Kasey Kahl Guards and Protects Hearts

This past weekend was my 3rd event for my non profit organization “Guard and Protect Hearts,” and it was the biggest one ever. For those who don’t know yet- yes, it’s true. I turned my cheesy catch phrase into a positive reflection of my passion for children! Essentially, we aim to guard and protect our youth, one heart at a time.

This event was a very successful fashion show featuring several previous cast members from The Bachelor and Bachelorette, including my close friends Ty Brown, Natalie Getz, DeAnna Pappas, Vienna Girardi, Jesse Beck, Jeremy Anderson, and Kathryn Sherlock.

Needless to say, it was an extremely sexy event with some great-looking people who I would like to thank again for coming out! A little behind the scenes anecdote: our wedding dress coordinator was a bit old fashioned and when Natalie walked in to get fitted she exclaimed “that’s not my model is it? She is way too skinny!” I thought it was pretty hilarious!!

The whole weekend was one to remember and one of the greatest events I have ever coordinated. My staff, volunteers and models all did an amazing job!

The most important part of the evening, of course, were the funds we raised for two precious “Guard and Protect Heart” babies with leukemia. Here’s a link to video that shows a bit of the event, as well as Ty’s performance.

We have already started planning our next event for a special children’s hospital where I volunteer. It’s going to be in July, so stay tuned as I continue my pursuit to make a difference in as many kid’s lives as I possibly can, one heart at a time… Enjoy the pics!

For more info check out http://www.guardandprotecthearts.com or email contact@guardandprotecthearts.com