Marissa May: An Insiders’ Look at Episode 7

Another week and it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. From here on out we’re going to see some difficult decisions and heartbreaking goodbyes. It’s never easy after you’ve made a connection with someone to tell them you don’t see them in your future, so buckle up and get ready for more tears (as if you thought you saw enough!).

The guys and Ash make their way to Taiwan and I have to pause to talk about the behind-the-scenes footage captured with the flip cams. I LOVE these clips because you get to see the guys relax and let loose:

Thanks for the sneak peek, JP and Ben. You boys are adorable :)

Chris Harrison announces that the week will have three one-on-ones and one group date, with a rose only being handed out on the group date. This instantly puts JP into a bad mood as news of no one-on-one roses means he has to wait until the rose ceremony to find out if he’s staying. Apparently after his last one-on-one with Ashley he had enough and wanted to sweep her off her feet and take her back to NY. Sorry, buddy. The show doesn’t work like that. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon so get ready to see her make-out with other dudes.

Constantine is up with the first one-on-one and while I’m a little over the dates in which they don’t really do anything, the sights they get to see are gorgeous! The love lanterns are a cute idea and the way they look in the sky is amazing.

I want to try to recreate something like that on my own! PS–how hilarious was the outtake where the dog peed on the lantern?! ABC should put these seasons on DVD and do a whole reel of bloopers…they’re the best part of the episodes! Some of you aren’t feeling it with Constantine and Ashley but I really like the way he’s taking it slow. I know we want to see the fast romance but if the couple is going to make it, taking it slow isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Again, may not make the best TV but for the real life aspect I highly approve of Constantine’s path.

Next up is Tweedle Dee’s twin, Ben. This dude has now dropped two Dumb and Dumber movie quotes on us which only makes me like him more. And how appropriate that he gets the date that puts him smack in the middle of acting out a Dumber and Dumber scene!

On this date Ben is using every possible way to say he’s falling in love without actually saying he’s falling in love. I understand him not wanting to show his cards too soon but I hope he doesn’t hold on to this guard much longer. In this type of situation you have to let your feelings known. It’s better to go home with the person knowing exactly how you feel rather than going home with what if’s and questions.

Back at the ranch the group date card comes and Ryan is about to burst at the seams. So much so that he stole the Michelle Money elbow move.

This dude seriously must have an IV drip of straight red bull. I totally get how he’s too intense for the guys. Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with a happy-go-lucky attitude, I just think it takes a certain person to appreciate that type of personality.

Fast-forward to the morning of the group date when Ben hasn’t come home yet and JP is back to his jealous, group date hating ways droppin’ f bombs!

I’m a little torn on JP’s demeanor only because I know what it feels like to be in his shoes yet I think he goes a little overboard. 1– we all know what we sign up for when we do this show so I don’t get his drastically negative attitude. He knows what he and Ashley have and as hard as it is to do you HAVE to trust in that and not compare your relationship or experiences to those of others in the house. 2–while his negative attitude is unattractive I do get the frustration in seeing other people get close to someone you are also vying for. In the house we all knew Emily was leaps and bounds in front of most of us so when Brad did the picnic for her at the rose ceremony and pulled her aside at the group date in Vegas we all got a little disappointed/disgruntled. It’s tough seeing another relationship grow in front of you because it’s a realization that you aren’t moving at that pace but it’s the nature of the game. 3–If JP took two seconds to analyze where he was with Ashley he would realize he has nothing to worry about. Are you seeing the same kisses I am on this group date, JP?

Zero passion, zero intensity…he needs to get some strength in his relationship with Ashley! JP’s starting to act like Ash did with Brad and we all know how that turned out. Lucky for him, Ashley recognizes the somber mindset and gives him the group date rose which secures his hometown date and gives him a needed boost.

On to the super awkward/sad part of the episode with Ryan. Did anyone else notice the back and forth of this date? They go from having a good time walking through the temple, to awkward conversation about hometowns, to normalcy at the fish pond, and then back to awkwardness when Ashley finally tells him she isn’t feeling the romance. My heart breaks for Ryan. There is no doubt this guy was in it for all the right reasons. Seeing the look pass across his face as the pieces of the puzzle start to come together is so upsetting.

Ugh…so sad. This guy really and truly wants to find someone to be with and he really thought he and Ashley were heading down that path. I can see how he thought that was the case…you don’t make it to top 6 with the girl not seeing something serious in you. But in this situation things change literally minute by minute. You can’t get comfortable in your position because it can make a complete 180 with a single conversation (ahem, water heaters).

Walking into the rose ceremony I’m not surprised that Ash doesn’t need the cocktail party. In fact, when you get down to this small of a group I really don’t see how a decision can change within the cocktail party. This far into the journey all the little things that could sway your decision should already be out in the open. I’m very sad to see Lucas go…and apparently so was JP as he flat-out said to Ames’ face that he was not expecting Ames to be around after this rose ceremony. Ouch!

Who else is excited for hometowns? Next week we will get a better glimpse into who these guys really are as the family time really rounds out the picture for us. Right now I can’t imagine any of them being sent home!