see Emily has her voice back.

Travis says he has not been with a girl in 2 years, and says it in a way that makes me think he has not hooked up with a girl in 2 years!  That is a looooong time!  That is a little odd if that is true.  I don’t think you have to go hump everything that moves but a guy that has been to the promised land should visit it more than every two years!  If they make it to the fantasy suite I hope Emily has a duster with her.  LOLOLOL

AWWW… Looks like he is going to have to wait longer because at dinner Emily says those two words none of them want to here, “I’m sorry” and he knows he is going home.  She did not even seem upset about it.  There really was just nothing there between them.  At least she won’t have to buy any pledge now.

The group date is the worst date in #Bachelor or #Bachelorette History!!! A movie date?! Are you serious? “Hey we never get to see each other or talk and we have a few weeks to get to know each other with a chance we get married so lets go sit in the dark and not talk…” Brilliant!

The group date ends up being awesome because Emily tells them they are going to compete in a series of obstacles called the Highland games.  Log throws, bow and arrow shooting and a tug of war thingy that is actually fun to watch.


Chris ends up getting last in the games but gets the sympathy Rose on the date because he got dead last. I’m glad Chris got the sympathy “bravery” cup on the date for getting dead last.  It shows that big muscles and competitiveness don’t mean much, which is refreshing.  THANK GOD!  I can finally stop competing, working out, and lose at everything and still get the girl!  #winning

I wish Ryan had been in these games so that we could have seen the big boys compete with each other.

HOWEVER BACK IN THE HOUSE Ryan is enjoying the time by himself because he would rather spend the time with himself than anyone else.  He then says, “I love the other guys but they don’t possess all the qualities I do. Playing pro football I have certain gifts. I wake up every day, look in the mirror and say Ryan you are a god with 12 inch scarves and awesome white XS tank tops. Who do you want to be today and my reflection actually answers me and says, you are a beautiful man Ryan and can get any girl…” End Ryan’s talk with his own reflection in the mirror.

I am laughing so hard right now.  I had to pause the show.  Ryan is hysterical in his cockiness.  It’s like unbelievable. Hahahaha.

Jef and Emily sit down and spend some one-on-one time together and he is finally opening up to her and you can actually see a connection between them now.

It’s finally time for Ryan’s one-on-one date.  I feel like Ryan is a good guy but his cockiness makes it easy to dislike him.  I am not sure if it is an act or if that is the way he really is.  I hope he learns a lot about himself by watching himself on TV.  I hope watching himself he learns a lot about the way he sounds.  I know I did when I was on the Bachelorette.  It really changed my life.

Most people never get the to see how they really sound and talk to other people.  Most people never have a camera on them 24 hours a day for 30-40 days that can pick and choose whatever moments it wants to show of you.  It is a real eye opener for a lot of people that are on the show.

Anyway the date had a weird vibe to it.  Emily ends up not giving him a rose.  Ryan said some really good things on his way out though.  He seemed very serious and endearing in his comments about her making the wrong choice and Emily seems very confused in her decision.  I think she did make the right one though personally.

The guys back in the house are pretty happy to see him go and are literally hugging each other and jumping up and down in celebration.  Hahahaha.  It makes it so funny because Ryan says, “I wonder how the guys will take it because I made some great friends in the house.”

Remember on Ace Ventura when Ace leaves all the Monks and thinks they are gonna be sad but then they are doing back flips, drinking, jumping around and celebrating as he is walking out. Hahahah. That reminds me of what happened when Ryan left. LOL

Later on Arie sneaks into Emily’s room after hours for a little extra time together.   They seem great together.   I really like him and Sean for her at this point.  Chris has fallen back down behind these two on my list currently.

Emily looks extra gorgeous in her dress tonight at the Rose Ceremony.  I am pretty sure it is made of moon dust and diamonds.  Probably really cheap.

At the rose ceremony Emily leaves and asked Chris for an extra rose and ends up sending nobody home.

That’s all folks!  Until next week you all have a good one!