David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: MTA

To start the show off Chris gets into it with the guys about being mature and Ryan says, “you might be mature FOR YOUR AGE but buddy, you learn a lot between 25 and 30.”  I stuck up for Chris during the show but that is a fact.  Any 30 year old will tell you that between 25 and 30 you learn A LOT!  Somebody please tell me they are on my side on this one.

The fact that you are letting these little comments bother you shows that you might not be quite as mature as you think and definitely lack a little self-confidence.  That is fine.  He is a great guy but thought he was wrong in his arguing.

Next up Kalon takes the HOT SEAT!  They take a look back at his run on the show and WOW he really did look BAD!

I wanna say this…HERE ARE SOME FACTS.  As much as Kalon was an a$$ he is not the only guy on that show who would rather have a single woman than a single MOM and that is just 100% fact. Stamp it, write it down, take notes, it is true.  He is not the only one.  How many 25 year olds go “OH FOR SURE IF I COULD CHOOSE I WOULD TAKE A GIRL WITH A 7 YEAR OLD?

To say what he did is wrong and hurtful but he is not the only one thinking it.  Literally every guy I know that has watched the show said the same thing.  “Emily is super hot but she has a 7 year old.” Referring to it as baggage is ugly talk but it is a lot of EXTRA RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE ON to be politically correct about it.

I thought Kalon looked bad but Ryan looks just as bad right now on this show!  That being said I can’t help but laugh at him.  He is cocky but he is also funny about it because it is so over the top.

I just spoke with him on the phone for about 45 minutes and gotta say that my thoughts were confirmed.  He is a great guy that is super funny.  He is real.  It is sad sometimes how this show can take those who call it like it is and spin it around but I see it a lot.

Harrison was really drilling him and he stuck to his guns and that shows the character he has.  Even if you don’t agree with me you have to give him credit he said what he said and stood behind it.  Right or wrong that is difficult in that situation.  I know him myself and Sean are gonna become good friends in the future after speaking with him.

Chris is next to take the stand.  I really liked Chris at the beginning of the show.  I am not saying that I don’t like him but I saw a major turn toward the negative at the end of the show for him and he has made it even worse tonight.  It is funny in a way that most of his arguments are with others about “being mature” and unfortunately he is acting very immature about everything.

I think Chris is a good dude as well but just did not know how to take that rejection.

What I wanna say about Sean that he is an awesome guy.  One of the best on the show and although he would no doubt make a great bachelor I would really like to see a NEW and uncut Bachelor.   I want to make clear that is nothing against him but I really want some fresh blood on here to spice it up.  What are your thoughts on this?


Last up is our beautiful Emily.   She looks better than ever even after going through such a stressful situation is gleaming.  I really like what she had to say and she stuck up for herself when Kalon reared his ugly head.  I literally laughed out loud when Kalon apologized and she said “you should be a politician because that is bulls#$t!”  Hahahah.

Don’t mess with a mother.  A single girl is crazy enough J but a single mom will rip your head off!

Overall the MTA was a little less dramatic than most and that is exactly what I expected.  I think there is such a great group of guys on here that there could not be as much drama as usual.

Looking forward to the finale!

Have a great week ya’ll!