Jesse Kovacs’ Bachelor Wine Pairings

I’m choosing five girls from the first episode of The Bachelor and comparing them to our Boy’s true passion…wine. Being in the business and familiar with wine myself, I just wrote down the first wines that came to mind.

My top 5 list:






Monica and Blakely: I put these two gems in the same category. Like an inexpensive Riesling, that I consider a very versatile wine, these gals with go with anything from pork chops to flapjacks. In other words, “both ways.”

Jenna: This nut job makes me think of all the times I bought a $47 Pinot Noir, got home, cracked it open and said to myself, “what the hell was I thinking?” Ben, I’m suspecting, probably had the same feeling when he had a chance to drink this one in.

Emily: I enjoyed Emily. She has a surprising feel to her, like a quality $12 Malbec from Argentina. From the exterior there’s nothing to call your brother about. But after a couple sips, you call your brother and brag that you found a nice deal.

Courtney: Courtney screams mid 80’s Red Bordeaux that was poorly handled. Because of improper storage or upbringing this extremely fine specimen turns out to be a complete dud. The appeal of Courtney is just the label. It’s like bringing that bottle to your rich friends house. Everybody will admire her, but don’t open this one up; there is nothing interesting inside.