Marissa May: An Insiders’ Look at Episode 9

Overnight dates are here! Outside of the awkwardness that comes from spending night after night after night with a different guy I love seeing relationships take a turn. This episode we saw them go in two different directions which only reminds us that this is a journey that doesn’t have a scripted ending…anything can happen!

First things first…let’s get the Ryan return out-of-the-way. I feel bad for the guy. He really thought he had something with Ashley. In the normal world coming back and asking for a chance could actually work. But Ashley is down to her top 3, moving into two final guys. No way is there time to get to know him enough for her to forget the guys she’s been traveling and connecting with and take a chance on a guy she’s had ONE date with. Outside of the weirdness of him coming back 1: how awkward was his entrance? I was waiting to see an axe hidden behind his back as he approached her room. 2: Brad? Is that you? Ryan got the same “stare into nothing as the rain falls around you” look! Kind of looks like him too!

3: Uh, this could possibly beat out being left alone on an iceberg:

I hate seeing his heart-break over and over again but at least he makes a graceful (second) exit. This guy really wants to find someone and I’m sure it will happen as his perfect match and he touch hands while simultaneously reaching for the same bottle of 5 hour energy.

Ben gets his time with Ash first which, while it may seem great to be first out the gate, is going to probably be the worst as he has to sit around all week wondering how her other dates are going and if she has forgotten about their time together. And it appears as though he got a haircut in his spare time…nice look! Although I may have left it long if I were him…two out of the final three have long hair. Why mess with the odds?

Seeing these two together I forget that there are other guys involved! The passion between them is intense…there was never a doubt in my mind that they were taking the fantasy suite! Again, Ben continues to dodge the L word. But, I do agree when he says that there is an understanding with him and Ashley’s and their current emotional state. What he fails to think about is that women need verbal reassurance as well as the actions to back it up. He’s going to have to crack if he wants to be the one standing at the end!

After who knows what happened in the fantasy suite, Ashley wakes up to take out her next guy, Constantine. Right away he is super excited when Ash shows him their activity. As their date goes on you start to see his excitement fade away as the seriousness of what’s about to happen sets in. Constantine and Ashley are both consistently asking each other about the pace of things and you wonder if either is dropping hints about their relationship not being compatible to the situation. Ashley gives him a hard time for looking at a lot of homes before buying (who thinks before they purchase a small investment, like a home? C’mon Constantine. You aren’t supposed to think deeply about petty things like that) and he does the crazy normal thing and says you can’t compare a person to a home. The second these two sit down for dinner a can of worms is opened as they get in to the weeds about the slow pace Constantine likes to move at.

“Ben taught me that.” I mean…I would LOVE to talk about another guy I’m dating while at dinner with you. Not awkward at all!

Immediately you can tell this isn’t going anywhere positive but major props to Constantine for bucking up and admitting he just isn’t at the place he should be in order to continue with Ashley. Him deciding to leave was a great choice and while I think Ashley respects his decision I think she goes back and forth with him. First she says they need time, but then says they don’t have time. She takes him to the final three but then says she doesn’t think he wants to be around her or hold her hand. I’m a little confused but, regardless, Constantine is on his way home and Ash now has two guys left, who I think would’ve been the final two anyway. :)

To wrap up the week JP gets his overnight date. While you can’t deny the beauty that is Fiji, I wish these dates were a little more involved and active! There is something different about the way JP and Ben interact with Ashley but both of them definitely have deep passion and attraction. Ben and Ashley seem more playful and flirtatious similar to the beginnings of a relationship while JP and Ashley appear to have a more comfortable attraction that is reflective of a long-term relationship. I love seeing her playful nature with Ben but it’s hard to deny the chemistry she has with JP.

At the rose ceremony Ashley wanted to explain why Constantine wasn’t present and offer roses to Ben and JP to make sure they still wanted to be there with her. After three guys voluntarily left (is that the most in the show’s history?) I would want to make sure, too! Whelp, Ben’s name is called first and JP looked like he could’ve strangled him right there. JP can’t even LOOK at Ben getting the rose and he tries drastically to dodge the scene in front of him.

Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look. Oh hey…is that Ryan in the bushes stalking the Rose Ceremony?

The jealousy JP has, while completely valid, kind of worries me. He has called out on his own that his lack of patience and frustration when things don’t go his way are bad qualities of his and it really makes me wonder how he will be able to handle everything if he’s the chosen one. Remember, he will have to watch Ashley with these guys (if he chooses to…but let’s get real, who goes on the show and then DOESN’T watch it?) and won’t be able to be near her while watching it. Something tells me he may go loco and should be locked in a padded room safe from sharp objects and other people.

Next week looks pretty juicy as we see Ash get into it with her sister over one of the guys! I wonder who she doesn’t approve of and if her attitude with throw a kink in Ashley’s plan. And don’t forget…the Men Tell All will air SUNDAY night, the night before the final episode. I’m excited to see what happens…who will return? Will Bentley explain himself? Does “The Mask” still wear the mask? Tune in to see for yourself! I can’t believe the season is almost over!