David “Man Code” Good’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Finale

The Bachelor Pad Finale

Here we go!  We’re finally going to see who wins this thing and then bring them back and see what really went down! Chris comes in and tells the 4 remaining couples they are going to Vegas for the final challenge.  Love it!  Vegas is exactly where they should take this circus.

They arrive at The MGM Grand and their theatre is the Cirque Du Solae Ka.  AWESOME!  They all look very nervous.  There is a 100-foot rotating wall in front of them that they will be suspended from in harnesses and be working on.  I personally think it looks super fun. They have to do a 60 second routine with 10 seconds in which they do whatever they want to try and stand out.

Graham is afraid of heights and Michelle is getting very sick to her stomach so they are really struggling starting out. There is a lot of awkward tension between Holly and Mike. Kirk and Ella are doing ok. Kasey and Vienna are fighting. Finally, they bring in a panel of Judges. Trista! Still looking great! The godfather, Jason Mesnick and Ally!  What a panel!

Graham and Michelle are up first and they did ok.  Both looked a little slow but not too bad.  Good chemistry. Kirk and Ella are second.  Kirk is trying to coach Ella through it but she is really struggling.  Not great. Vienna and Kasey go third.  They actually look super good!  Wow, they seriously kicked ass.

Last but not least are Mike and Holly.  Holly and Mike might have done even better believe it or not.  They looked super good as well. It’s up to the Vets on the panel to tally the votes!

Holly and Mike win! Well deserved. But who did the worst? It looks like Kirk and Ella are out.  L  I feel for them.  Ella is really upset and saying, “she let Kirk down.” In a way, yes, but she did the best she could and that’s all you can ask for.  Kirk was very comforting to her and was a Man Code Man about things for sure.

Now back in the house Holly and Mike have a hard decision because they have to pick the couple that goes to the final with them. Kasey and Vienna say they deserve to be in the final over Graham and Michelle and in a way they do but also they don’t.  They did fight, claw and scratch their way to get where they are.

The flip side to that is Graham and Michelle have floated under the radar but in a way that is the best strategy to not have to struggle and have a target on your back. That is also really good game play.

Mike and Holly tell Graham and Michelle that they feel if they kept Vienna and Kasey around that in the end they would for sure beat them. However, if they kept Graham and Michelle around they would probably lose to them so it’s a hard decision to make.

Graham does not like this one bit and is super pissed at Mike.  He said they are boys and, “it’s not about the money.”  I think Graham is drunk and is throwing a fit.  Michelle is yelling at him and holding him back from going inside and yelling at Mike.  That would have been a terrible decision on Graham’s part.

Mike and Holly pick Graham and Michelle.  As hard as it was to do it was the same as Kiptyn and Tenley picking Natalie and I.  We had developed relationships and helped each other more than the others knew about and that paid off because of the character of them both. Integrity, honesty and accountability. Man Code style gets it done again!

The second part of this blog is The Finale where everyone comes back to pick the couple that will compete for the $250,000. It’s funny but as they are showing some of the people from the show I forgot they were even on it!

Jackie and Ames are back and sitting beside each other.  Turns out Ames dumped Jackie right after they got home.  Hmmm, did not see that coming…oh wait, yes I did.  Saw that coming from a million miles away.  Failing.

The whole group is bashing Vienna and Kasey.  I do think some of it is warranted but you have to give them credit for playing a pretty good game.  Next, Jake is in the hot seat.  This should be splendid.  The thing is some of what Vienna is saying about him is true.  I also feel that V and K were a bit hard on him.  There are two sides to the story.

I am on Jake’s side now.  I have bashed him enough.  He is a pro and I respect the way he works the show and America to his advantage.  Amazing.  If I hear the word “olive branch” one more time I am going jump out the window.  I am over typing and listening about Jake, Vienna and Kasey. Kasey did apologize to Jake and it looked sincere and was actually nice.  I am glad to see that.

Next Kasey is on the hot seat.  Watching his montage of the show is awesome! He actually was hilarious looking back and did do what he said and controlled the show whether people want to believe that or not.

Kasey is getting emotional and breaks into tears.  I feel for Kasey.  I know what he is going through to an extent.   When you get caught up in something and act different than you normally would it’s hard to watch and you have to own it and change for the better because of it.  I hope that’s what he gets out of this.

Blake now takes the hot seat.  I think Blake said it well that the lines can get very close to partnership and relationship and can come and go easy, which is very true in this game.  Chris asked Blake about him and Holly.  He can’t say enough good things about her and says he is in love with her.  They have not gone a day without talking he says! Holly is moving to S.C to move in with Blake!?  They got engaged?  WOW!  I wonder if Mike knows about this.  Talk about moving fast.  I am so caught off guard.

Chris brings out the final two couples.  Mike and Holly and Graham and Michelle. Oh no…OH no.  Mike does not know about this?  Not on TV guys.  Come on man.  Why would you let him go through that Holly?  That’s B.S. and yes I said it.  Piss off, Holly.  As a friend of yours I’m here to tell you that is something I would never expect from you.  If you care about someone you would never do that.  Unreal.  I’m glad Mike is such a better person.  He is such a good dude.  I love you buddy.  And nobody had the sack to say anything.  You better believe if I were there I would have let both of them know what I thought about that.

Finally the cast has to vote for the final 2.  MIKE AND HOLLY WIN! Yay! I love him.  I hope he takes home all the cake now though. The stipulations are the same with them as it was with Natalie and I.  Keep or Share.  I can tell you that is incredibly nerve racking back in that room.  If I was Mike though I would pick keep.  I would risk it.  All or nothing.

The moment of truth…Holly picks share.  Mike picks [drum roll]…share!  I knew he would.  CONGRATS to both of you!

It was a crazy season that’s for sure but I am excited to see Ben as the next Bachelor.  He looks like a good dude and will be fun to watch.

See you soon!