David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 9

So we have 3 studly men left…Sean, Arie, and Jef.  The beginning of the show wastes 15 minutes of our time recapping each guys “journey to find love.”  This is all fine and dandy for those 4 people in the world that are just tuning into the season on the second to last episode but for the rest of us 9 million have been robbed of 15 minutes of life we can never get back.

Sean is up first with Emily and they are flying to their very own private Island, Curacao or something?  It is literally an island with nothing on it in the middle of the ocean.  Seems like a really good date for Sean who likes walks in parks and is laid back.  There is pretty much nothing else to do but talk on this island.  They showed them about to snorkel, which would have been cool to see under that clear blue water but then kissed in the water and cut to commercial?

They engage in some super boring talk and then swim.  I am sorry but there is really nothing to even say right now.   All I can hear is crickets.  I don’t mean just because it is boring but because ALL I CAN HEAR IS CRICKETS IN THE BACKGROUND!

Sean and Emily decide to go to the fantasy suite for a few hours but she does not want him to spend the night.  I think this is a good idea and shows how much Emily cares about Ricki.

From the vibe of the date if I had to guess at this point who was going home I would have to say Sean.  L  I really like him but now just don’t see much chemistry between them.

At this point in the show I can always start to see who is going to be sent home because it is just hard to fake it when you know who you are letting go.  It would take a real SOB to be able to just lead them on without any conscious thought about it, and Emily is not that person.  You can tell she is going to be upset about sending anyone home at this point.

Jef is next and it is pretty much the same date.  Jef does have some good questions he asked Emily at dinner.  My favorite is the one when he asked “why she is still single at her age.”  I’m looking at the TV going “wait…aren’t they the same age.”  Lolol Probably the same reason you are still single Jef.  She wears Skinny Jeans.  I’m joking, I’m joking.  Skinny Jeans are the cool thing, I guess.  What is next?  Dudes wearing bras and stuff?   Maybe some high heals to match them…

A funny part of the show (which are few and far between right now) is when Emily asked Jef about the fantasy suite and HE turns it down.  Hahahahaaha.  She is like WTF??  Good for him though for beating her to the punch!

They go and talk for a little bit then Jef goes home.  Yay.

Arie is up next and they actually do something that I have always wanted to do but haven’t yet.  Swim with dolphins!  I see them all the time out back of my place and they are so smart.  They will swim right up and turn sideways and just look at me like “hello you weird thing, why aren’t you in the water?”  If I had to come back as an animal it would be a spoiled dog or a dolphin.  LOL.

Anyway, Emily is scared of the dolphins so this is short lived. Who is scared of a dolphin?  That is like being scared of a butterfly or dandelion.

“No, no please don’t make me walk through the grass…. there are butterfly’s and dandelions out there!”

The rest of the date is Arie sticking his tongue down Emily’s throat.  That is about it.  No fantasy suite again, she didn’t trust herself enough to even offer him the chance she said.

At the Rose Ceremony Sean does end up going home.  I gotta say he is a class act and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting him sometime soon.  It was sad to see him go but as he probably knows now it was just not there.  No big deal.  Good dude and he will be fiiiiiine I am sure.

This episode was really lacking for me as in probably the hardest to get through and watch in all the shows since I have been on and have been following.  This brings me to another train of thought.

America says they love Emily and how “good and wholesome” she is, but from what I have read the last show where she did “all the right things” by not going to the fantasy suite and blah blah blah got horrible reviews from everyone I know.

It really is such a double standard for girls because Jason had a kid on the show and went to 3 or 4 fantasy suites and nobody said a word or cared what so ever.  It was never really even brought up.  Crazy how people view things in this world and what is considered OK and NOT OK.

What are your thoughts on this?