We are to week two of the fairytale love story we are all watching unfold. I was shocked by this episode!! I feel like there was a bachelor first here! So let’s break it down…

RYAN gets the first one-on-one date.  (I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t go well for selfish reasons ;) First of all, I want to meet his pastor, he’s totally right, how you treat your woman is how she will treat you! I digress, Ryan looked adorable in his V-neck shirt and shorts… love the casual look on him. So the first part of the date was kind of a bore.  Even though that is her everyday life and he was a good sport about it, if I was her I’d have wanted an actual date for the first date. But it does show everyday life I guess. Then we move to the night part of the date and they show up to her favorite restaurant where the “tough questions” begin.  I think they covered some good topics, but I thought that the delivery of some of the questions were awkward. But I think that Ryan has a good head on his shoulders. I seriously hope he doesn’t get the final rose.  Now I’m super stoked that Gloriana made an appearance.  I love “Kissed you” and it would have been the icing on the cake if he had, but he respected the whole mom thing.

Back at the house the group date card came… and this is where I thought maybe I had butt changed the channel because Kermit and Miss Piggy dominated a good hour of the show.  Once I realized that I wasn’t watching Nick Jr., I was ready to see who was going to make a fool of themselves.  I think that Charlie is adorable, he was very open about his stage fright and Emily appreciated it.  I love that CH got a part in the show too! Mr. Harrison can always depend on the Muppets if the Bachelor/Bachelorette ever ends. And, how adorable was Jef’s proposal to Miss Piggy? I’m sure Kermit was a little jealous! And then Charlie came way out of his comfort zone and TALKED on stage! What a peach!  The ending of the show with a Ricki appearance was so cute… It really showed the guys that side of Emily that they hadn’t gotten to see yet.

At the “night” portion of the date ­– Emily seems to have been on a different date during the day because she seemed to have been looking for every guy “all day long.” When she finally found Jef, she was very awkward… and then Stevie is slowing dancing with Emily and the frat house got a little jealous. Kalon, or as Stevie called him “Chopper” (props by the way), cuts in and when he doesn’t get enough time he gets peeved. Flattering yes, but also part of the game dude.  This isn’t your first cocktail party at this point. I was hoping Stevie would have given it to him but disappointment is all I got.

JOE is the last date of the episode. They’re off to West Virginia to the Greenbriar. Emily looks amazing in her nude dress! It’s a must have! Joe is so sweet and has such a great energy.

Back at the house, Kalon goes down on the list some more, if it’s even possible to go past last, when he ruffles Doug’s feathers about being a dad and taking a break to come on the show.  This guy says things and then denies them in the next sentence.  Let’s remember that this will be played again on national television dude.  You can’t get away with lying here!

Now Joe and Emily are frolicking in WV, eating dinner, putting wishes in clocks, and no sparks are flying for Emily.  Joe really seems to like Emily and have her best interest at heart.  The guy would move to where she is for crying out loud. But I guess if the spark isn’t there she’ll send you packing, which is good… there are no games for her and the tears start flowing! She doesn’t think she and Ricki fit into his life… well Emily where do you and Ricki fit into “Chopper’s” life? And then off he goes, and the lonely fireworks…did they really still have to shoot them off?

The next night Emily shows up at the cocktail party looking stunning in the purple full-length gown. And the only thing I’m going to comment on from this evening is the VERY AWKWARD Tony trying to interrupt and Ryan giving Emily the novel he wrote.  Seems like West Virginia has a great school system, Emily read that WHOLE note without any trip ups!  And then Tony had to follow that, I wonder if he used any of Ryan’s lines from the note? A SEVEN-page note at that! But Tony was a sport and opened up about having a kid…that’s clutch for him!

Kalon…gag me; he pays close attention to his day of the word calendar. He’d better be careful he might get dumber while he’s there since he couldn’t take it with him!  And OMG they’re on a swing!

ROSE CEREMONY time. CH comes in to announce – Ryan and Jef are safe.

AXED: Aaron and Kyle (I think this is the first time I’ve seen him).

I’m starting to dig some more of these guys! Can’t wait for DOLLY next week when they come to East Tennessee! Until then LIVE YOUR DASH.