Erica’s Viewing Tips: Bachelor Pad 2

Erica’s miracle caviar pie

5 hard-boiled and peeled cage-free eggs
Jar of grocery store black and/or salmon caviar
Low-fat sour cream
Salt, pepper, capers, chopped garlic, red onions chopped
2 tbs. of miracle whip

Mix the eggs with the miracle whip (lower in fat than mayo), salt, pepper, and spices. Place the mixture in the pre-cooked piecrust.
Top with low fat sour cream and drain the caviar and spread it in the middle of the sour cream. Garnish with capers, and a few chopped red onions.

Serve with toast points or regular pancakes made from a box.
Bring a gavel, and pound it if someone is hogging the caviar!
Snobby people can upgrade their caviar to American caviar.

Tiny cupcake pops

Take organic gluten-free muffin mix and prepare it as directed.
Put the mixture in baby greased muffin tins. Put a Popsicle stick in the middle of each, halfway through the baking. Place a tiara on a plate and put the pops in the center!

Stiletto Bikini stretches from Erica

Watch TV with your large exercise ball. Do sit-ups during commercials, and stretch your back. Sit on it and bounce up and down. Lay your stomach on the ball and do push-ups.
Make sure to wear bikini. Men, wear your swim trunks, no heels please.

Roasted seaweed with wasabi

Buy roasted seaweed chips. Put a dot of wasabi mayo in the center.

More stiletto bikini exercises from Erica Rose

Stand tall, get near a wall and push your weight back and forth from the wall. This will tone your biceps.

Trivia game:

Who kisses the most people on Bachelor Pad?
Who cries the most on Bachelor Pad?
Who has breast implants, who is natural?
How many people have hair extensions?
Can you count the swimsuit changes?
Who has eyes for Jake?
What girl would be your best friend?
Who do you not trust?
What guy would you want to marry?
What girls would make a good mom?
Who has or is getting a higher degree?
Who likes to judge people?
Who could you confide in?
Who is crazy on the show?
Who do you want to see back next year if they do not win?
What person should be a Bachelorette?
Would you like to see two girls be Bachelorettes from this show?
Would you like to see two Bachelors from this show?
Who should come back next year and emcee?