Marissa May: An Insiders’ Look at Episode 6

Finally the episode we’ve been waiting for!
The show wastes no time and gets straight to the drama. Ashley gets a visit from Chris Harrison and she’s immediately terrified. Nothing against Chris as a person but you quickly learn that when he shows up, unannounced or not, something is about to happen and you cringe! After Ashley finds out Bentley not only wants to talk to her, but is actually IN Hong Kong, you can see her gears start to turn. I can’t imagine the uneasiness/confusion/questions she had. Judging by her initial reactions to him it seems like she may have assumed he came back to ask to be thrown in the running. The sad part is, I really think Ashley would have let him back in had he asked.
Regardless, the guy is still messing with her head. Sign number 1 that he’s not here to stay: the most unimpassioned kiss ever. Ash, if you have to almost beg for a kiss by staring up at him, that’s not a good sign. You should have never entered the room after that.

Ew…excuse me while I vomit.
Sign number 2: he sits very far away from you.

I’m no body language expert but you haven’t seen this guy in probably 3 weeks now. If he really left with the feelings of wanting to keep the idea of being with each other open don’t you think he’d be pulling you close and show excitement to see you?
Sign number 3 shows this guy is a jerk: he knows full well that he isn’t asking her to come back and try for a relationship yet his body language goes back and forth from being distant to subtle touches.

Sign number 4 he’s still a jerk: This guy knows he signed up for The Bachelorette, right? He does know that the purpose is to find a husband/wife by the end of everything, correct? Even if he REALLY wanted Ash, how can he say that it’s hard to know if things were done forever when he left the show? While it isn’t mandatory for her to find her forever guy, that’s what she’s there for! You lost that right when you left the show, Bentley. Quit the games and just tell her you’re done and have been done from the start.
Finally, FINALLY, she sees the light and starts to realize he isn’t there to ask for her back. He’s there because everything Michelle told her is true. And she calls him on it. The fire and assertiveness that Ashley has at that moment is what she needed a long time ago. I’m so glad she was able to gather herself and rise above. Have we wanted to break our TV’s 397,589,439 times an episode when she’s mentioned Bentley? Yes. But you have to give her props for finally putting an end to this debacle. We all have had that relationship we needed full closure on in order to walk away and unfortunately for Ashley, hers played out on national television.
Fully refreshed, Ashley heads out on a one-on-one with Lucas. I REALLY like Lucas. He has charm, poise and is a gentleman yet has an edge that shows he won’t let a woman walk all over him. It’s the good bad boy image that I think all girls can appreciate. You want a guy that treats you like gold, yet you want him to stand up for himself and put you in your place if you go a little overboard. No one wants a pushover and Lucas is no pushover. Some thought him asking for a kiss was awkward. While I don’t expect a man to ask me for a kiss I think it was sweet and showed his gentlemanly side.
It’s group date time and I’m ready to see the guys start to fight for Ash. Up until now I think the guys have played nice, letting everyone have their own experience. It’s time to stir the pot and what better way to do that than pair the annoyingly happy Mr. Sunshine, Ryan, with the outspoken guy who hates puppies and rainbows, Blake. I love that Ben and Constantine saw that there was zero chance of them winning the boat race and instead of being bitter they became comedic idiots.

I think you want to be rowing in unison, guys.
Hilarious! In another boat, Ames and Mickey could use a dose of whatever Ben and Constantine are on and relax a bit.

Winning this race isn’t getting you anywhere with Ash, guys…especially lookin’ like that!
At the after-party…
1) Woah, Ames!

Apparently someone feels frisky after working out!
2) Hearing Ben talk about being a skeptic but being proven wrong is what I love most about this show. If you give yourself up and open your heart you’ll find out not only a lot about yourself but will be surprised as to how love can really overtake you. You’re seeing it happen to a guy who has done it all the “right way” by taking his relationship slow with Ashley. When you open up and actually jump in with your feelings you may surprise yourself and Ben is definitely surprised. Point for cupid!
This week’s final one-on-one was with JP. There really isn’t much to say about these two other than they are too cute. I don’t see any other guy that Ash has shown affection, attraction and dedication to like she has JP. Ames may be a close second, but JP earned her trust and she has opened up to him like no one else.
Cocktail party time. After seeing the previews and knowing how the guys react to her admission of Bentley’s return it’s so hard seeing how happy she is going into this. JP gave her somewhat of a false security in his acceptance of the situation. While I am SO proud of Ashley getting the courage to tell the guys and finally be honest, I have to say she had this reaction coming to her. Ben or Constantine (I don’t know who because there wasn’t a graphic telling me who it was) said it perfectly in that she has been preaching honesty and the importance of letting past relationships go yet hasn’t done it herself. Does it suck that her coming clean equated to walking in front of a firing squad, oh yes, but that’s the nature of this show. You don’t get to isolate yourself. You have to make mistakes in front of an audience of millions and have to apologize and take heat from a group of guys you’re dating. They had every right to be upset…this journey is a two-way street.

Droppin’ the F bombs. See…told you Lucas isn’t a pushover.
The guys are risking just as much as she is and I would be upset if I was being lied to and strung along. I’m glad Mickey decided that the situation wasn’t for him and left on his own volition. It takes a lot to leave but he did and props to him.
Time to hand out roses and sadly Blake has to say goodbye. He hadn’t gotten any one-on-one time so you kinda figured it was coming. Bet he’s thinkin’ had he smiled a little more he would’ve stayed and Ryan would’ve gotten the boot.