David “Man Code” Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 7

Ash and the boys head to Taiwan.  They have hit a lot of countries on this trip of love!  This week there are going to be 4 dates.  3, 1-on-1’s and 1 group date.  There will only be a rose on the group date.  The 1-on-1’s have no rose, no pressure.

Constantine gets the first date with Ash.  They take a scenic train ride over to Ping-Shi. LOL, I like saying Ping-shi.  They paint a “love wish” on a balloon to let off later that night.  They then sit down for a nice serious dinner where they talk about the hometown date then decide to let off their balloon, which actually was cool… and I’m pretty sure the cause of the California wild fires.

Ben comes out and for a second I thought it was Constantine again.  I think Ben pulls the hair off better.  Wow…the “hell of a second date kiddo” remark he made was so stupid.  I thought I liked him more than Constantine but I don’t know.  The battle of the hair begins.  Ryan P. is just a jerk…I’m going to throw this in here now.  He reminds me of Jake so much.  He is for sure flying upside down.

Who do you like better for Ash? Ben or Constantine? I like Ben just a slight bit more, I think.  He seems just a little more genuine.  He confesses a lot of his feelings and is rewarded with a nice kiss just as the music sets in so nicely. Haha, she says he is like her boyfriend. Just like that, only with 5 other boyfriends.

Uh oh.  Ben is not in his bed! J.P. is not dealing with this well and says he is going to kill everyone in the house. Just kidding! He did not say that, but was clearly thinking it. You can tell it is bothering all the guys.  This is where the show really puts people in weird spots that you just can’t train for or know how you will feel. Basically, you have to roll with the punches, no matter what may be going through your head.

On the group date they are taking WEDDING PICTURES.  All the guys get funny outfits but J.P. and it seems to cheer him up a bit. Ames has a good sense of humor. I kind of want to hang out with this guy to see what he is really like. You can tell the guys did not really like this date and you can see the pressure they are feeling in their faces.  Lucas explains to Ash that he felt uneasy for the day.  They don’t really seem to click when they have one-on-one time.

Again.  Ryan speaks and annoys me.

Ames speaks and I can’t help but smile or laugh.  I don’t know if it’s with him or at him.  The red pants are awesome too.  He seems like the nicest guy I have ever met over TV and I feel bad for making fun of him.

J.P. is super intense and letting Ash know how seeing her with others is really bothering him.  I think it is understandable.  He just has to understand she has to do these things.  That’s why they are there.  But I still feel for him if he really likes the girl like he appears to.

Ryan P. gets his date finally. (Timeout while I go get a knife to jab into my side every time he talks so I feel better). I hope Ash can see through this. If she keeps him around another day she is cheating some guy out of another day with him back home. Lets talk about water heaters! Zippity do da!  Fail….

Wow.  Ash does send him home and right now.  I feel bad for him but not really because I’m over it already. I would expect nothing less of an exit than what Ryan gave me. “I wa wa wa want la la love and mom and great daddy and everyone to have solar energy waters heaters everywhere and rainbows with unicorns on them.  I want this for me and her.”   J

Ashley sits down with Chris and talks about how serious things are getting with the hometown dates on the line.   Ashley decides not to have the cocktail party.  She knows what she wants and does not need it.  The guys seem to be ok with this and I think they just want to get it over with.

It is time for the Rose Ceremony. Ashley walking in the background was kind of creepy.  She finally makes her way to them and explains the way she is feeling.  Ames always looks so happy.  Hands straight down to his side just hanging awkwardly. This guy is awesome! Every time I see him I smile. Please pick Ames, please pick Ames, please pick Ames…AMES!  Yes!  Good choice.  He is my new favorite.  Total 180 with this guy.

Lucas gives her a hug and takes it like a man.  That’s how you handle it with class.  Good luck Lucas.

Till next week!