David “Man Code” Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 3

I am extra pumped for this week’s episode! Jumping right back into the drama is Melissa drilling Blake in the kitchen.  He really made a bad mistake by getting involved with her.  I like what Holly said about herself and that, “it’s not like that” with her and Blake.  She likes to flirt and they are just friends.

Blake said Melissa, “is a live wire flailing around waiting to zap someone.”  I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  She is getting really upset with him and now getting all the girls to try and have her back.  Not good for my Blake.

Next, Chris comes in and announces it’s time to head outside to see the next competition.  Hmmm, wonder what it is going to be? It’s synchronized swimming!  This should be good!  The guys will perform together and the ladies will perform together.  One person from each team will be chosen by “guest judges” on their performances and receive roses. Their outfits are hilarious!  Speedos and flower bikinis!

Next, the judges are announced and include Karen, who is a professional synchronized swimmer and Natalie Getz and I. The girls go first.  I have to say, I thought the girls with some cheerleading background would be good at this.  WRONG.  They looked really, really bad and did not work well as a team.

The guys however seemed to have worked very well as a team and they were so much better than the girls!  Stags really took control of the situation and lead the guys routine.  Mike Stags won for the guys and Michelle Money won for the girls.  They both really deserved it.

The producers would not let Nat or I in on any secrets or let us spend much time with everyone, so we did not get a lot of secret info. Overall, it was fun to be back at the house and see everyone.  I wish I were competing again for that $250,000!

Jake and Erica are lying down and talking strategy with each other.  Erica is saying she, “wants to take it to the next level” with Jake.  Oh God, please let this happen.  I would love to see those two together.

Kasey starts yelling at Vienna about talking to Jake.  They are having a pretty big argument in front of everyone.  Very awkward and I imagine this she is crying again.  How many times a week do girls cry in real life?  I mean seriously.  I said in my last blog that they would implode.  It’s starting to happen and people are starting to turn on them because of “them.”

Michelle gets her date card and asked Graham, Kasey, and Blake on her date.  This is great strategy here.  All power players.  Super jealous they are going out with my girlfriend Michelle though.

They go on a dinner date up on some hill or orchard or something.  It looked really beautiful and was probably just nice for all of them to get out of the house. Strategy moment here: going out of the house sometimes might seem good but it can also give people time back in the house to plot and strategize without you. Missing out on some of that can be a bad thing.

Mike gets his date card and asked Vienna, Ella and Holly.

Back on the dinner date Graham and Michelle wander off and she tells him she might have a crush on him. They are cute together, but I might have to kill you Graham!  Graham is my boy!  He’s a stupid, awesome guy.  I can see them hitting it off for sure.  She gives Graham the rose.

Its time for Mike’s date.  They are going horseback riding!  That is pretty fun!  Vienna is complaining the whole time and Ella says she is really annoying her.  Ella is such a sweetheart so for her to say that is saying something.

Back in the house Blake is trying to save his ass by buttering up to Melissa.  He is doing his best to play the game here and I am going to say he’s playing well!  He has no other choice.  She is buying it and they are going to, “couple back up.”

On Mike’s date Holly and Mike are talking again about their relationship.   It seems like Mike is getting those feelings back for her but I think Holly has “lost that loving feeling,” oh that loving feeling…[insert Tom Cruise here.]

Jake is back in the house trying to rally the troops on his side.  Despite all the crap I have talked about Jake I am starting to really enjoy watching this guy work people.  I have to give him credit.  Even taking it as far as making out with Erica in one of the grossest kissing scenes I have ever had to watch and hear!  So much lip smacking. I feel like I am watching Guiding Light or something.

Mike gives Holly the rose on his date.  Surprise.  A bus pulls up beside them and Brett Michaels jumps out!  Awesome! He has been there and done that on MANY things and you have respect that.  He sings them, “Every Rose has its Thorn.”  It is one of my favorite hair-band songs of all-time. It’s crazy how fitting that song is for them.  I just want them both to be happy.  They both deserve it.  They are great people.

Kasey pulls Vienna aside in the house and sits her down.  He tells her how much he loves her and confesses his heart to her and starts to reach for something in his pocket and Vienna yells out, “I don’t want it to be an engagement ring!”  What the hell?  Talk about a mood killer. He says it’s not and that it’s a promise ring.  Wasn’t that something you did in high school?  I could be wrong.  I just thought it was like wearing your class ring or something.

Oh man, he is singing to her now.  It’s not great but I guess it’s the thought that counts.  In one way it’s so terrible and cheesy but in another it’s really cute if you are the girl. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong?

Wow!  Erica is literally crawling around on the ground to listen to Melissa.  These two going at it should be good! I have heard that Melissa is nice in person but from what I have seen of her in two shows she is what I said she was on The Bachelor.  Crazy.  I thought Erica handled it well, actually.  She was calm, cool and collected the whole time and Melissa, as expected, went nuts and said, “she might just go home.”

She is crying to Jake, which is really good for him.  He can win another person over here very easy.  He is doing great!  He’s so persuasive.  I love it…as much as I want to hate it.

Now it’s Rose Ceremony time and this one is going to be nuts!  Chris announces that only one man is going home tonight.  Everyone in the house votes for this one guy!  All the girls are safe.

Erica is really working Melissa here too.  Jake and Erica are showing some great strategy.  It’s mean using her while she is down, but when isn’t she down?  That’s how life goes sometimes.  The world is not all rainbows and unicorns and some people just can’t handle it.

Kasey seems to think he is fine going into the Rose Ceremony but soon learns that a lot of people are rallying against him tonight and is not happy. It looks like Kirk is going to be the swing vote between Kasey and Jake.  That’s a tough spot for him to be in if that’s true.

Note:  Is William still on this show? 

It has come down to Jake and Kasey and everyone seems really tense.  Kasey gets the rose so Jake is going home. I have to say that throughout this show I really started to like watching Jake work people.  He played as good of a game as he could.

But what the hell? I wonder what Jake did for them to cut his whole exit out?  The screen just goes blank and then to “The Mask” swimming.  Stupid ending.  Can’t wait to hear about what really happened.

See you next week!