Jenna’s “Over-Analyst” Blog: Episode 7 Recap

Here we are…6 to go! Wow, what a season, right? I’m now calling it “The Courtney Show!” Ben seems to be very happy with his final 6 women (I beg to differ…jk!). I’m really happy with all the women he has chosen. No offense to the other ladies, but it’s about finding a connection and I feel like this group of women meshes best with Ben. This episode, Ben chooses 3 one-on-one dates and one group date. I have a theory that the group date doesn’t necessarily mean Ben is unsure about the chosen women for this particular date. Before I thought he chose one-on-one dates with only women he was sure of. But it makes sense to choose a woman he possibly is unsure of for a one-on-one and stick with a girl he is sure about in the group date…maybe just to throw people off.

First one-on-one goes to my bestie, Ms. Lindzi! I really do feel like Lindzi and Ben have an extremely strong connection. I see something between these two. Ben really likes women who are independent, always smiling and up for adventure. Lindzi screams all that. From my short time on the season, as you all know, me and Lindzi became really close. I love her attitude about everything. The girl doesn’t get involved in any drama and lets any sort of confrontation (from Courtney) roll off her shoulder. I give her major props. It’s almost like she’s oblivious to any drama. Now, I know what my strategy should have been! Lol.

Meanwhile, I’m absolutely shocked to see Courtney upset. The whole season we have seen her acting confident, putting other girls down and acting completely sure about her and Ben’s connection. I know America will probably hate what I’m about to say. But I think Courtney has a heart and she is hurting. She is scared that she’s not going to get a one-on-one and feel rejected. Which is why she keeps talking about not accepting a rose if she doesn’t get a one-on-one. And this is just how she reacts to a situation like this. No one wants to feel rejected so the way she usually deals with it is putting herself on a pedestal. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with it. But to see her getting upset, I started feeling bad. So I’m still trying to stay positive about Courtney. But then again, many of the girls are agreeing she’s in it to win it. I’m going to cut her some slack since all of America is against her.

Courtney, I’d like to see you after the show regardless! Maybe we can put the whole “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” to rest.

Back to Lindzi and Ben’s date! In a helicopter once again:) And they are in bathing suits…hmm. From the previews, I knew they were jumping out of the helicopter but I honestly didn’t know they were that high! My heart would have jumped out of my chest. But I LOVE thrills like this. My biggest obsessions are rollercoaster and horror movies. JENNA, JENNA, you’re not there! Back to reality…or The Bachelor. I think Lindzi handled herself phenomenally. And why does Ben never ever look scared for anything that comes his way? This is absolutely a great trait Ben has. No one wants to be with a man who is scared to take risks. And I think Ben wants to find someone who can do these kinds of things. Check for Lindzi.

I know some people think that their evening portion of the date was somewhat cheesy (mainly because of the montage) but I adored it! When you start dating someone, the beginning is always cheesy. But this kind of cheesy is good. I thought it was creative and cute. I thought their little fairytale was well written but we didn’t get to see the drawings! I wonder who will find that bottle?! Whoever finds it should put it on eBay and sell that thing!

Michael Stag, I read your post….great work! But I have to say, yeah we didn’t see Lindzi opening up as much as the other women because she is a little guarded. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Ben will be able to tell if she’s into him or not, regardless of how much she opens up. We still have a few more episodes and I don’t blame Lindz for not putting 100% of her heart out there. I think after hometown dates, that’s the time to do it!

And Michael, I too agree…NO IDEA how you are still single. You are a good man with such a big heart. You have tons of fans out there. :)

Next date, goes to Emily “full package” O’Brien! So happy she got another chance for some alone time with Ben. I know she was heartbroken that she chose to spend previous alone time with Ben talking about Courtney. But Em, don’t regret anything! What’s done is done. Trust me, I have a lot of regrets BUT I know why it all happened. I’ll dive into that SO much deeper at The Women Tell All!

I thought their date was perfect. They had great conversation, they both were laughing and being playful with one another. It was like they were on a real date on vacation. These are the dates that are so great, in my opinion. You really get a chance to connect and imagine your life that person in the future. You can tell Emily’s feelings are genuine and I’m so glad she addressed the “Courtney issue” with Ben because I think he really appreciated it.

I’m glad Ben finally told Emily she was a beautiful girl because we all know she is smart and witty! She truly is a beautiful girl inside and out. Em, you as well have a lot of fans! xx

Well, looks like Courtney is happy about getting the next one-on-one! Rest assured that she is going to accept that rose and of course, make Ben feel uneasy about their relationship so she can feel that power again with him. It’s an extremely competitive show and this is how Courtney deals with it. We all deal with it in different ways.

One girl who is not happy about this date is Kacie B. which I don’t blame her. Courtney should just gladly accept the invite, get ready and stop talking about the other girls. Focus on Ben! She tends to like to rub things in the other girls’ faces to get under their skin. And clearly it works! We haven’t seen our Southern Bell, Kacie B., react like this! Sometimes this type of situation can make the sane get jealous or what viewers like to call “crazy.” Kacie B., keep being you and keep your eye on the prize. Ha, I love how I’m giving advice. But you really do learn so much coming out of this type of journey…adventure….experience. All of our favorite words!

Smooth, parted evenly…Ben’s hair is tame! This must be right out of the shower and he hasn’t been outdoors yet. That humidity is the devil. Right Kacie B.?? I LOVE your wild hair! I remember when we were getting ready in the bathroom in Sonoma and I saw your beautiful, unstraightened, thick hair! I was dying laughing but severely jealous of your locks!!

During Courtney’s date, she explains to Ben that it’s been a rough week for her. But of course it has! I’m sure the other girls are having a bad week too. That’s the name of the game! You’re jealous, not happy when you’re in a room full of women who are dating the same men. And you are on cloud nine when you spend time with Ben. You gotta go through hell to get to heaven! But it seems like Ben has calmed Courtney’s nerves a bit and she got the spark back! I’m sure the other girls are going to be thrilled. I was happy to see a different side of Courtney. She dressed very casual for the date and was totally into exploring the history of Belize. I’m not so sure she should have told Ben she was contemplating on not accepting the rose because she didn’t feel like she was getting enough attention. Ben doesn’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. And the girls are very minimal with their words when explaining. So I REALLY don’t think that America should blame Ben. As we can see, Courtney and him have a very strong connection….which I’m still trying to figure out but I know it’s there. Anything can happen. For instance, look at Michelle Money. Ya’ll called her crazy on Brad’s season (me included) but what a comeback she made on Bachelor Pad. When I met her, I was in awe. She is the sweetest and smartest girl.) So let’s just keep patient until the finale!

I loved Ben’s reaction to Courtney when she said, “I have a lot of guy friends.” I think I spit out my wine I laughed so hard!

I know everyone has noticed that Ben kisses each woman differently. Some women, he chooses to open mouth kiss and others, close mouth kiss. And some women, he grasps their face while kissing and others, his hands are just chillin. Clearly, there is passion going on. Check, check.

Group date! AMAZING that Ben woke Kacie B., Rach and Nicki up! I thought it was adorable. The girls were somewhat embarrassed because of course they want to look their best when seeing Ben. Haaaa, Kacie B.

I’m sure the girls planned on looking their best for their very important group date! And I’m sure they had planned on doing that the morning before the date but because of Ben’s little surprise, they had to do a quick shave – shaving their armpits in the sink. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!!

You have my word, if I ever lasted this long and I was on this date. Hell no. My #1 biggest fear in life (which will never change) is sharks. I used to scream at my dad when he would step foot in the ocean and tell him he was going to be eaten by sharks. He would laugh. I would cry. Hysterical. But those days are over. I swim in the ocean but I do NOT swim with the sharks. I would be Rachel x 10. But I thought Rach was a good sport about it. If she has a phobia with sharks, she held herself pretty well! But because of this phobia, Ben had to give a little more attention to Rach rather than Kacie B. and Nicki. Which I’m sure didn’t feel good for them. It’s just them and the sharks.

Like Rach said, Ben is very attentive. And I think he did the right thing. But then again, I don’t blame Kacie B. and Nicki. Kacie B. is very honest and I do agree with her that she not a jealous person but when one-on-one date is happening on a group date, the jealousy comes out no matter what. That’s why we love it. It’s a test to see how far you can remain sane.

Ben & Rach had a lot of alone time on this group date so I was definitely thinking she was getting a rose. I do see stronger relationships with Ben and the other women. But Rach is the bomb (yeah, I said that)! So no matter what happens, Rach is going to be fine. Because after all these shenanigans, me & Rach are going to kick it in NYC. Right Rach?

I think this was the ultimate perfect time for Kacie B. to express that she was falling in love with Ben. That is, if she is truly falling in love with Ben. Which I genuinely believe. I think these two make such an adorable couple! And I know America agrees with me! But what the hell? Close mouth kiss again? She said “love”, that deserves an open mouth kiss! Sorry, got a little heated. I love how intense I get with this show now.

Oh snap! The girls warn Ben about Courtney, yet again! This is not looking good for Courtney. That’s a total of 4 women now warning Ben about Courtney. Sometimes this can bring out the worst in people. Look at Vienna. Eeek.

And as you can see, Ben is not so happy about hearing this from the other women. It was fine hearing it from one girl but from 3 other women?? He’s fighting it though. I know his feelings are strong for Courtney. I have fallen and dated “bad boys” for a time in my life. And I’m single. Point proven.

Mom! So proud of her. She absolutely deserved the rose. It is so freakin’ hard to tell someone you love them, especially in TV…in such a short amount of time. But if you’re feeling it, then you gotta get the balls to say it. And Kacie B. has balls. I hope I can say “balls” on this blog? Kacie B. gets to introduce Benjamin to her family! Hometown dates are my favorite! I know the girls chosen will really come out of their shell and be themselves. When you’re around family, you get such a sense of calmness.

Oh man, Confident Courtney is back. She starts talking smack about my girl, Kacie B. Nooooo! I was totally defending you, Courtney! Bite your tongue!

Courtney says, “Let’s get this party started!” Now you know Courtney is feeling very sure about getting a rose at this point. I just feel bad for the other women who are nervous. They don’t want to party. It’s serious for them. Not a bad thing to take this seriously, girls!

I always reference this show as “The Bachelor Bubble” because you say things you don’t mean because you are disconnected from the world! Emily was shocked that Courtney said, “Ben’s not the only guy in the world.” But I mean, I agree. He’s not. And if you need to tell yourself that, then that ‘s fine. Beacause anyone can go home at this point and you need to be prepared and reassure yourself that life will go on. Mine has;)

I was shocked that there was no cocktail party. Ben seems to be pretty darn sure about his final four. I thought it was smart of him to pull Courtney aside because that seems to be his only concern. I’m not sure if she said everything she could have but she did an okay job. More importantly, she convinced Ben she was in this for the right reasons. Onto the rose ceremony….

That means Emily & Rach are going home. I was so sad but so happy. My emotions are all over the place. It seemed like Emily & Rach had a great time with Ben. But he’s a good guy and of course, he’s going to be nice to everyone. But like I’ve said before, the heart wants what the heart wants. So don’t take this personally, girls! Join the club. It’s a great club. I’m sure you both are feeling great now! Em, would love to visit you in NC! And Rach, I’m a subway ride away! What’s great about this whole thing is that if you get dumped, you make amazing friendships. And I consider you both great friends.

“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.” (Paulo Cohelo, Brida)

It’s fascinating why things happen for certain reasons. But I think that reason will become clearer soon!


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