Marissa May: An Insiders’ Look at Episode 5

Another week, another fabulous and exotic location. ABC, you seriously out did yourself with everything this season!

First things first…Blake. where have you been hiding?! I mean, you were one of my top picks from the beginning but, wow…foreign locales do you good!

Chiang Mai sees Ashley and Ben F take to its streets for the first one-on-one of the week. It looks like we have another casual date, which bodes well for a long-term relationship…not so much for entertainment value. Boring date? I wouldn’t go that far. I see them sharing some special moments but I don’t see their body language matching what they say. Yes, I get that they’re in front of a temple and can’t kiss…whatever…but there is just something that isn’t selling this relationship for me. They had all this built up tension and when they finally saw each other at dinner I was expecting him to pick her up and plant one on her! Instead we get this…

Womp womp. I want to see passion! I feel like he’s her “safe” guy. He keeps it real and is sweet to her, so she may have him around to go to when she needs the reassurance. The jury is still out on this couple…they’re adorable together but so are my dog and I.

Now, for my favorite part of this episode…hot, sweaty half-naked men, I mean, Muay Thai fighting! Ash, take a hint from Mr. Sorry I’m Not Grumpy and enjoy the sights!

Ames. What can I say. Actually, I don’t need to say anything because a picture is worth a thousand words:

Poor guy. To his defense, Lucas said it perfectly…while the rest of the guys were younger goofing off and getting into fights, Ames was gettin’ his learn on. But seriously, I’m surprised they let him in the ring after seeing him barely throw a punch better than my grandma. Last season, you all didn’t see it, but we went through an intense training session for our action movie date with stunt master Steven Ho. If we couldn’t show some decent skills they weren’t going to let us be apart of the date due to the extreme stunts we were learning. And what do you know, Ames’ lack of skills (or experience, however you want to phrase it) comes back to bite him in the face via a knockout punch from Mr. Sunshine himself, Ryan. All seems to be okay as Ames returns to the evening part of the date sounding and looking like he snuck out for a couple of rounds at the bar due to his slight concussion.

Major props go to Lucas and Blake starting to pull away from the bunch. Both are great guys that are attractive and have a really solid head on their shoulders during all of this and I would love to seem them go far.

Now onto the dreaded two-on-one date! To say these guys have their game faces on is an understatement:


I’m not too sure how I feel about William speaking up about Ben C. For one, despite what she has shown, Ashley is a big girl. She needs to discover where these guys are at on her own. On the other hand, if I was in this situation and someone knew that a guy wasn’t there for me I would probably want to know. Obviously it comes off a little jaded when it exits the mouth of a guy trying to beat out the other for her affection, but I think it was coming from a good place.

Besides…it’s not like the rat lasted much longer than the guy he threw under the bus. Here was his first clue that the he was hitting a dead-end:

A roll of the eyes and constant avoidance of eye contact usually leads to a chick not being into you, bud. I was extremely proud of Ash for standing up for herself and sending guys home that she really didn’t feel something with. It’s about time she take charge of her emotions and start to separate the friends from the potential mates. She needs to take this self-confidence and march forward…far, far away from Bentley!

At the rose ceremony I’m pretty conflicted with how Ashley is handling everything. She’s showing constant signs of self-doubt and needs the guys to be open and honest with her about whether they want to be there, yet she isn’t being open and honest with them. She even goes so far as to use herself as an example of honesty. I’m sure she didn’t realize that not telling them where her head/heart was at was being dishonest but, at the same time, these guys deserve to know. She mentions knowing that it’s not fair to them, so I’m confused as to why she hasn’t told them how she is struggling. While it may not be easy, I’m sure some guys would’ve taken the chance to step up and really fill the void for her.

As names start to get read off and roses dwindle you can see worry spread through the group. I know exactly what they’re thinking as I have definitely been there. Everyone has their own idea of who’s going home. The second names are called that you thought were leaving, you begin to sweat, freak out and question your own position. Nick…you’re screaming paranoia.

I didn’t think there would be someone that had as intense rose ceremony faces as me but Nick has me beat!

The previews for next week guarantee a crazy episode. Not only do we have Bentley returning but it looks like Ashley is finally honest with the guys about what she has been thinking and they’re not happy about it. It sounds like the most verbal guy is Lucas. Tune in next week to see if the Bentley drama is finally put to rest and if any guys are left stickin’ this thing out with Ash!