Ding, Dong the Villain is Gone

**DISCLAIMER** I am not a single mom, the following comments are coming from a single, childless (according to Kalon, baggage-less), 24 year old, so I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.

I was armed and ready for this week’s episode with my sister, tacos, Texas Pete, and Twitter (the triple T)… where there was a lot of yelling “WHAT?” “Come on!” and “Are you kidding me?” for 2 hours of my life.

The guys are in LONDON, and I must admit I’m pretty jealous. It’s on my Bucket List so I can’t wait to see what parts of it they get to see! When they arrive the date card it there! Sean gets the first date!

SEAN: Sean and Emily start their date on their very own private double decker tour bus, and Emily is quite the tour guide, she did her research before this trip! They do take very cute picture together… they might have the Southern Living Christmas card photo of the year in 2013.

(Side note: Back at the house Kalon says that whoever ends up with Emily will be on “group dates” the rest of their life.  Bad move buddy, and if that was a joke, there should be fruit flying your way.)

Back to Sean, he stole my heart on Speakers Corner… you could tell he was uncomfortable, but he did such a great job, he’d better get the rose! Emily looks stunning at supper in the sparkly dress… a must have. At the prison, they had a very pleasant experience, unlike most people that have been there that have been beheaded… Thank goodness Sean is killing this date, if not he would join the others fate… eek!  Sean gets the rose!!! (no brainer!!)

Kalon thinks he’s entitled to this one on one date, and I’m so happy it goes to Jef (with one f). I’m ready to see if Kalon puts his foot in his mouth!!!

GROUP DATE: Doug, Arie, Ryan, Kalon, Travis, Alejandro, John, and Chris.  I’m cracking up at these auditions! Travis kills the auditions because that’s all he grew up doing in Madison, MS! (or not, he had me rolling). Poor Arie, he’s a nervous wreck, but he sure is cute when he’s nervous! Now to Kalon (one of the Romeo’s and how he got that part I have no idea), he seems to be quite the serious “thespian”, and needs his practice time so he dismisses his Juliet when she comes to visit…strike 12. Boy, oh boy, this is where I yelled my 4th “Are you kidding me?!” Best costumes go to Doug (John gives him best kiss) and Arie (he rocked the long, single braid, I hope that this episode brings it back).

Now the drama begins… they all head to the Pub to celebrate a great show… here are the highlights: Things get hot and heavy between Emily and Arie (I’m calling him in the top 2), Ryan redeems himself WINK and Emily admits to falling for him, and now Kalon stirs the pot.  As soon as it is brought to all of the guys attention that Kalon is calling Ricky “baggage”, Doug and the men confront Kalon first, he admits to it, won’t apologize for it… oh boy.  Thank goodness Doug comes in to the rescue and tells Emily ASAP what happens.  Emily is livid, and so was I, he deserves the “Go West Virginia, hood rat, backwoods on his A$$.” that is coming.  I applaud her for standing up for her family and Ricky and kicking him out right then and there.  Kalon, KICK ROCKS… and buy a filter.  I hate that someone like Kalon has shaken Emily’s faith in all of this and now she is questioning all of the guys sincerity and “having her back.” I’m a little miffed that she keeps saying no one brought it to her attention… didn’t Doug tell her. If “no one told her” then how did she know that Kalon had said that in the first place?? Don’t act like you weren’t thinking or yelling that as well. Props to Doug! But no one gets a rose on this night… Not sure this is how Shakespeare would have ended the night like this.

JEF (with one f): I’m really excited to see some more of Jef.  He seems like a really chill dude so I wanna see how these two mesh together.  This date starts off, and I’m dying… this 2-on-1 date with Jean (the manners Nazi), Jef, and Emily is cracking me up.  I’m so glad they ditched her and went out for a real time.  Going to the Pub and having fish and chips is so real, and Jef seems to be opening up.  Jef seems so cool and chill, he’s not someone I’d date, but would love to dance party with.  He is def sweet and genuine and deep… I’m digging him, and it seems Emily is too now.  By the end of this date I think she has gotten some of her confidence back! Thank goodness, because you can’t get this far and start questioning yourself. Way to go Jef!

RC: Emily starts grilling these dudes on if they “have her back” or not… I know that I’m loyal to a fault and I want that as well, so I’m glad she was making sure they would all be there for her… and I may get criticized for this, but after a few minutes I was uncomfortable with all of the confrontation and it seemed like she was SEMI-overreacting a little bit (note: SEMI, she has every right to question, just saying). But the guys handled it very well, and I’m glad that she is feeling better about all of this, because when you look as stunning as she did, you have to be confident in your decisions!

ELIMINATED: Kalon and Alejandro

I just want to say, that no woman should let any man like that acted like Kalon shake your confidence in all men.  There are really great guys out there and they deserve that chance!  From someone who’s been burned once or twice (or three) times… always tread cautiously, but don’t doubt someone who hasn’t earned it and miss out on someone amazing!

After the promo for the rest of the season I can’t freaking wait!  Until then LIVE YOUR DASH… Psalm 91