Jenna’s “Over-Analyst” Blog: Episode 9 Recap

And here we are in Switzerland! I still can’t believe I was on this season lol. Who the hell is Jenna Burke anyway? I bet all you remember is my tampon comment, right? Love you, Monica!!! Ben has 3 phenomenal women left to choose a wife from (and yes, I’m talking about Courtney too). I have SO much I want to share about THE WOMEN TELL ALL but I’m going to bite my tongue until next week. Man, was it so good! But for now, I’m going to focus on the Fantasy Suite dates aka “should we sleep together” dates. Even though I’m sure Ben has in his mind who he wants, will he actually try to “connect” with all 3 women?

First date up is Nicki! They by far had the coolest date, overlooking the hills and glaciers of Switzerland in a helicopter. Don’t you think? It seems to me that Nicki and Ben’s relationship feels very natural. They never seem to run out of what to say. However, maybe Nicki is the more obvious talker than Benjamin. Come to think of it, does Ben ever have much of anything to say? He puts the pressure on the girls to do the talking. Sometimes I just want to shake him. Come on, Ben. Conversations are a two-way street here.

Since this is a Fantasy Suite date, Nicki decides to forgo her own room and chooses to spend the night with Ben. Does it end in the hot tub or does it end in the bed? Insert smiley face. I have my own thoughts about that. Overall, I think Nicki and Ben had a wonderful date. I’ve said this from day 1 that I think they would make beautiful babies. But as a viewer at this point, I think his connection is stronger with Lindzi and Courtney.

Now on to Ben and my girl Lindzi’s date. Whenever Ben and Lindzi reunite, Ben genuinely seems excited to see her. You start noticing all the little connections Ben has with the three remaining women. And there is no question about it; there is a strong connection between Lindz and Ben. And that makes me smile because I love her.

So of course, Lindzi doesn’t get to stroll around town with Ben on her date. They get to repel from a cliff. Poor thing always gets stuck with the adventurous/life threatening dates. But I have to admit, she always rises to the occasion and seems to enjoy herself. She has a fear of heights so I have no idea how she is overcoming this. Ben must really know how to put her at ease. If that were me, I’d say, “Sayonara, Ben!”

Alas, Lindzi and Ben get to have a nice quiet dinner instead of jumping out of choppers. I think at this point, you either need to go big or go home. And Lindzi went big by telling Ben she was falling in love with him. You could tell Ben was over the moon to hear those words come out of Lindzi’s mouth. Do you think Lindzi is really falling for Ben or do you think it has something to do with The Bachelor bubble? In my opinion, I think she is absolutely falling for him. Lindzi seems to share the same kind of passions that Ben has. I think they make a great fit. Ben said it best himself when he stated that Lindzi was part city, part country and that she wears both well.

As we all knew, a key is offered to Lindzi. She stated she doesn’t normally do this. But let’s be real, this isn’t a normal situation so it was a good move on her part to accept. From what we saw on TV, it seems like they are “connecting” just fine. This doesn’t seem to be Ben’s first rodeo. 2 down, 1 to go!

Next is Ms. Courtney Robertson. These two always seem to get the normal, low-key dates. I would just love to see them swim with sharks or something, right?! On a side note, I adore Courtney’s outfit. Where is that jacket from?! Possessionista, message me with the details!

After they get done shopping for their picnic, Ben gets the courage to confront Courtney about her actions with the other girls. This date is a super important date for Courtney – it could make or break her chances of moving forward with Ben. At one point, I lost track of what she was even saying because I think I counted that she touched her hair at least 20 times in one conversation. I’m so confused, does she touch her hair when she’s nervous or are her extensions itching her head? I hope it’s a nervous habit. Courtney attempts to defend herself and Ben seems to be quite hurt by whole mess. It’s gotta be hard to feel such a deep connection with someone but then hear disturbing things about that person from the other women. Ben’s in a pickle.

I was legitimately shocked to see Courtney breakdown and show emotion that she was upset to see Ben hurting. Ben’s not one to show his emotions very well, nor does he like confrontation. But I think it hit a cord with Courtney when he finally put his issues out on the table. I don’t feel bad for what Courtney is going through because I think she is learning a lot about relationships and life. But I do feel bad for how much America hates her. I hope she comes out as a changed person from this show.

Again at dinner, Ben brings up the issues. I don’t think he got all the answers he needed. I have to say that Courtney could have done a better job at explaining herself instead of continuously saying, “that’s not me.” But it seemed to work for Ben and it seemed after dinner, he got all the answers he needed. Magically, Ben and Courtney seem to be in a great place.

Yeah, Ben and Courtney are in a good place until Kacie B. comes and offers her advice to Ben. She first discusses their relationship in search of closure. Ben is speechless the whole time and constantly nods his head. I think it was a rain on his parade because he felt so sure about Courtney and now he’s not all there, yet again! Kudos to Kacie B. for her bravery! It takes a certain kind of woman to go back, seek closure and warn Ben about Courtney. Kacie B. told Ben she thinks, “Courtney is in it to win it.” Do we all think Kacie B. made the right choice? I thought it was the right thing to do. We all don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. And unfortunately, I wasn’t there to see all the strange encounters with Courtney. But Kacie B. has a good head on her shoulders and always makes the right decision. She puts others before herself. After the beautiful Emily Maynard, Kacie B. deserves to be the next Bachelorette. But I haven’t seen the finale yet so that could change!

During Chris Harrison and Ben’s chat, Chris asked Ben if he wanted to invite Kacie B. back in the rose ceremony. He didn’t take too long to respond so I really think he has his mind made up regarding the final two women. You can tell his ONLY issue is Courtney yet again. We are almost to the finale and I’m just so confused how someone could think about proposing to someone when they have so much doubt through this process. Today Ben is saying he has no regrets! I truly hope he means that.

At the rose ceremony, no Kacie B., Lindzi & Courtney get a rose and Nicki is sent home. Although I wasn’t surprised, my heart broke for Nicki. She is an extraordinary woman and a blast to be around. She always makes you feel at ease and you seem to always have the best time when you’re around her. I don’t doubt that Nicki will have trouble finding love after this. I’m sure the boys will be lining up.

Okay, it’s a wrap! I can’t wait to talk about The Women Tell All! This might be my best blog yet.

Even though I didn’t find love on The Bachelor, I wouldn’t trade for the world. After seeing all the girls in LA, I know that these girls will be my best friends for life and that we will always have this special bond with each other.

Until next time!

Peace & Love,
The Over-Analyst