Quick Recap of hometown dates!

Sean: His family was amazing… I can see Emily and Ricky fitting right into this picture! And I’m pretty sure Ricky would love the dollhouse at her new grandparents house!

Arie: I think Emily handled them very well, because if people that could be my future in-laws starting speaking another language in front of me I would have been offended! It was purposely excluding her… not a fan.

Jef: Going to his family’s ranch would be amazing on the holidays and they seemed to be so sweet, I just wish his parents could have been there!

Chris: Chris’s family was very sweet but I just didn’t see these two together.

Chris goes home and I’m pretty sure that I was dumped on the same bench in LA… I hated it for him, and you could see he was really hurt but these two were not a match.


From week one, I’ve been waiting for this week I’ve been anxious to see how Emily will handle this week being a mom and how she didn’t take the overnight date with Brad…. HERE WE GO!

Sean: I’m really looking forward to this date, I want to see this go to the next level. So off they go to a deserted island… been there, done that, got dumped! Haha… If Sean is smart he will open up to Emily on this island today, or tonight! I think Sean’s pretty much perfect, but he solidified it when he read the letter he wrote to Ricky! He’s a doll AND he dropped the “L” bomb with the sweetest words! My heart melted… he’s a keeper… hopefully! Then CH invites them to fantasy sweet, and they take it, BUT with the understanding they are just going to “talk” and after a make out session and inner deliberation Emily wants to stay the night, but doesn’t. Sean leaves very confident that this is his future wife. I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well for him.

Jef: Like I’ve said from day one, I think he’s a totally cool dude, but not someone I would date. He’s really impressed me the past few weeks and I can tell Emily is really into him… I already think he’s got her heart and the game is OVER! He seems to do everything right and says the sweetest things- Loving him! BUT his metaphors are cracking me up… I think he speaks in poetry!

Day part- nothing special… I’m ready for the juicy night part! He’s asking the right questions and has the right answers… I’m in love with them! And when he turns down the fantasy suite- OMG… done and done… put a ring on her finger now!

Arie: I’m just not feeling him anymore… He seems to say all of the right things, but there’s just something off about him, oh wait maybe it’s because when they’re not sucking face, he’s saying all the lines he she wants to hear. I just don’t believe what he’s saying for some reason. I don’t know the dude, but I’m not biting what he’s feeding. But Emily sure does like him… not sure which she likes more, him or his lips… but I have a feeling he’s in the clear for another week! KISS KISS RUB RUB… she can’t even offer him the fantasy suite, this girl has got it bad.

After a 20-minute deliberation of tears and “I don’t know what to do,” Emily sends Sean home. I do really respect Emily; if I was in her shoes I don’t know what I would do… I would be a horrible bachelorette because I’d hate to know that I hurt someone and clearly Sean was hurt. But boy did he prove once again how amazing of a guy that he is by handling the break up bench and limo ride so well. I was only 1 for 2 in that department! Lordy Lordy… I hated to see him go!

NEXT WEEK… is my all time favorite week MEN TELL ALL… and boy is this going to be juicy, which means only one week and 6 days until the finale special on July 22! The days can’t fly by fast enough! Everyone have a safe week and LIVE YOUR DASH!