Future WHAT?? KILTS!?

Here we see the guys this week in Croatia… It’s a beautiful place for love to blossom and for some, unfortunately, hearts to be broken.

TRAVIS: He gets his first one-on-one date outside of MISSISSIPPI! We’ll see how he adapts… I’m shocked to see that he’s been engaged before, but so happy to see that he’s open to finding someone again! That’s a big step for someone! When I hear the line dancing music I want to hear him break into his best Rascal Flatts… has anyone notice he could be the doppelganger for Gary LeVox?!  I’m hoping this goes well, but I think he’s in the friend zone. I feel really bad for Travis when Emily asked him “What did you do wrong?”  The guy shouldn’t always get the blame… but when they go to supper I’m glad to see all smiles. I’m hoping that Emily sees that sometimes you don’t always have to jump into love; it can be built on a slow friendship! But I guess I’m wrong… I never saw the chemistry there… but rejection is always hard, but I respect Emily, she wanted to see if there was anything there, and when there wasn’t she let him go!

GROUP DATE: Doug, John, Chris, Jef, Sean, Arie, and John are going to see the movie “Brave,” which is the Bachelorette biography. Now I’m not a movie person, but 6 dudes and one movie is a little much for me. I like to hold hands and cuddle in movies… not my kind of scene… but of course this will tie into the date.  AND now we see how, the boys are going to choose their own fate, and so is Emily, (PS – it looks like the guys are pretending to like the movie, they’d probably spoon their eyes out than pretend they like this movie). I digress… the men are now going to participate in their own “Highland Games” in Kilts… last week dresses, this weeks kilts…  love doesn’t take bravery… it takes a pair… so they play these dumb games that mean nothing… I’d rather not watch any more of this so I don’t… FF… Chis gets the Bravery mug… who’s gonna get the rose??? Arie definitely reassures him of how he’s feeling against a brick alley wall… sealing the deal week 4 in a row… after their “talk” slash tounge hockey, they are on track again! But I’m pulling for Jef, he’s keeping it so real! Love isn’t a race… and he realizes that! And when he says he’s crazy about her, totally making the right moves! CHRIS gets the rose… he’s a stand out to her and I think he deserves it!

RYAN: He’s the first one to get a second one-on-one… I was in the same boat he was… we like to call it first, and second first-date syndrome… From moment one Emily seems to be closed off from Ryan, “he has all of the moves.” I’m nervous about this one! Now I’m gonna go ahead and throw this out there, but did all of his stuff really fit in one bad… Did Mine?? NO… I digress… I think that Ryan is more funny than “good” but then they head “oystering” according to Ryan… which Emily hates… already a date set up for failure… going fishing for something you hate… blahhhhh…. but then the “trophy bomb” is dropped again… after Ryan explains what she means, it has still rubbed Emily the wrong way.  Now, I will say, I’ve never been the woman, or met a woman who considers “trophy wife” a compliment… actually EVER… minus the “future trophy wife” mug I used to own…but I’m understanding where he’s coming from. The day ends and now we’re to the night, the music changes… and it gets thick… I think Ryan is giving his all and his heart, I respect him for that… if you listen to his list, seriously if you’re not giving him the cold shoulder 3 weeks ago, those are probably things (at least 8/12) that you would want in someone yourself. But Emily doesn’t feel like she fits his mold and we now watch the LONGEST breakup in Bachelor history… I feel bad… but she let’s go “God’s best kisser”… I don’t see these two together… but I think they are both amazing people… but the supper table they are envisioning isn’t the same… and I respect that. And I’m not going even to respond to the dude’s reaction to him leaving… check yourself dudes and why you’re really there!

Side note: Arie heads to Emily’s place to check on her and ends up in her bed. Clearly he “has her back” and tongue!

ROSE CEREMONY: Two creepy dudes have come in and take suitcases and now there are 6 guys left!!!!! Normally this is it for this week, but not now… Emily looks stunning in her white sequin gown! She seems to try and break the ice with John and thank goodness they can swim because he does! And she and Doug seem take leaps! Now she’s handing out the roses and I’m about to crap my pants when she walks out. I cannot imagine being Doug and John… thank goodness CH comes in and saves the day with an extra rose because she wants to take Ryan’s advice and “not give up on the chance to see where things could go.” EVERYONE GET A ROSE!

I’m ready for some more eliminations and then hometowns!! Until then LIVE YOUR DASH! http://www.reclaimyourlifefrompain.com/live_dash_poem.html