Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty Emily… we are to yet another chapter of Emily and ???’s love story! This week the boys got to pack their bags and start their international travel… first stop BERMUDA! Where it is “so cute and so beautiful,” some hearts will get broken this week; there is a 1-on-1 date, group date, and the dreaded 2-on-1 date! (CH will be so disappointed to not see everyone at the next rose ceremony!)

DOUG starts off with the 1-on-1 date: “Let our senses lead the way –Emily.” He immediately flips his crap and realizes he could only get to spend a few hours in Bermuda and doesn’t want to go home. REALLY?! What about your son? Emily? Ricki? I’m not getting a good vibe–he may blow this one! Bleep, Bleep, Bleep, Bleeeeeeeep… I’m really hoping he put on his clinical strength deodorant, he’s letting the guys get under his skin, which is just pure entertainment for us. I was getting uncomfortable with the Hulk that was showing himself. Quote of the date by Doug: “Are we going shopping? I love it!” (Or lie #1 of the date). So after a normal day of shopping and fun they sit down to dinner. I’m a little bored by this conversation… He can’t be perfect, she can’t be perfect, but they both think that each other’s faults are perfect. So after addressing her fears of his perfection she now has a “Doug with a rose.” Doug wants to kiss Emily, but Emily will let Doug know when she wants a kiss. Doug makes sure we all know his name by referring to himself in the 3rd person.

GROUP DATE: Chris, Jef, Ryan, Sean, Kalon, Charlie and Arie all head out to the high seas to compete for more time with Emily that evening.  Now as corny as this sounds, in this position, YOU HAVE TO WIN. Time is love on the Bachelorette. I am a little disappointed the CH was not here to announce that there is a competition today! It makes it much more serious when he’s there!  And they’re off, back and forth… Who’s gonna win? So intense! Yellow team wins! Red team takes the walk of shame home and Charlie cries. Poor buddy.  Arie definitely heats things up with Emily… Cats in the bag! They’re adorable! Jef makes a good move at this point and opens up… But I’m sending him a word of the day calendar to find a new word besides “like.” Emily is digging him, because like he got his like 2nd group date rose!! (I really do like Jef J)

TWO-on-ONE DATE: AKA “Who’s gonna be the third wheel? Date” dun dun dun… it’s John and Nate for the duel, or cliff diving… They jump off once and have had a “great day and so much fun!” To me, it didn’t look like they were having TOO much fun. I didn’t even hear a laugh. Oh well now we’re headed to the “dinner” part of the evening, IN A CAVE!! Couldn’t make this anymore awkward… every silent moment accentuated by a drip-drop of water. Thank goodness I DVRed… fast forward!! Nate gets sent home.

ROSE CEREMONY: Thunderstorms are brewing and so is drama! I really like Sean, he’s a sweetheart and genuine guy! J Doug gets into with Chris about age… and Emily seems to be shutting Ryan out, I don’t think they seem to communicate very well, the way he words things seems to offend her.

ELIMINATED: Michael (I think in his exit this is the most we’ve heard him talk… I’m sad for him) and Charlie

She’s knocking these guys out left and right… can’t wait for Monday! LIVE YOUR DASH!