David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 8

I am excited for hometowns.  Everything up until this point I really don’t take very serious because meeting the families is a HUGE step, to me anyway.

Chris is first and the show is heading to CHI-Town!  Love Chicago!  Chicago is a very fun and productive city.  Super cold in the winters but have always had a great time there.

I don’t know if it is the fact they have not seen each other in a while or what but they seem so awkward together.  I really feel like the spark has fizzled out.

I think Chris’s family is awesome and love how close they are with each other.   That is very important and I am sure Emily thinks the same.  At the end of the date Chris tells Emily that he loves her.  I just don’t see that love being reciprocated though.  That sucks.

There was really not a lot to write about with Chris and his family.  They were very nice and all but it was just bland.

Jef is up next and HOLY SH#$ his ranch is awesome!  Jef just jumped up from last to 2nd with this hometown.  He takes Emily out to a field and has 2 shotguns and some disc throwers set up and shows off a bit shooting in front of Emily.  Emily then picks up the other gun and kills it!  She shoots the first 3 clay pigeons out of the thrower.  I have done this before and it is not easy.  She was very impressive and very sexy with a gun!  If you have not tried this it is pretty difficult to do.


Jef’s family seems pretty nice but his brother totally reminds me of Kip “Napoleon Dynamites” brother.  Hahahahahahahaha.

At the end of the day Jef and Emily are watching the sunset over some mountains on his ranch and he reads her a letter he wrote.  It was very nice but a little overboard for me, but hey to each his own.  Emily seemed to like it, which is all that matters.

Arie’s family is up next.  Did ABC make all the families wear button downs with the buttons all the way buttoned up?

HAHAHAHA… The whole family starts speaking Dutch in front of Emily and she has no idea what is going on.  This is very rude of them to do but kind of funny.  What a way to make someone feel awkward.

Arie’s mom and Emily sit down and have a very good talk with each other while Arie and his dad do the same.  At the end of the day she said “it could not have gone better” and she felt really good about meeting his family.

Sean is up next and we head to Dallas, TX.  Dallas is one of my favorite cities in this great country of ours!  I love TEXAS and the Texas spirit for life.

Sean is cool but a walk in a park is not exactly what I would have done if Emily came to Dallas with me.  I know it is kind of romantic but there are so many other cool things to do.    It is sooooo cute how his yellow striped shirt matches the flowers in the background of the park.  I wonder if that was set up?  LOL

They go to meet Sean’s family.  What is going on here!?  Are all these families loaded or what!?  All of these homes have been very nice.  Can’t they just have a family that is poor and dysfunctional like the rest of ours?  J

While they are talking Sean drops a-bomb and say’s that he still lives at home with his family.  WHAT!?  This has got to be a joke!  OMG…OK OK OK it is a joke.

That was a terrible joke to play.  That just made her rethink everything in her head if just for a second but put weird thoughts you don’t want her thinking.

His family seems very cool and down to earth.  I think Sean’s family gets my #1 spot as whom I would relate to the most.

At the end of the day Sean does the “run after the car thing” again and it is cheesy as hell.   This only works one time per show and after that it is overkill.   Sean is still my favorite for her though with Jef a close second now.

I thought that this week would be difficult for Emily to know whom to send home but at this point I feel like it is an easy call.  Goodbye Chris…. at least I think so.

Yep!  Chris is out.  I really liked Chris but he kind of changed a little through the show.  Still for sure a really good guy and am excited to meet him.  Chris gets real upset and it is understandable but he has had that kind of negative vibe for the last few episodes and I think that is some of the reason he is gone.

Down to the final 3 now!

See you next week!