The guys are in Prague and from the preview it looks like this might be a week of confrontation heading into the hometown dates. This is one of the best weeks… no roses on the 1-on1 dates and one rose up for grabs on the group date… so it’s really about time with her and no pressure.

ARIE: He’s the first 1-on-1 date of the week and from the previews I’m ready to see how a previous relationship with a producer is handled by Emily.  When she shows up to pick him up Emily looks amazing… I think this is my favorite outfit of the season so far.  I can’t really tell what Arie looks like because him and Emily keep sucking face.  I’m just kidding, I think it shows Emily really feels comfortable and this is like a real date between a couple in love. Now to the juicy part… dun dun dun… Arie dated a producer, briefly, Emily knows about it but he hasn’t brought it up yet.  If I was her I would have been a little peeved, not because they had dated, but because when they were around each other it wasn’t brought up.  As some background info, Arie saw his ex-girlfriend every time he was with Emily, so what I’m curious to know is how they acted around one another.  I’m pretty sure I would have given a hug at some point and asked how life had been. That’s the only reason I would have been upset… but I really appreciate the way Emily handled it, she made this southern woman proud!  I can really see these two together, and now that the elephant in the room has been addressed they can move on!  Putting him in the final two.

 JOHN: Second 1-on1 date.  I’m not really feeling a romantic connection with these two.  I feel like he’s wanting to go at normal relationship pace and isn’t quite up to the Bachelorette speed dating train.  The daytime part of their date seemed like two friends together and I think the lock not locking so easily was a big sign of how this is going to turn out. But when they move to the evening part when John began to open up, my heart broke for him and I completely see why he is the way he is.  He seemed very comfortable around Emily and really opened up, but I still just don’t see these two together.  He’s in the friend zone, and at this point I’m not sure if he gets let go he’ll be heart broken… just disappointed.

Side note: I’m cracking up at Sean “running around Prague looking for Emily.”  No way did he get out of Bachelorette Alcatraz alone to find Emily.  I’m laughing at the large spot lights and no way on God’s green Earth is Emily out wandering around by herself… just knowing the in’s and out’s makes that scene a little funny :)  But Sean got some 1-on-1 time… way to sneak it in buddy!

SEAN, DOUG, and CHRIS: It stinks to be on a group date, but the advantage is that one of these lucky guys will go home tonight knowing that Emily will be going home to meet his family… who will this gentleman be???  Well within the first 10 minutes we can see it won’t be Doug, after the stand off convo they had, Emily sends him packing… which is very respectable, he needs to get back to his son, Austin.  Now we’re on an awkward 2-on-1 date, but at least one gets the rose and the other doesn’t have to get home! Sean and Emily spend a brief time together… I can just see the comfort level they have together! Then Chris, who’s been going stir crazy… okay honestly he’s been freaking out (which I can empathize with… did anyone see Park City?!), asks Emily why he didn’t get a 1-on-1 date which was awkward AND then their kiss didn’t seem as sweet and comfortable as I’ve seen with others… at this point you can’t let the “game” get to you, if you do, it gets in the way and you can’t just be yourself. I felt so bad for Emily having to give out the one rose out of 2 guys… just not a situation anyone wants to be in… but she handled it with grace and Sean gets the rose!! Wahooooo… can’t wait to see who raised this sweet man!


JEF: I cannot wait to see these two together again, they seem to really have something going on!  I’m in love with this date, it is the most comfortable date I’ve ever seen on the show!  It’s not because of what they’re doing, because how many of us go buy puppets and then put on shows?? Not this chick! But the conversations they have and the way they interact with one another is what you are looking for in a mate!  I must say, they can put on one heck of a puppet show, I was cracking up at how dead on they were with their relationship thus far!  I want these two together! After this date, he’s my pick for her! (Never saw this one coming when he showed up on the skateboard.)

ROSE CEREMONY:  Chris is freaking out… and that’s an understatement, John is very confident, and Sean has a rose… only one guy is going home, if that’s not enough, CH informs everyone that there is no cocktail party either. At this point I think Chris’s head might spin around and pop off… oh wait it did! When it gets down to the last rose between Chris and John, Chris steals Emily away… now John is peeing his pants… neither one of them can win to lose tonight. I think Chris talking to Emily made him feel better but didn’t effect her decision. John was going home… but it broke my heart! Let’s find this guy a good girl please!

Next week is always my favorite, aside from “Men Tell All”- HOMETOWNS! I wanna meet these families! Until then make a difference and LIVE YOUR DASH!