David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Finale

Tonight we get to see the men meet with Emily’s family.  This is always a nerve racking experience let alone on national television.

Jef is the first to come in and meet Emily’s family.  We have not seen much of her family this season so it is nice to have them on the show to see how they all interact.  They seem like a great group so far.

I know I make fun and tease Jef about his skinny jeans and what not but I think he is awesome.  I in all honesty could give 2 sh#ts about what he wears.  I just do try to be funny at times.  He seems like a great guy.  He seems like a fun fit and is a cute little fella for Emily.  At this point he is def my fav over Arie.

Emily’s brother sits down with Jef and he is drilling him.  I like her brother.  He seems like a straightforward guy and I like how he is protective over her.  He also talks and looks just like her dad.

Jef handled himself very well and you could tell that he was not faking the words he was saying to them.  Real emotion was coming out.

Arie is next to meet the family and I gotta say going second is a huge disadvantage.  I feel for the guy.  Jef has set the bar very high.  Arie really seems to be handling himself well though and I think the family sees what Emily see’s in him and they all seem as confused as Emily as to who she should pick.

Emily’s dad comes out and says, “I don’t believe you can love 2 people at one time.”

This is where I am confused.  Do you think you can only love one person like that at a time?   Can you love 2, 3 or even 4 people like that?  I am not sure I could do that.  I feel like there is a difference between LOVING someone and being IN LOVE with someone.  What are your thoughts?

This is a good problem to have for Emily but still a problem that involves feelings either way and is going to make it very hard.

Emily decides to finally introduce Jef to Ricki.  Jef is super good with her and I gotta say that his personality really shines when he interacts with her.

Believe it or not I love kids and this would have been the best part of the whole show for me.  I just gained a lot of man-to-man respect for the guy just from this part alone.

Watching Jef and Emily together halfway through the show I feel like I don’t need to watch the rest of this because they have so much more chemistry than Arie and Emily do.

Emily sits down with Chris and tells him that her mind is made up and that she wants to be with Jef.  She is pretty upset about having to tell Aria and understandably.  This is always the hardest part of the show and it actually sucks to watch someone get his or her heart broken on national TV but that is what you sign up for a guess.

When her and Arie sit down she tells him and his reaction is shock and sadness then anger, which is to be expected.  He actually handles it pretty well.  I am sure Arie is going to be fine though.  He is a good-looking guy and a good dude.

So after this long journey we are down to the two of them and Jef is picking out rings!  He is super nervous about asking her but I have a feeling he is not going to be let down.

When they meet up Emily finally opens up to Jef and tells him he is the only one.  Jef finally gets down on one knee and pops the questions and Emily SAY’S YES!  Good for the two of them!  I hope they can make this work.  Two awesome people right there.  I wish them luck.

This season had its ups and downs for me and although it was not my favorite I am happy with the outcome and glad they found each other.

Up next… Bachelor Pad 3!!!!

Have a great week!