Women Tell All Episode

It’s been one hell of a ride and I have to say that going back for The Women Tell All was by far the best part of The Bachelor journey. I really don’t think I’ve ever used the word, “journey” so many times in my life. Then again, I’ve never made the words, “rose ceremony, one-on-one time, first impression rose, hometown dates, adventure, fantasy suite, Ben Flajnik” a part of my daily vocabulary.

This time around, I wasn’t as nervous coming back because unlike the first time, I knew all the women. It felt more normal and I felt more relaxed so I didn’t have any minor panic attacks in my hotel room. I was actually more excited than anything. A lot went down after I left so I knew that the focus wouldn’t be concentrated on my breakdown (THANK GOD)! However, I was expecting to get a moment to explain myself.

It was great seeing Chris Harrison. Dude makes the show. And I gotta hand it to him. He was very ill and handled himself with such ease. I can’t imagine doing what he did that night. But he was able to put on a smiling face and brilliantly get all the women to talk (or scream).

The show kicked off with The Bachelor Reunion in Vegas, which I was lucky enough to attend and interview all past Bachelor/Bachelorettes on the red carpet. Hopefully, they put that up somewhere! I had a blast talking to everyone. They were sweeter and HOTTER in person. I think at one point in the night, I turned to the camera and said, “Oh my god, Ed Swiderski is here. I can’t breathe.” Oh lord. Two of the women I was very excited to see were Michelle Money and Erica Rose. I have always been a Michelle Money fan and she was a breath of fresh air. And not to mention, stunning! Erica Rose might be the most hysterical person I’ve ever met. Her one-liners are priceless. She was extremely welcoming. Natalie Getz was a ball of energy! She was so fun to chat with about fashion and boys. Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum were smiling from ear to ear and looked happier than ever. They’ve got the real thing going on and are an inspiration to everyone in this franchise (not happy about them moving to Jersey). Ali Fedotowsky looked incredible and incredibly happy. We chatted about her split from Roberto. She said at this point in her life she has found happiness in being single. It made me tear up a bit because I’m in the same place. Ben C was looking quite handsome in his glasses. And of course my NYC favorites, Ashley Spivey and Jackie Gordon were looking great in their sparkly numbers. Nick Peterson’s muscles were popping out of his shirt. At that point, I wanted to put the mic down and hit the gym. Kasey Kahl had me laughing so hard. He LOVED the red carpet and we had a blast. I think we started dancing at one point. And he also expressed how much of a crush he has on Ashley Spivey. Britt Billmaier is gorgeous and so sweet. I didn’t get much time with Michael Stagliano in Vegas but spent some time with him, Ryan Park and Ames after WTA. They were extremely welcoming! Michael Stagliano can really tear up the dance floor. He’s got some great moves. And he was a blast to talk to and open up with about the whole experience. Thanks for the call out that I would be, “fun to hang out with.” I think you would be fun to hang out with as well!

Ryan Park is the sweetest and genuinely cares about each person he talks to. He’s legit always in a good mood and I love that about him. Your spirits seem to rise when you’re around him. Ames always has a smile on his face. And it really was great to have lunch with him the other day. He put a lot of things in perspective for me. Thanks Ames! Some others I really enjoyed getting to know were Krisily Kennedy, Marissa May, Craig Robinson, Ella Nolan and Lisa Morrisey.

Sooooooo time to start the most ridiculous analysis of the Women Tell All. Gotta say, it was absolutely entertaining. I think with this season, many had a lot to say. And no one can blame them. No one was as quite confusing and aggravating as Courtney (coming from a viewer’s perspective). So I understand why many got heated during the episode. I mean I was only there for 2 episodes but I firsthand experienced the dynamic drama of our group. And the big cause of it was, in fact, Courtney. The person we are seeing now is very apologetic and somewhat quiet. Courtney was extremely quiet when I was there in Sonoma but it seemed like she did come out of a shell a bit and was quite opinionated. I’m not taking sides (nor will I ever) but I can say that this kind of experience can bring out the worst in a person. It did for me. That’s why I empathize for Courtney. Although it brought out different feelings for each of us, it doesn’t matter. Courtney didn’t show it with Ben because it had to do with the interaction with other women. And mine had to do with my very previous relationship. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. But Ben seems to have a very strong connection with Courtney and I really don’t care. I’m happy for them! Just because I may not understand another relationship, doesn’t make it wrong. There are so many relationships out there that are “different.” And who are we to judge? If they are in it for the wrong reasons, then they don’t need our attack. It will just fizzle out and they will have to experience the after math. It’s their life, not ours. Let’s all take a minute, take a deep breath and wish them the best! I think they make a great couple. Lindzi Cox is one of my best friends on the show so of course I want the best for her. But with all these spoilers, it’s hard not to believe them. All I know is that Lindzi will be just fine if Ben does not propose to her. She has a lot going for her! And I can’t wait to see her ahhh.

I know people think that we are phony for acting like we are so close but you don’t understand it until you go through it. Especially me. I was on the dang show for 2 episodes (maybe 4 days). But when you are around a group of women 24/7 (more than Ben) and constantly talking about love and past relationships, you develop a very special bond. I know it’s hard for outsiders to be like, “hey, come on, this is bs.” But I really do mean that these women will be in my life for a long time. We went through a very hard but yet amazing struggle. Hell, we had enough guts to put ourselves out there on national television. And yeah, I wish I would have known I wasn’t ready but you know what? I came out on top. Because of this experience, I was able to get over my demons and move on. And now I have amazing friends who support me daily. I love all of you Bachelor Season 16 girls (even you, Courtney).

This Women Tell All happened to be the loudest Women Tell All. Then again, I have nothing to compare it to. But people have called our season “crazy.” So it makes sense. But I really think it’s because we are all very independent women with a strong opinion. But I do agree, there could have been more class. I honestly tried so freakin’ hard to get a word in because I did have a lot to say, but there was no space for me whatsoever. It was a great show and I’m very happy most of the girls got everything in what they wanted to say bc they deserve it. In all honesty, I’m happy I didn’t. I know I was confusing but there was not a relationship between Ben and I. So it’s really not needed. However, I plan on dissecting my breakup on my own personal blog ( so check it out!

During the episode, I think Blakeley took a lot of heat. I was honestly very impressed how she handled herself. With Samantha and Jennifer’s remarks, I would be in tears. But she was there stronger than ever! And she probably made the best comment ever on the show….”Courtney, you took your clothes off in front of millions of viewers, how am I the stripper?” I’m not trying to bully Courtney but Blakeley sure does have a point and I know many viewers agreed.

Now, can we please talk about Samantha? She is a spitfire! And god, I love her. She literally makes me cackle. I know some people can think she is too much but don’t you think it’s refreshing that a woman has a point of view and sticks with it? So many of us are always trying to impress one another. Samantha is herself and is not afraid to show it. Do you really need to love everyone on this earth? No. People are going to clash and it’s okay to not agree.

Samantha, I adore you. But Brittney, your comment was priceless. I never heard you shut everyone up like this to say probably one of the funniest lines this season. But I do have to say that Samantha really knows how she feels about certain matters and there is nothing wrong with that. I understand, we could all say fake comments to each other. But Samantha has her opinion. And we are all entitled to give it. There have been other Bachelor contenders who have not said so nice things about me. I have chosen to forgive them because I know they don’t know me. But Samantha may not be like me. What you say is on TV or the Internet – written in ink, not pencil. You can’t blame her. She is actually a good friend #wolfpack!

Alright, now on to the hot seats…Shawntel, Emily, Nicki and Kacie!

I was raising my hand to defend her but clearly, since I wasn’t there for long, I was overlooked. It breaks my heart to watch someone up in the hot seat that doesn’t really feel comfortable. I know for a fact, many girls from my season regret how they acted and think Shawntel is beautiful inside and out. Shawntel, I think you handled yourself with class. I honestly think if Ben would have given Shawntel a rose, then a handful of girls from our season would have denied the rose. It’s just the name of the game. I wish you happiness and success, Shawtnel! (And a copy of your book.)

Next is Nicki! My god, her twang. I can’t deal. And her confidence. You can tell this girl knows what she wants. She fell in love with Ben and it broke my heart to watching the end for Nicki. But I do not doubt that Nicki will find “the one” for her. Ben said it best that she’s so easy to be around her. I miss her and wish her the best

Moving on to my mom, Kacie B. I know she left before Nicki but I really do think it had a lot to do with Kacie’s family. And we all know the south is much different. And again, it broke my heart to see Kacie wondering why it was her. Because it wasn’t. Kacie B is an A+ in my book and a very good friend. But Ben is right, they are worlds apart. Very different people. And that’s why you can keep your head up high, Kacie B.

Now let’s get to Courtney’s appearance. Dun, dun, dun. It didn’t shock me that Courtney was going to make an appearance. I kind of wanted her to. I know most of us our rolling our eyes because Courtney’s apology happened after everyone left. But for some reason, I’m giving her support. Bachelor 16 girls, don’t kill me. I’m just being honest. I hate to say this, Courtney. But I have many friends who are models and they go through times like this where they don’t get along with people like you. It’s quite possible they don’t like you because you think you’re better than them. I have best friends in your field who have had this “aha” moment and lead such a better life. At the end of the day, we are all searching for happiness and I know you are too. Courtney, when I met you, I know you have a heart. You’re a good person. We just want to see that amazing person within you (the person that Ben Flajnik sees). So don’t hide behind the ridiculous tabloids anymore. They love drama but you need to overcome it. It’s not too late. I know there are a lot of us who want to see you and get back to where we started. In no way are any of us jealous. I can only speak for myself but I’m happy for you.

I stuck up for you because I know this situation is not normal. And if it were, I would have been a different person. Because our feelings were real, it means that this process will absolutely affect us. But you were stronger to get through it all. This isn’t a walk in the park. I know this has been very hard for you but I only wish you the best. I’ve made ridiculous choices and it’s leading me to a better life. And I think it’s your turn. So realize what really matters. Give Ben your attention (that is, if you are the on chosen) and focus on him. I know you know by now the media can tear someone apart. Focus on yourself and your relationship. Don’t let the media break you apart. You both have my blessing and I wish nothing but the best.

There was actually a point in the show (not sure if anyone noticed) but I defended Courtney because I legitimately thought the experience brought the worse out of her. And I think she’ll make up for it. No matter how much pain she caused the other women. Right now, I’m going to support her because I think these kinds of things happen to people to teach them a lesson. And that makes me happy.

I know the big question is if Courtney’s tears are real. I think they are. I don’t wish badly upon anyone. And even if she had a strategy, I don’t care. I hope she knows she lucked out and realizes she needs to change her personality. The world is a huge place and it doesn’t revolve Courtney Robertson. I think this experience helped her. And if she’s rolling her eyes at this, so be it. I do really only hope the best for her!

I know we all like to reflect on what happened on Women Tell All but it’s really about a reflection of the whole season. So because I’m The Over-Analyst, I wanted to have a little award ceremony on our behalf. Do you all agree with my awards?

The Over-Analyst Awards (over the whole season)

Best Dressed
Casey S.

Best Hair
Kacie B. (outside the humidity) and Jennifer F.

Best One-Liners
“On a scale from 1 to 10, I think I’m going to throw up”
“Who is she?” comes right after.

Best Smile

Best Jugs

Best Personality
Lindzi C.

Best Entertainment

Best Skin

Best Laugh

Best Bangs
Rachel Truehart

Best Brains
Emily O’Brien

Best Ridiculousness
Jenna Burke

Best Exit
Brittney Schreiner

Best Kiss Tutorial
Jamie Otis

Best Food Concoctions

Best Facial Expressions
Emily O’Brien and Elyse Myers

Best Bachelor (even though he dogged my “T” comment”)
Ben Flajnik

And with that being said, I wish the best for everyone involved in this experience. I read ridiculous comments on my blog, here. But I’m really trying to be serious, here. We were trying to find love. And I know some of you are too. But because our relationships are exposed, doesn’t give you the power to put us down. I refuse to make fun of anyone open to love. I support them because they have courage and balls. All the others just have the ability to cyber bully. I would be humiliated. To my new best friends. Love is out there! Have a great weekend xxxooo