David “Man Code” Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 6

Guess who’s baaaaaaaaackkk! Bentley comes to Hong Kong. The hotel they are staying in is pretty sweet. These 8 guys left have had an awesome ride so far!

Immediately Chris walks in and tells Ashley that Bentley is in the building in Hong Kong!!! Crazy! I am speechless at this point…(almost) I mean wow. The cut to commercial break with no sound was priceless. Whoever thought of that is a genius… clearly I am not because I just had to spell check how to spell genius.

Ashley tells Chris that she still feels the same way about Bentley and that she might not be able to move on until she gets closure. She then walks to his room. They kiss and then repeat each other for a few awkward moments.

They start to dig in a little and he is not making eye contact at all. He is just playing with this poor girls heart just like we all thought. I actually thought it would be funny to see him come back, but now I am kind of pissed at him. “F#%K you Bentley,” is right.

Bentley is definitely not a “Man Code man”. It’s probably why he’s a single dad. I just wrote a whole damn book on guys like him and am going to send it to Ash for free! She clearly needs a little help. www.mancodebook.com

Next up: Lucas gets a one-on-one date. I like Lucas. Seems like a good fit for Ash and he’s a good guy. Wait! He is divorced? I did not know this but he said “God has a plan for me,” so we will see if God wants him to be with Ash and get a rose on this date. They have a decent talk and seem to have a good connection. It looks like God is on his side because he gets the rose and a kiss. Hallelujah!

Group Date! Dragon boat racing – I used to do a lot of Dragon boat racing when I lived in Dayton, OH. It’s pretty big there so I am an expert Dragon boat racer. To bad I was not on this date. I also speak fluent Chinese. I definitely would have won this date. Mickey and Ames won.

They take it back to the hotel and Ames goes in for a sneak attack on the elevator and succeeds in planting a long kiss on Ash. Ames finally did something manly! Congrats on your first kiss with a girl, bro! Nice work.

Oh no! Right after, poor Ben F. has a kiss as well. I wonder if he could smell Ames on her lips? Ben opens up to Ash and says “the walls are down” and that he is pretty much laying all the cards on the table and is going to see what happens.

Ryan really seems to be pissing all the guys in the house off. I know the feeling, guys! I’ve been there with certain guys I was on the show with too. Ash and Ryan spend a little time together on the couch and he seems to be getting a better response from her than from the guys. He gets the rose on the group date.

Ash says she is more excited for her date tonight with J.P. than she has been for any other date. I am glad because he is my favorite at this point. Ashley decides that she wants to tell J.P something… she is pregnant! Lol – just kidding. She tells him she saw Bentley two days ago in Hong Kong. She explains why and how she was feeling about Bentley.

I think it was a good call on her part to be open and honest with him. His reaction was pretty good. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but he did great and they can move on. Jordan Paul gets a well-deserved rose and a little make-out session. They seem really good together. Even though he has 2 first names, he is my favorite right now.

Ashley seems confident and happy and roles in to tell the rest of the guys about Bentley. They all sit down and she says, “I completely fell for him!” FAIL! Ash! Couldn’t you have used a better choice of words or thought that out better? The reaction to that was not exactly what she probably expected. She really worded that terribly. I would be upset if I was one of them as well.

Ames looks totally fine with it though? I think he is just happy he got to kiss a girl finally. Lucas, on the other hand, is really having a hard time with this. He is taking it a little overboard, I think. At the end of the day, you have to know she is going to develop feelings for others and it is going to be weird. I also want to defend the guys because people have to know it’s not normal and can be hard to deal with.

Mickey hit the nail on the head! If that’s the kind of guy you are interested in, then I’m out! Ballsy. Mad respect for that guy and that’s how I would feel. When you see a girl with a guy like Bentley do you stay and put up with it? This really makes you question her and what she is about. Is she that dumb? Is that her type? Is she really ready to settle down? I do know the feeling. I have been interested in girls and then seen who they have/are dating and then wanted nothing to do with them.

It’s time for the Rose Ceremony and the backdrop is super awesome! Ames, however, looks like he just pooped in his pants. He does get a rose though, so he will have to clean up. Blake gets sent home, which I feel, was actually a good pick.