Marissa May: An Insiders’ Look at the Finale

It’s the finale! I’m so excited to see Ash pick her guy and what’s even more exciting is that she has two amazing ones to pick from!
First, each man must meet the family and show how they handle a firing squad, er, fit in. JP, you’re up first!
Right off the bat JP seems to be fitting in perfectly: laughing, recapping his ‘journey’ with the family, and sweating profusely (hey, it takes a lot to sweat in front of total strangers and not excuse yourself to towel down). Once the big ol’ group sits down to eat, to Ashley’s sister’s surprise, her mom welcomes JP to the family.

Don’t worry Kat von D, I mean Chrystie, you’ll have your chance to ruin any comfort JP has in just a second. What starts off as a casual family conversation between Ashley, her sister and mother, quickly turns to tears as Chrystie makes it perfectly known that 1.) JP is not the one; 2.) Ashley was happier with Brad; 3.) Ashley’s gut should not be trusted after the Bentley mistake and; 4.) she’s missing out on some extreme couponing, which is really why she’s so ticked.

What do you mean you don’t see it?

Wait, you’re being serious? Nooooooooo!

We then get to see Chrystie take it to JP and flat-out tell him he just doesn’t have what it takes to make Ashley happy forever. Not only does he not have it, but he also can’t keep up with the type of person Ashley is. Ouch. That’s a lot to take in on a first meeting. If you read my tweets I was on Chrystie’s side but somewhat backed off of her stance towards the end of the meeting. 1 – I totally get where Chrystie is coming from. Her sister got her heart broken by Brad and now she is questioning JP to make sure he doesn’t do the same. Ash’s family went through this with her as well and they learned from it. It’s a good thing that she is coming up with these tough questions. Many of you thought “Where was the age question and the still single question when Brad was in the picture?” I’m guessing those questions weren’t asked the first go-round, which is why it’s so important that she ask them now. 2 – It’s not Chrystie’s job to sugarcoat everything and blindly agree with Ash. Yes, she is her sister and should be supportive but if she really thinks something may be bad for her she should speak up. Playing devil’s advocate is often not a glamorous job but someone’s got to do it. Again, while I may agree with the motives behind Chrystie’s thoughts I don’t agree with her delivery. She was very harsh, sometimes rude and was very quick to judge. She really didn’t even give JP a chance and he had his choice words for her!

I felt very badly for JP, as I am sure he felt defeated. To make matters worse, Ash can do very little to comfort him other than a quick pinch on the booty.

Now it’s Ben’s turn! Ash has her guard up and is ready to beat the tattoos off of her sister if she acts up again but voila, Ben is loved by all! He feels so comfortable that he even does his adorable dog voice that we got to see earlier this season.

I think these two are so cute together. There are multiple times during this date where you see a totally different Ashley than when she’s with JP. You can’t really say which is better as an outsider…that all has to be decided by Ash and by what she is feeling on the inside. This may be the toughest rose ceremony ever!
Before we can find out who she picks two final dates are on the table. Ash and Ben get to go to a steamy mud bath while JP and Ash cuddle and romp in the water. Ash and Ben rub mud on each other, JP gives Ash a scrapbook. While I am all for some steamy mud bathing the look on Ash’s face when she gets her gift from JP and the smile he has as he watches her look through it says SO much.

I think the balance JP and Ashley have is undeniable. They are able to have the hot and passionate connection all while showing a deep sense of thoughtfulness and care towards each other.
Decision time. Both men have picked out a ring, both have declared their love for Ash to her family, and both are planning on proposing. As Ashley starts to say her piece on why she is letting this man go we see Ben step out of the plane. My heart dropped as he described losing his dad 4 years ago and his happiness on getting to add a member to the family. There is no doubt Ben doesn’t see this coming, although I have to wonder if he was looking at Ashley at all before he started his speech to her. Take one look at her face…I don’t think I’d propose to someone if they were looking like this:

I think my biggest shock was when she actually let him get on his knee and propose. I know, I know…all of you said on twitter “but she tried to stop him at the beginning!” There were plenty of other times she could’ve stopped him, like right as he said he was getting ready to propose. But at the same time, was he not looking at her face? She didn’t seem happy, excited, or any other feeling that one should have if they are looking at the man they want to be their husband, so I’m torn on what to think. Ben is very upset and has every right to be. What he shouldn’t feel like is a fool. It takes so much to give yourself up and fall in love and I am so proud that he made such a change. He even thanked Ashley for helping him get in touch with that side of him and I think he knows he is better because of it.
Now that the sadness is over, it’s time for the proposal that will get the right answer! Ashley looks so happy to see JP and JP looks so excited to see Ash. Although, he is getting me worried with all of this talk of him needing to be careful! Sure enough he professes his love one more time, says he is willing to take a leap of faith and Ashley jumps the gun by telling him she loves him before he proposes! I know she’s allowed to but for Ben’s sake I wanted to see JP squirm a little! :) JP finally gets down on his knee, proposes and of course Ash takes it all in with a big yes! Seeing the two of them together knowing that there aren’t any other men waiting around (or was Ryan still in the bushes?) is such a great sight. Both are so relaxed, so themselves and all about the other person.

At the After we see them still very happy and talking about living in New York together after she finishes up school. I know I may have a biased opinion since I know Ash, but I really think these two are going to work! I whole-heartedly agree with them being in the same city and trying things out. It’s almost a must to give it the best shot and I applaud them for continuing to jump into this relationship!
Of course, stick around for Bachelor Pad 2, airing next Monday in a three hour special! Bring on the drama, hook-ups, tears and money! This is going to be a good one!