David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 7

Would like to start out by saying that while I sit here I am pretty sure the ocean is creeping up in my backyard!  This tropical storm DEBBY is a real pain in the butt! It’s insane down here right now.  I would much rather be in Prague with the guys and Emily!

I am really wondering how this show is going to go.  It’s the one before the hometowns and with really no villains left.  Emily is going to have to carry this one.

The first one-on-one date is with Arie.   I actually have the exact same jacket he is wearing with the “old man” elbow pads.  I got it for The Today Show a few months ago as something different.  I like it.  The date is pretty boring but they seem to have the most chemistry I have seen yet.

I want to say something about this whole Cassie “the producer” thing.  Cassie is an awesome chick let me say that.  @Emilymaynard is REALLLLLY Overreacting to this.  He dated someone 10 years ago?!  Who gives a sh#t.  Why would he just throw that out there?

What does she WANT ARIE TO SAY????  “Hey Em…I just thought that I would tell you that 10 YEARS AGO I went on a few dates with a girl that I think you are KIND OF friends with… I also sh#t my pants in 2nd grade and stole money from my grandma when I was 5 for candy. Anything else you want to know?” I’m sure it is not even crossing his mind.

Arie ends up saying sorry to Emily and everything worked out fine.

The next date is with John “the wolf.”  I really see him going home really soon.  I see about as much chemistry here as I completed in Jr. High.  I think he is a really nice guy but has nothing going with Emily.  They are so far behind in their relationship compared to the other guys.

Back in the house Chris is kind of losing it.  He says he does not know if he can do this anymore. Chris is kind of letting things get to him, BUT in his defense I believe he really has feelings for her and it is hard for a guy OR girl to sit back and watch others and hear stories of them with the girl or guy they are into.  I feel for him.  That sucks.  Perks of this show though, you know?

Sean is also freaking out a little and says he has to see her and runs out of the house to try and find her.  He is yelling her name running in the streets and MAGICALLY finds her walking alone in a dark alley.  Hahaha.  Geeee, how did that happen?

Sean is at the top of my list, with Arie right behind him at this point.

Later on Emily pulls Doug aside to talk with him.  It is raining outside and he is holding an umbrella and she starts in with a really unexpected “your about to go home talk” and midway thru he leans in for one of the most awkward kisses on the show I have seen and she just keeps on talking.  OUCH.  She tells him it is best if she just walks him out now.  I did not see that coming!  Doug ended up being such a nice guy but just could not get his feelings for her across.  Some people just have a harder time expressing.  I see nothing wrong with that at all but not good for this show.

Chris is losing it on the date with Emily and Sean.  He is really letting his emotions take over.  On the date Emily gives Sean the rose for the hometown date and Chris is visibly upset and letting Emily know it.  Not a good move.  She is already in a very awkward situation AND it’s not like you are going home.  LOL… It just means she likes him way more.  No big deal.  Hahaha.

I am not sure how to take him right now.  I feel like he has changed a lot over the last few episodes.  He was one of my favorites for this whole show but is completely losing his mind at this point.  Let’s see if he can regain his composure.

Jef gets a one-on-one date and it’s to a library where they take these puppets they got and things start to get real weird.  They play out a puppet show and Jef makes his puppet tell Emily’s puppet that he loves her.  Guys.  Please don’t ever ruin a great moment like that by doing it with a puppet.  You mise well text her “I love you” for the first time.  Grow a pair look her in the eye and say “I love you.”  Might mean a little more.

None the less, I want puppet now.

At the Rose Ceremony Emily says she knows who she wants to send home and there needs to be no rose ceremony.  Chris is freaking out because he had a lot of things he wanted to say sorry about for the group date and explain or spill his guts to her.

Halfway through he stops the rose ceremony and asked Emily to talk to him.  This was a very brave and manly thing to do in my mind.   I really gained some respect for him for that.  He would regret not telling her for the rest of his life if he did not and he realized that.  Keep in mind the guy is only 25 years old!  Good for him!

I think what he said to Emily was very heartfelt and she believed him.  I really think she was going to send him home but because of that talk she ends up sending “the wolf” home.  I think it was a good choice sitting here in my chair.  J

From here on out things are going to be really serious and we get to see the hometown dates!

Everyone have a great week!  Pray for those getting smashed by this Tropical Storm.  Some nasty stuff going on.