Alas, down to the final two!  This is when things get tricky but I always do wonder if The Bachelor/ette knows at this point who is lucky lady is going to be.  In my mind, he/she has got to!  It’s days away from the proposal.  But then again, Jason Mesnick proved he never really made up his mind until after his proposal.  In all honesty, it seems as if Ben has stronger feelings for Courtney and Lindzi is more of a safe choice.  Luckily Ben has his mother and sister coming to put him at ease with his decision.  Family does always have the ability to clear your head and can make any situation better.

Certainly Ben is ecstatic to see his mother and sister.  So ecstatic, it even brought tears to his eyes.  I was only gone for 4 days or so and I was dying to see my family.  It’s a hard journey (yeah, I said journey) to go through.  I can’t even imagine being away from family and friends for 8 weeks.  Ben seemed to be over the moon about his final two choices and encouraged both his mother and sister to be open about each woman.  It was quite interesting when Julia stepped in and asked Ben about any of the women who didn’t quite get along with the other women.  Ben somewhat giggled and told Julia that she was actually still there.  Just noticing Julia’s expression, it was apparent she wasn’t thrilled about this.  I agree with Julia though.  It’s tough to get along with women sometimes but not getting along with most of them is a red flag.

My girl, Lindz is the first up to meet the fam!  And I do have to add that she does absolutely make wonderful impressions.  She is the easiest person to talk to and you never feel uncomfortable around her.  She always makes the conversation about you, rather than herself – such a great quality.

My favorite line of Lindzi’s was when she told Ben’s mom how she always feels uncomfortable eating properly.  Lindz, remember on Titanic?  You start with the silverware on the outside and work your way in!  I thought it was so endearing when she kept dropping her fork.  It showed she was human and actually nervous.  Who wouldn’t be??

It seems as if Ben’s mother is very protective of him.  And I think that is a great thing.  She definitely had some questions for Lindzi and I think she did a great job with answering them.  It seemed genuine.

And even more protective of Ben is his sister, Julia.  They seem to have a very strong relationship.  It’s important that when family comes, that they do somewhat grill the girls.  It seems like it would be a tough situation to be in.  But it’s absolutely necessary because the next time they see Ben, he may be engaged.

I thought it was great that Julia brought up the Courtney issue.  And I think Lindzi answered with class.  She did have the choice to bash Courtney and make Julia feel even more skeptical about Courtney.  But Lindzi kept it at, “We are very different.”  I think that says a lot about Lindzi.

Clearly, it is very important for Ben to get approval on both women.  He seemed to be relieved that his mother and sister approved of Lindzi.  And I thought she chose such a fabulous outfit to wear.  I remember Ashley Hebert comparing Ben’s mother to Coco Chanel.  And although the white T and jeans didn’t fit, the tweed blazer screamed Coco Chanel.

Now Courtney is up.  I was dying to see how Courtney would get along with Ben’s family.  And she surprisingly seemed comfortable.  Although a little nervous but most likely because Courtney does indeed want to make a good impression.  I’m not sure if this is exactly how the conversation went down but it started off immediately at discussing Courtney’s modeling career.  Models absolutely have a stereotype.  One of my best friends is a model…a very successful model.  And she is an admirable person.  So I have to add that I never once stereotyped for being a model.  Only was taken back by her actions.

Julia didn’t seem to be too afraid questioning Courtney about her actions.  It absolutely needed to be addressed.  I thought Courtney could have expressed more apologetic feelings but I’m sure she wanted to make light of the situation.  I do think Julia appreciated Courtney’s honesty and got to know her better during their talk.

Courtney seems to very worried…still.  She knows she’s done wrong.  But I genuinely believe she has developed strong feelings for Ben.  And I do think she is in a much calmer state now that it’s down to her and Lindzi.

Ben seemed to be more concerned about Julia and his mother’s approval than Lindzi.  That speaks volumes.

Julia said she was shocked because she really thinks Courtney is a great girl, after getting to know her.  She made a great point…never judge a book by its cover.

And also Julia directly told Ben that she sees Ben with a girl more like Courtney.  There goes the shocking finale.  Ring is going to Courtney.

Last date with Lindz!  And to be frankly honest, it seems as if Ben is going through the motions with Lindzi.  You can just see the passion shared between Courtney and Ben.  And I can’t really see it with Lindzi.  I think Ben 100% respects Lindzi and has a great time with her.  But the passion and openness just isn’t there.  Julia did in fact tell Lindzi that she needs to be more open and show Ben that she is fully ready to let her guard down with him.

And this was pretty much Lindzi’s last chance to open up to Ben.  It was adorable how she straight up asked Ben, “Am I being more open?”  Poor girl is trying but it’s such a tremendously hard situation to be in.  You want to let your guard down but then you know there is another girl involved.  One may feel more confident about their connection and the other may still have their walls up.  And in this case, I think Lindzi had her walls up.  Although, I have to give her some credit.  I think she made such an incredible transformation and did allow herself to become more vulnerable.  Just not as much as Courtney.

Perfect date…

Even this part of the date was ridiculously cute.  Couples that play together, stay together.

Lindzi definitely broke down more of a wall that evening.  It seems like she had so much to say and Ben was somewhat nodding and giving one-word answers back to her.  Of course with a few smiles included.  I don’t think Ben was lying when he said he could see part of his life in Florida.  Lindzi has such a sweet family and always seem to be having a good time.  Now we know where Lindzi gets it.  But the heart wants what the heart wants.

I had to add in that I adored when Lindzi whispered, “I love you.”  I think I may have gotten chills.

Last date with Courtney!  First, I have to add that I’m impressed with all of Courtney’s clothes.  She definitely knows how to tone it down.  I don’t know when Ben said this but before all of us were selected, he told the crew he didn’t want any models or women in fashion.  Welp, I was screwed. Lol.  Even though she is a model (and probably gets AMAZING clothes), she looks as if she’s not really from LA.  And it looks like she can blend in with Ben’s type of scene.  Not saying Ben doesn’t have a good fashion sense.  You know what I mean, right??

Courtney and Ben ALWAYS seem to get the very chill dates where they are just talking, drinking and touching one another.  I’m so confused by that.  But maybe Ben has a say in the type of dates he wants with each woman.  Hm, we’ll never know!  But it does make sense that he wants more “talking time” with Courtney and then chooses to spend the more “adventurous time” with Lindzi.

I hope you all aren’t getting angry with me that I’m pro Courtney and Ben.  But I definitely see a connection with them.  Ben said it best.  They act like kids when they are together.  And doesn’t everyone want that?  I mean I do.

The scrapbook idea was very tasteful but it was Blakeley’s idea first.  I’m wondering if Courtney knew about this before starting this scrapbook.  Either way, it wasn’t cheesy.  It was just filled with memorable pictures, along with a note.  It seemed to be a genuine, honest and caring note that Ben truly appreciated.  It was definitely a struggle to watch at this point because I just wanted Ben to pull out the ring and propose right then and there.

However, Courtney brought up their issue once again.  I’m sure because she was nervous to see where Ben stood with everything.  And it seemed that Ben was annoyed.  He said that sometimes he didn’t get Courtney and that he gets frustrated with her.  Not a good sign.  Eek.

In Courtney’s defense, I think she is scared beyond belief that the way she treated all the other girls is going to ruin everything.  And I don’t blame her for being upset.  She treated many of the women with disrespect.  And some of the women haven’t/won’t even forgive her.

The day of the proposal…

Ben knows who he is going to propose to.  And in my opinion, I think he knew it was Courtney from their first date together.  And that sure is a stunning ring.  I want one of those.  Kidding, not for a while;)

Lindzi’s dress was remarkable.  The girl loves her feathers!  And I really love a great mix of navy blue and black.  It’s so chic.  Lindz, I love you to pieces but I did not like that cape.  I hope that was their only option for youJ

And like I said, I think we knew who Ben was wanting to propose to at this point.  The moment Lindzi was the first to step out of the helicopter, it was clarification that Ben was going to say goodbye to Lindzi.  Although, I do think Ben did a great job with this explanation.  I don’t think it was fair that he told Lindzi he has fallen in love with her.  And that he was also in love with someone else.  I’m so confused?  I think he should have just kept it at, “I’m in love with someone else.”  Even though it’s ridiculous that every Bachelor/ette always says “someone else.”  As if we don’t know who that someone else is!  But I guess I get why they do it.  I think just saying the other person’s name is more painful.

Just like Ben said, Lindzi is an incredible woman and I know good things are going to come her way.  Lindzi, seriously, call me!

And now we have Courtney.  I thought she looked stunning.  I loved the off-white cape with the long, black, leather gloves.  It seemed so extravagant.  But it was fun to see.  Sometimes a plain old dress isn’t as fun to watch.  I thought both girls added some fun into their outfit.

I do have to admit when Ben was telling Courtney how beautiful and great she was, I thought he was not going to propose to her.  He paused and it made it sound like he wasn’t going to do it.  Great editing, ABC.  You had me at the edge of my seat.  But then of course he finished his pause with, “You are my forever.”

Courtney seemed extremely happy and it brought tears to her eyes.  I did think it was a beautiful moment.

Courtney said yes.  And that’s the end of Courtney and Ben’s fairytale…until the show aired.

Ben admittedly told Chris Harrison that when the show aired, there was too much negativity surrounding the newly engaged couple.  Ben said, “Something just snapped.”  And that he needed to take a couple of weeks to think about everything.  I am so sure this didn’t sit well with Courtney.

Courtney was heartbroken when Ben had chosen to abandon her during these hard times.  I can understand both points.  Ben saw a different Courtney and pulled away.  But yet, Courtney went through all this to be with Ben in the end.  I think he should have tried harder.  But sometimes that media can say such awful things and it’s hard to get past it.  Why do you think celebrity couples don’t have lifelong marriages?

Courtney said this was the hardest thing she’s ever had to go through.  And I don’t blame her.  I’ve been reading the tabloids and the blogs.  And people say such a terrible things about them when this is supposed to be the best time of their lives.  I can’t imagine.  But there are always consequences to people’s actions.  And I think their relationship is paying for what happened.

Ben did get around to apologizing to Courtney about the abandonment.  It’s a good sign that he realized he should never do that again to a fiancé.  Somehow they managed to get back to a happier place…or say they say.

But obviously, there is still a lot of pain both Ben and Courtney are feeling.  It is absolutely hard to have the world against you (or Bachelor fans).  It actually did break my heart to see Ben shed some tears.  Both him and Courtney were emotional and I think that absolutely says their relationship is real.

I wish the best for both Courtney and Ben.  It seems they have something great between them.  And it seems very special.  I can’t imagine what they are going through but hopefully, it can only go up from here.  The show is now over; the negativity should be coming to rest.  Everyone should really take a step back and refrain from saying such harsh things about a couple that is trying to make their relationship work.  Just keep in mind, that every person that is saying anything negative is adding to the stress they are going through.  Stop commenting on blogs and let this couple try to make it work!  We are not in their lives so it really doesn’t matter what you have to say.  Give it a rest, people.  Let them be happy.  And now, let’s focus on Emily Maynard’s season!  It’s going to be so good!

I had a great experience with everyone involved in Bachelor Season 16.  Ladies, you all mean so much to me and I’m so lucky to have you in my lives!

All my best to Courtney & Ben!

And all my best to one of my favorite couples!  Ashley & JP!  You guys are an inspiration to us all.

It’s been an absolute pleasure dissecting this season.  And I’m confident my lucky guy is out there!  Love always finds a way.

It’s a wrap!

Peace & Love,