Interview with Michelle Money

America first met Michelle Money as she went after Brad Womack’s heart. After an emotional journey and a very difficult “Women Tell All,” Michelle emerged as a new favorite on “Bachelor Pad,” where she teamed up with Graham Bunn to become one of our final couples.

Where has she been since then and what is her relationship status with Graham? We wanted to find out…

Q: What’s new in the world of Michelle?

Honestly, My world has been pretty turned up side down! After the madness of Bachelor Pad, it really sunk in that my dad is gone. It’s been hard adjusting to life without him.  He was always my number one support in life. I really miss him and the holidays were hard.  Spending time with my family and my daughter has really helped. 

I am also working very hard at my YouTube channel where my best friend Laura and I are committed to empowering women through sharing beauty tips and styling secrets that give women confidence! I am a big believer in women and the power they possess! I am still doing modeling, acting, hair and make up! But most importantly, I am a mother to my incredible daughter, Brielle! And she always keeps me on my toes!

Q: How did it feel to come so close to winning Bachelor Pad?

Coming so close to the money on Bachelor Pad was really hard.  One thing people need to remember is that the game is still being played up until the finale is filmed.  From the time we left the house until the time we filmed the finale, which was about 2 months, a lot had changed as far as relationships went.  Graham and I played the game about as perfect as you could in regards to building relationships and winning challenges goes.  Michael and Holly only won 1 more challenge than we did.  And there is a reason that Michael and Holly sat in front of Kasey and Vienna and Graham and myself and stated that they were either going to make “a selfish choice or a selfless choice.”  They knew that if they took Kasey and Vienna to the finals, that they would for sure win.  And if they took Graham and myself, that they most likely wouldn’t. It was in fact a very selfless choice. So keeping that in mind, it was kind of a shock at how the voting turned out.  But at that time in our lives, we were dealing with bigger issues and our perspective on life was very clear.  All of that said, we really did come so close and then didn’t win.  Which sucks no matter how you look at it!

Q: You’ve been doing a lot of charity work since then. Fill us in.

I have actively been involved in raising money and awareness for Colon Cancer research.  My father passed away from the disease 5 months ago so I have made it a huge priority to do all I can to help in this area.  I am working with an incredible foundation called Chris 4 Life. We have a huge fundraiser coming up in March in LA where we are going to auction off dates with some of the fan favorites from the show! So stay tuned! Could you win a date with, say, Michael Stagliano? What? Yeah! He will be there! J

Q: What are your future plans? 

Well, I am still very focused on the beauty industry and in hair and make up in particular.  I really love helping women to feel and look their best. I want to help women feel amazing so they can walk out their door every morning with confidence and security and then go move a mountain or something! I believe very strongly that women can single-handedly change the world.  Some of us just need to feel confident on the outside first.  And then we can focus on others! That is my passion! My website will be up soon where I want to provide an honest and open approach to life and beauty! And of course, I am still looking for Mr. Right! Not quite sure he exists but not giving up! J

Q: And of course, everyone is wondering, what’s the deal with you and Graham Bunn?

Graham and I came into one another’s lives just when we needed each other!  We have developed an incredible friendship that will always be there.  But that is really all it is.  An amazing friendship, and one that I cherish very deeply and hope to have forever! He really is a remarkable human being and I am very blessed to have him in my life! I know we have been pretty vague about our status.  We have been very careful to not get too ahead of ourselves because of the show and all the attention it draws to us.  We have been very realistic about where we are at in life and what we are able to give in regards to a long-term relationship.  Who knows what the future holds for us, but one thing will always remain, and that is our very deep rooted and trusting friendship! Everyone should have a “Graham” in their life!

We’ll keep checking in with Michelle Money and your other favorite “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” stars all season long.

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