Erica Rose’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 2

I have an announcement: instead of pursuing a legal career I have decided to become a rhythmic gymnast because as you all could see during this week’s challenge, I really exceled at that sport. Obviously I am totally kidding! I thought that there was nothing I could be worse at than synchronized swimming, but I was wrong. As soon as we found out what the challenge was, I knew I would suck at it. I also knew that Michael would rock it as he did! I literally felt like I was back in high school and not coordinated enough to be a cheerleader or on the drill team, so sad. :(

I really was worried about going home this week because I had lost two weeks in a row! That is why I went to Michael and asked him to bring me on the date to save me. Even though he assured me I had nothing to worry about he decided to bring three other girls on the date. I was mad at the time but now I understand his decision to bring girls he may have a romantic connection with. Though I have to say, his kiss with Donna was the most awkward thing ever! As Donna said, my kiss with her was better. (Did y’all catch that during the hot-tub scene? It was a blink and you miss it kinda moment.) We were all surprised at Michael and Rachel’s connection. It was very unexpected- even for them!

It was sweet of Blakely to take Dave on the date with her, even though Chris did not like it at all! Blakely is taking her partnership with Chris very seriously and he is just not feeling it. I can understand him not being into her romantically though since she is 9 years older than him.

My favorite part of the episode was when Ed and Sarah hooked up and he was screaming about a pickle the entire time. I was literally laughing out loud during it. Ed is so hilarious! I don’t know why we listened to Reid in trying to vote him off. I think that we really just felt left out of the main alliance that was forming. If Ed had left, the house definitely would not have been as much fun! So luckily Reid’s plan that we went along with did not succeed.

I was sad to see Ryan go though and thought it was mean of Jamie to vote him off after he devoted his entire night to making her birthday special. Jamie is totally that girl who likes guys who are not that into her like Chris. I guess sometimes nice guys really do finish last, or in Ryan’s case second to last. But let’s be honest, Bachelor Pad is not the ideal residence for a virgin who doesn’t drink.

I know I said there was only room for one set of twins in the house and I guess I was right since the twins decided to eliminate themselves! Despite their constant fighting and keeping us up at night, I was actually kind of sad to see them go. They are pretty adorable and just very young and still figuring themselves out. I was like them when I was younger, but luckily there was just one of me. It was also lucky for me that they eliminated themselves since that meant I was safe from elimination along with the other girls in the house.

So to recap this week we lost two virgins, there were three new hook-ups: Lindzi and Kalon (Kalindzi). Sarah and Ed and Michael and Rachel, and I lost another challenge. Tune in next week to see which people are still hooking up and if I lose yet another challenge!