As the Memorial Day weekend wraps up… so does Episode 3 of The Bachelorette.  Quite the ending to a great weekend!  I think more guys left this episode early than people who don’t finish a marathon.  These guys are dropping like flies; this may be a 6-episode season!

CHRIS – First one-on-one date of the episode. “Love is steady climb.”  All the way up the side of a BUILDING!? It’d better have a great view… But they both harness up… and he thinks no one could look better in one and “Climbing a building is definitely like love, you’ve got to start somewhere and we’re starting at the bottom.” And up they go, with a storm in the background. NOT COOL! But Chris passed the test because he “stayed by her side.” Dinner is going well, until she hears he’s 25. If he acts older than his age, it’s not a red flag. Kalon – red flag (case and point)! She puts down the red flags… Chris gets the rose and heads over to celebrate with Luke Brian serenating them… they KISS, after he asks her! Perfect Bachelorette date ending!

GROUP DATE time. These poor boys think they’re going to get to play sports today. Not the case at all! One day they’ll learn, the date card means nothing. Emily greets the men and then runs off and gets her friends to grill the guys.  I have a pit in my stomach for them now, if her friends are anything like mine, they’ll be brutal if they have to be.

Poor Buddies who screwed up: Travis (gotta lose the “true egg” man), John “Wolf.”

Buddies who were just there: Alejandro, Stevie (I know nothing about him except he can dance).

Buddies who knocked it out of the park: Jef, Tony, Ryan, Charlie, Doug, Sean.

The kids come and it was so fun to see the guys impress Emily by putting their money where their mouths are and play with the kids! And Ryan is going to get a bad wrap for his “fat” comment, but he was just being funny! Everyone is going to need to lighten up here a little bit and take a joke.  We’re still keeping Travis around and he has an egg… come on!

And now it’s the nighttime part of the date. Sean gets the rose, which was no surprise he really made a great impression! Wow, he’s a total package! :) And I just wanted to hug Tony, he’s really missing his son, and I respect Emily for sending him home, he needs to be with his son.

ARIE… #2 one-on-one date… They’re headed to DOLLYWOOD! They’re coming to East Tennessee, my home! So I know they’re in a romantic place :) They ride the Wild Eagle at the “happiest place on earth” and survive unscathed! But the best part of this date is when Dolly shows up with the twins :) I would have loved some love advice and a private concert from her! Emily is a lucky girl.  I’m putting that on my bucket list… Please take note Ms. Parton. Emily was sincerely surprised! I don’t have much else to say because we all saw their kiss at the end…enough said! She’s into Arie…as she should be.


3 Things:

KALON: RED FLAGS all over the place… how is he still here!?! Wants his first kid to be his own (not going to be possible) and THEN he asks her to not interrupt him AND THEN his mother has told him he can’t control everything even though he likes to…take them and RUN. Run faster than Forrest Gump!

TRAVIS and SHELLY: Shelly was laid to rest, I can now take him seriously. I feel like next week will be like week 2 for him in my book. lol… but let’s toast to Shelly!

ALESSANDRO: He was honest, but he just did not handle any of the questions well.  Poor buddy, you can’t say compromise about a child…he may need to invest in a thesaurus ASAP! This convo needed to end sooner but thank goodness she escorted him out immediately.

Eliminated: Tony, Alessandro,  Stevie.

I’m ready for this to get juicy next week. :) Until then LIVE YOUR DASH