Jenna’s “Over-Analyst” Blog: Episode 6 Recap

First off, I so dearly apologize for being delayed on my blog posts!  It’s Fashion Week here in NYC and things are a bit CRAZY.  Better sooner than later, right?  So here we are in Panama City, Panama!  I think it would have been cooler to go to Panama City, Florida and try to re-create The Bachelor on Spring Break.  Girls Gone Wild would have been all about Ms. Robertson.  She’s comfortable in her own skin…literally.

At this point in the season, Ben is probably becoming more confident about which women to keep and which women to send home.  Which I think explains the process as to how he picks one-on-one dates with each girl.  So far, Blakeley and Jamie have not received a one-on-one date.  So for all of you who think that Ben isn’t guiding this whole process, you’re definitely wrong.  He makes the calls.

Kacie B. got the first one-on-one this episode.  I really did feel bad for Blakeley.  It seems she genuinely wanted more time with Ben.  She even tackled Kacie B. with jealousy.  Without a doubt, Blakeley was in this for the right reasons and she did her best trying to dodge the haters.  I remember before the 2nd rose ceremony (the night I got the boot…dumped…tossed to the curb), we had a deep convo outside about the whole experience.  It’s definitely hard to just keep your eye on the prize so we both reassured each other that we would have daily therapy sessions with each other.  Sorry B, so much for that plan!

Since Kacie B. had the first date, without a doubt she had to be nervous.  But let’s be honest, there is clearly something there!

Of course they are whisked away by helicopter and head to a deserted island.  I bet it’s hard to come back down to reality after the show and drive like normal people do.  I do believe there has been a date like this on one of the previous seasons but I thought it was great way to bond.  These kinds of dates are really good or just really bad.  You have to face the inevitable of whether you truly have a strong enough connection to keep the relationship going.  If you’re doing too much on the date, then you are just easily sidetracked and captured by the thrill of the date, not necessarily the person.

Ben and Kacie B. seem to really just mesh.  They both seem to really enjoy each other’s company and didn’t run out of things to say!  Which happens…Rachel?  It’s okay, Rachel.  I filled my space with, “I’m like a guy.”  Ha, oh I love it.

The main reason why I love these two together is because I think could be one of those couples that would stay true to themselves.  You see the couples on the show that sort of move to Hollywood and lose sight of working on their relationship together.  I think of them like an Ashley and JP situation.  Love those two together!  They are the sweetest people.  They don’t let the media get to them.  The reason you go on a show like this is to find love.  And the ones who want fame, well if you “win”, you actually lose in the long run.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with Kacie B. sharing with Ben about her eating disorder.  Like I always have said, time is of the essence!  This is date #2 on The Bachelor, so in real life, this would be like date #50.  It takes a lot of courage to open up and talk about anything negative about yourself.  Most of the time, girls are just trying to see themselves.  Kacie B. overcame a battle in her life, she’s proud and wants to share with Ben.  You have to get closer to move forward with a relationship.  Good work, Mom.

Okay, so I have a strong opinion about the Casey S. situation.  Yeah, it’s “drama” so it makes great TV J  BUT, aren’t we all getting over our previous relationships to some degree when we are trying to move on?  I mean in the real world, we don’t have a Chris Harrison popping out during a date and saying, “your feelings aren’t strong enough, you need to part.”  But obviously, this is a different scenario.  Just like Casey S., I was getting over a pretty terrible breakup and thought I was ready to move on.  You have to remember, that in this process, you reflect a lot on your life 24/7.  In my case, I broke down and knew I couldn’t move on under these particular circumstances.  But I never was looking for reconciliation.  And it seems like Casey S. is.  I think if she would have fought to stay there and told Ben that she wanted to move forward with this process, then he may have let her stay.  But she didn’t really put up a fight.  I think she was more upset with the fact that she had to go home and deal with the pain of loving someone but not being able to be with them.  I would have cried just as hard.  People are so cruel when they make fun of people who are going through hard times in their lives.  I hope this Michael character realized he messed up.  And if he doesn’t, Casey S., don’t waste your time with a man who doesn’t want what you want.  You deserve all those things and more!

I adore Chris Harrison.  Some hosts can be so cold but he seems to always be there for the girls and Ben.  How do I score a gig like his?

And here is our lovely tour guide this season! Ben, you should start a travel show and incorporate your winery.  I will handle your PR.

I think this group date is extraordinary!  They get to kind of tap into a whole different way to live – a much easier way, I might add.  The date got even better when it started raining.  All the girls seemed to be great sports about it.  Ben has said many times he needs someone who can “go with the flow.”  I think they all pass that test.

I mean I have no words.  I just don’t understand.  But I guess some people are just really comfortable being nude.  Or maybe really comfortable showing their ta-ta’s to get what they want.  And Ben is definitely intrigued.  Guys, they’re so easy.

The absolute best reaction was Lindzi’s face.  And then she asked Courtney, “Did you take off your pants too?”

Again, Courtney is claiming her territory.  I have to admit, she knows how to get Ben’s attention.  And when there are five other girls on a date, you have to make your way to stand out somehow.  But the nasty remarks she slides in there with the other girls and in interviews need to go.  I agree that Courtney owes a lot of people an apology.  Especially Emily.  I thought it was so courageous and mature of her to apologize to Courtney when she really didn’t need to.  I’m sure the hostility and tension in the room gets really annoying to deal with.  But Courtney says they will never be friends.  That’s an ice queen move and I did not like it one bit.

What goes around, comes around.  Ben never showed when Courtney invited him back to her room.  However, people might not like what I’m about to say.  But I felt bad when Courtney was talking about her dating history – how men never seem to stick.  I don’t think Courtney is the devil.  I just think she possibly dates the wrong men and it’s made her a bit cold.  I’m curious to see if she will continue being mean after all this or hopefully, have some kind of revelation?!

Blakeley definitely had the right attitude about getting time with Ben.  But who wants an awkward 2-on-1 date?  I would have absolutely reacted the same way Rachel did!

This had me dying laughing.  Ben, Blakeley and Rachel hugging…pretending to be excited about this date.  Only one girl gets the rose so this is serious competition.  Add competition to any situation and it gets a little crazy.

Blakeley is definitely playing the seduction game, while Rachel is more laid back.  I really do think there is some kind of connection with Ben and Rachel.  Rach is super fun!  I could tell Blakeley was a little nervous about going home.  She can hide it very well though!  But she knew that she had to pull out all the stops that night.  Both, Rachel and Blakeley were fabulous at salsa dancing.  And so was Ben.  I was quite impressed with their footwork.  Not impressed with the dresses but almost positive those were provided for them (hopefully).

Because Blakeley knew this was her shot, she decided to show Ben a scrapbook of things that remind her of him.  I mean I get what she’s doing but maybe reading a journal entry would have been better to get your feelings across?  It’s so hard to just have these short conversations and express to someone how you feel.  It was creative but maybe not the best choice.  In my personal opinion, Ben knew what the outcome of this date before it even started.

And Blakeley was not happy.  That had to be so tough.  The whole day, you know someone is going home so I’m sure the fear was building up.  And then BAM, someone doesn’t get a rose.  I felt bad for B.  She really liked Ben a lot.  And I don’t think her exit was that bad.  She was disappointed.  She was being real.

I recently saw an interview with Blakeley and think she has great insight about the whole experience.  It seems like she is in a much better place now.  Especially after I watched that TMZ video of her dancing.  Dang.

Ahhhhhhh, Jamie!  You are the sweetest.  Being prude isn’t such a bad thing!  A few girls act sexier than others with Ben so I think Jamie got caught up in what was going on around her and thought she needed to be more like them.  But sometimes throwing yourself on a guy doesn’t get you anywhere.  I hope you were able to watch and laugh!

Have to point out that this shot of my girl, Lindz is STUNNING, right?  God, I love this girl!

Here are my absolute favorite outfits this episode:

Courtney and Rachel in sequins.  I’m a sucker for sequins.  I fall madly in love with anything that sparkles.  And I thought Courtney’s dress looked fabulous.  I loved the exposed shoulders.  When wearing sequins, they should hang loose on your body.  Tight outfits with sequins are a bit outdated.

Casey S., we will miss your fashion this season!  You always impressed me every episode.  I know there was much talk about your jean romper.  Hey, at least you left the show lookin’ good!

So I’m wrappin’ up here…have to head to a fashion show!  But can’t wait to watch next week.  Things are getting quite interesting.  Seems like it’s Courtney vs. everyone.  I’m very interested to see how this season plays out.  I kind of have an idea but I’ll dive more into that next blog post.

Keep your heads up, ladies!!

“Men are so willing to respect anything that bores them.”

-Marilyn Monroe

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Until next time!

Peace & Love,


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