David “Man Code” Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 8

It’s hometown date time! I always love seeing the different places and where the different families come from. It usually explains a lot.

We have Ben F, Constantine, My boy AMES and J.P. left.

Constantine gets the first hometown so Ash’s first stop is Atlanta, GA.

Giorgio’s is his Italian restaurant and he takes Ash there to cook a meal and spend time together. I like his passion for what he does – it’s really awesome when someone truly loves what they do. I know it’s a turn on for me when a woman has that same kind of passion.

I like what his dad said…”I can tell when I see his face.” Dads do seem to have this ability. His family seemed really cool and close, which is great. Very open, very loving and looked like an easy family to get to know and fit in easy with.

The surprise party was so awesome! It made me miss my family a lot. 

I have to say his family was what I expected they would be – judging by what I’ve seen of Constantine. A+.

My dog Ames is next! Ash goes off to New York. I’m thinking a very college professor type home. Brown jackets with the light brown elbow pads and bow tie with a few atlases in the house with little marks for the places they have visited.

I don’t normally notice dudes clothes but Ames has some good taste. His family seems really nice. The house is sick! Not quite as Oxford as I thought though. They seem like very well rounded individuals. Poor Ames has had two fathers that have passed away. I can’t imagine how that changes a person.

Ames sister really drilled Ash though – but she handled it really well. It’s hard to talk to these families, I’m sure. But I think she did a really great job!

I feel like Ames really really likes Ash, but he keeps a lot in and moves slow in letting someone get to know him. I really like this guy. He takes her to his favorite tree and really starts to open up. He says he was a nerd growing up. He would probably like the Harry Potter movie I saw last night then.

I think Ash is intrigued by Ames, but I really don’t see the spark in her eye when she is with him.

Next she travels across the country to Sonoma, CA to see Ben F., the winemaker. One of my best friends is a winemaker…some of you might know him: JESSE ANDRAS KOVACS!! Kovacs wine is the best wine on the planet earth. Check it out: www.kovacsbrothers.com Sorry Ben F.

Ben shows her around and they drink some of his wine, and then sit down and he tells her about his father who passed. He is really nervous about bringing her to see his family. Said he has only brought one girl home – ever!

He really wants Ash to get along with his mother and sister. It seems like he is building it up a little much and making her feel nervous.

His mom and sister seemed really nice. They are very protective over him. I like his outlook with Ash and how he is not forcing anything. His parents’ marriage was a big influence and I wish all kids could have a marriage like that to look up to.

With my father fighting cancer right now, I am actually getting choked up watching this. I don’t know how I would handle losing him and to think about it or see someone else who lost their father is upsetting…and I feel for him.

Shit, I hope my roommate does not walk in right now. I’m not sure I could explain me watching The Bachelorette by myself with a tear in my eye. I’ve got to get it together. This would be the second time he walked in on my crying to a TV show. I lost it on the Dale Earnhardt ESPN special and he walked in to me curled up in a blanket sniffling.

Time out while I go smell some leather, build something with my hands, workout and watch a video with heavy machinery in it. OK. Back to normal.

J.P is next. They are going to go roller-skating. It’s kind of cute. Ash looks sexy in those jeans. For some reason they just seem natural together.

He really seems to have been hurt from a girl in his past and like the kind of guy who falls real hard. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes when you fall real hard you get hurt real bad.

All of these families have been amazing and his is no different. His mother is cute. Not going to lie, I’m tired of hearing about this other girl that broke his heart. They need to stop focusing on her and on J.P. and Ash instead! Look! People get dumped and it sucks. Stop bringing it up to poor Ash!

I’m going to say that Constantine’s family was my favorite. They were all great but his was so awesome!

So… finally back to L.A. and the mansion. Ash sits down with Chris to go over the dates. (Chris’s hair looks great.) She felt the same and said that Constantine’s family was the best.

Rose Ceremony time! Ben gets the first rose. These are very intense. J.P. looks like he could murder someone. But he gets the next rose and smiles from ear to ear. Pick Ames, pick Ames, pick Ames, pick Ames! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh damn it. He is such a good person.

If anyone else ever dumps Ames I’m going to find them! Never stopped smiling until the limo. He is so smart and so well spoken. Buddy you will find love, trust me. I think you’re awesome after that ¬– let alone every girl in America crying right now.

The final 3 are left! See you next week!