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Heading North to Chiang Mai! Pretty awesome place to get to visit! It’s so beautiful and so full of history — you just don’t get to see that everyday. Super cool place for Ashley to go!

I like Ben F. and I think he an Ash have got pretty good chemistry. Their date during the day was cool and they got to see some once-in-a-lifetime things, but I thought it got real awkward when they started talking about kissing but couldn’t actually do it because it was in front of some religious temple. So they made a mental kiss…lol.

Ben and Ash’s dinner was incredible! I really hope they both appreciate what they are getting to do because it really is once-in-a-lifetime stuff. They talked about some really deep things. Ash got to see another side of Ben, which she really seemed to like, and she gave him the rose. They finally had their kiss while these crazy fire-breathing dudes and dancing fire ladies surrounded them. I have no clue what they are called but it was cool.

Next is the group date, and Ash and the Bachelors decamped to Muay Thai training and fighting. This was awesome! This was by far the most fun date for me to watch in the history of the show. Super jealous! I would have loved this date so much.

Blake vs. Lucas. – Blake puts a pretty good beating on Lucas and wins the fight.

Mickey vs. J.P. – This was actually a pretty good fight with J.P. winning.

Ryan P. vs. Ames – Ryan pretty much just beat the crap out of Ames. Poor Guy. I feel like if his mom were there, she would come in the ring and try and beat up Ryan with a shoe or something.

Nick vs. Constantine – Super upset I did not get to see much of this because everyone had to tend to Ames’ little bump on his head.

You have got to be kidding me. Ames is on a stretcher now. I guess better safe than sorry. Everyone is worried about Ames but he finally shows back up and seems fine – just a little dazed.

I am starting to think Lucas is pretty cool. I also think he and Ashley make a cute couple. She has a little spark in her eye when talking to him. However, Blake gets the rose on the group date.

Next is the always dreaded 2-on-1 date. These are pretty serious dates, because if you’re going on that date you have a 50/50 chance of being sent home. Very nerve wracking. It’s William and Ben C. William seems pretty confident about getting the rose. For being such a dork he is pretty funny sometimes.

WOW! William pulls a Jake and just throws Ben C. under the bus. Holy cow. William is saying some really stupid stuff. Guys have ‘guys talk’ and say things that they say with guys and joke around. Ben C. he did not even get a chance to defend himself. When the guys have ‘guy talk’ a lot of it can be joking around and is said in confidence. Ashley at least needs to give him a chance to defend himself as well.

OH MAN! William does not get a rose either! Finally, a guy gets what he actually deserves on this show. This is exactly what he should get. He is like Jake and Weatherman combined. Now none of the guys will respect him. Double Fail. Best 2-on-1 I have ever seen!

I can’t believe she is still talking about Bentley. Does this not bother anyone else? She tells Chris that Bentley is still on her mind and she is not giving the guys 100% because of Bentley. I am just blown away by this girl right now.

Ashley sends Nick home at the Rose Ceremony. I thought he was a pretty cool guy. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode! BENTLEY COMES BACK!